"Greatest Treasure"

A 666 Park Avenue fan-fic/AU

A/N: Although circumstances may change now that the network has decided not to continue our new program, the performances of TOQ and VW are far more convincing to me than any others on the show. They come across as being a "together couple" through thick and thin, although not always motivated out of the goodness of their hearts. We'll see. I have slightly modified/re-ordered the chain of events as we saw them in the last few episodes.

It is very difficult to consider the Dorans as being evil all the way through, even with Gavin's walk through St. Thomas' Church and the accompaniment of a revealing soundtrack.

As we await the last handful of episodes, I think of this story as very, very Alternate Universe. No telling how much conflicting "show canon" information the writers will give us as we unfortunately approach the end after cancellation.

Summary: For many different reasons, some spoken aloud and some not, Gavin Doran considers Olivia to be his greatest treasure. In the aftermath of the Drake's annual Halloween party, he has to decide how best to protect his wife from his enemies, and from himself.

Category: General/Romance

Rating: T for increasing sexual content (Plot? What plot?)

Backseat driver

Chapter 03/?

"So when do you fly back to Colorado, Jim?" asked Gavin as the four companions were saying their goodbyes after lunch. Olivia kissed James Mertens' cheek, and then warmly embraced his wife, Roberta.

"Probably at the weekend. No rush," replied Mertens with an easy-going shrug, smiling broadly as he shook hands with his childhood friend. "Colorado Springs has settled down real estate-wise at least for this quarter. The skiers rarely shop for property when the powder is in good shape; that's more of a summer market."

"Hmm, interesting. I may have to pay you a visit one of these days, Jim," Gavin said, his tone friendly but calculating.

Roberta Mertens swatted his arm, chuckling rather sarcastically as she pushed back shocking snow white hair from her face. "You've been saying that for ages, Gavin darling. You might be pleasantly surprised by what we have out West… it isn't just Cowboys and Indians running amok."

Doran shrugged noncommittally, leaning in to kiss her on the cheek. "I'll keep that in mind."

Olivia clapped her hands, making a mild sound of protest to separate her husband from the older woman. