"Greatest Treasure"

A 666 Park Avenue fan-fic/AU

A/N: Although circumstances may change now that the network has decided not to continue our new program, the performances of TOQ and VW are far more convincing to me than any others on the show. They come across as being a "together couple" through thick and thin, although not always motivated out of the goodness of their hearts. We'll see. I have slightly modified/re-ordered the chain of events as we saw them in the last few episodes.

It is very difficult to consider the Dorans as being evil all the way through; my take is that they both have many layers upon layers of complexity. It should be fun to peel these "onions", shouldn't it? Thank you, Donkey. That'll do.

As we await the last handful of episodes, I think of this story as very, very Alternate Universe. No telling how much conflicting "show canon" information the writers will give us as we unfortunately approach the end after cancellation.

Summary: For many different reasons, some spoken aloud and some not, Gavin Doran considers Olivia to be his greatest treasure. In the aftermath of the Drake's annual Halloween party, he has to decide how best to protect his wife from his enemies, and from himself.

Category: General/Romance

Rating: T for increasing sexual content


Chapter 02/?

Gavin could not remember a time when he and Olivia ever made love with such passion, power and intensity, even when they first started dating some twenty-five years ago. He knew she was tired and still worried about the events of Halloween night, but he made an even stronger effort to distract her with his attentiveness.

And she responded willingly in kind; he had hoped he would be an effective after-massage remedy for eliminating her headache.

Again and again, he brought her to her climax with his talented lips, tongue, teeth and hands; worshipping her, loving her. A satisfied smile brightened his face when he recalled how frank and sexually demanding she had become, and he was more than happy and able to accommodate her every wish and desire. A rather ironic smile quirked at the corners of his mouth when he thought back to their discussions about soundproofing the walls and doors of their Master bedroom suite when the couple renovated the penthouse four years before. Olivia had convinced him that it was a necessary expense, and they proved its worth again that night. He was glad that he had at long last come around to her way of thinking, so to speak.

Were it not for the state-of-the-art soundproof tiling and insulation, the downstairs neighbors and/or early rising employees might have been rather scandalized by the throaty cries of desire that were heard in the penthouse.

When he finally rose up and settled himself over her lush body, bracing most of his weight on his elbows and slipping easily into her warmth, Gavin was overwhelmed by his feelings of love and adoration for his wife as they moved and became one. He recalled how she exclaimed his name, holding onto him with her legs, urging him on until at last, they collapsed in each other's arms and slept, their deepest needs fully satiated.

The morning light was rising faintly in the east as Gavin turned on his side, checked the clock and went back to watching his gorgeous wife as she breathed, soft and steady. He felt tears gathering and he blinked rapidly to clear them as he lay there. Olivia sighed and he could see her eyes moving under her eyelids; she was deep in a dream.

"I do love you, Gavin," she mumbled breathily, shifting slightly on her pillow as she moved closer to his warmth.

Touched, he leaned in to kiss her on the lips, nuzzling the fragrant softness of her hair. "And I love you, Olivia," he whispered in her ear. "More than anything."

She smiled in her slumber, that quirky, sassy one-sided smile that brought out her dimples and that melted his heart all over again.

He watched her, smiling in her dreams, until he slowly drifted back to sleep.


The insistent buzzing of a cell phone on its "vibrate" setting brought Olivia fully awake and her blue-grey eyes snapped open. Her movements still automatic, she made a small sound of irritation as she fumbled and grabbed it from the night stand to check the caller I.D. Rather than answering it, she quickly thumbed a text message in reply to Roberta, acknowledging their lunch-date later that afternoon to be followed by a hair and nails trip to their favorite salon.

Olivia sat up in bed, stretching cat-like with upraised arms until she flinched when felt sore muscles protesting. She touched one hand instinctively to Gavin's side of the bed, finding it still warm but empty. A secret smile touched her lips when she realized at last that she had been sleeping in the nude, a rare, but not unheard of occurrence, and she understood why her legs still felt rather weak and trembly. She noticed several purplish love bites across the tops of her breasts, and she knew that she had marked Gavin as well.

She closed her eyes, savoring for a moment as her body remembered the previous night with her husband. She also noted with great pleasure that her headache was completely gone.

Olivia reached to the end of the bed and pulled on her black satin robe, smiling again when she spied the pile of clothes on the floor, Gavin's socks, slacks and dress shirt were tucked in among her things and his shoes were nowhere in sight. A soft chuckle escaped her lips as she padded around in her bare feet, picking up loose items here and there, gathering them into the white wicker hamper just inside the walk-in closet.

Their spacious bathroom was nearly full of steam as she made her way to the separate toilet, and when she stepped to the sink to wash and dry her hands, she heard unfamiliar strains of classical guitar coming from the shower stall sound system. When she stepped around the tiled half-wall, Olivia saw her husband, nude of course, and shaving his bald scalp as he stood among the six luxurious showerheads. He smiled a welcome as he noticed her reflection in his shaving mirror.

"Good morning, my dear," he said, his smile giving his eyes an impish twinkle as he rinsed foamy soap from the blades. "Did you sleep well?" Gavin customarily preferred to use a disposable safety razor when he shaved in the shower; the straight razor that he used for his facial hair was very likely to slip from his grip.

Olivia chuckled, shaking her head fondly as her brow knitted in mild concern. "You know how well I slept, thank you, darling. Although I should probably request a duller manicure when I go to the salon today; I didn't realize how badly I'd scratched you."

Gavin shrugged, glancing over one shoulder at the red marks and giving her a mischievous wink. In fact, his entire back and buttocks were covered with fingernail scratches, none of them deep enough to draw blood but shocking in their number. Olivia had been vigorous in her orgasmic frenzy.

"It was worth every second," he replied, his voice rumbling contentedly in his chest. His gaze drifted to the light chocolate skin peeking from the plunging neckline of her dressing gown. Two love-bites were visible. "I'd say we were both deeply involved, darling. Do you think it will be cold enough for mock turtleneck sweaters today? Should we cover up the evidence of our proclivities or just let it ride?"

He grinned broadly as her delighted laughter echoed in the bathroom suite. Gavin closed his eyes, ducking his head into the water to rinse and when he stepped back, he wiped his eyes and face with both hands. When he turned, finally soaping his front and chest, Olivia's eyes darkened with renewed desire. Though her husband had just turned sixty that past summer, he was still as fit and virile as a man half his age.

Olivia bit her lower lip and gave herself a slight shake, stepping forward to lean her elbows against the half wall in order to get a better view. Whether it was deliberate or not, her robe slipped open a bit more at the chest.

"I don't recognize this musician," she said, forcing herself to talk about mundane, and non-sexual topics as she eyed his masculinity. "Is he new?"

As Gavin rinsed soap from his body, he felt his own urges rising when he noticed her unconscious reactions to his little exhibition for his wife. "Don't think so. Sonny Lim is a popular guitarist on the Big Island… Hawaii," he added, seeing a question in her glance. "The style is called 'slack key'."

"I like it," commented Olivia distractedly, resting her chin in her delicate palm as she continued to watch and appreciate his nakedness.

"I like it, too," Gavin said, stepping over to her and moving closer for a kiss. She moaned into his mouth as his tongue lightly dueled with hers. As they clasped each other's shoulders, Olivia didn't pay much attention until he had already pulled her around the waist-high divider and into the open shower stall with him.

She leaned back slightly as he eased the ruined satin robe from her arms, letting it fall to the floor. "That was my favorite robe, dearest," she said, growing breathless from his intoxicating kisses and his knowing, roving hands.

"Mine too," he murmured into her neck, licking and tasting the skin just below her ear as he guided her through the sprays of steaming water to the back wall. He pushed her firmly, holding her against the cerulean Italian marble as he moved up her jawline to kiss her again.

A soft cry of passion escaped her lips when he lifted one of her legs to wrap it around his thigh, giving him better access. Both of her hands gripped his shoulders for support as he kissed her senseless.

"We're going to be late for lunch with the Mertens," she whispered at last, chuckling slightly at her mild protest to his rare spontaneity.

Gavin pushed himself closer to her, his eyebrow raised sardonically as the steam roiled around them, their bodies glistening. "Oh yes. I would say very late, my dear."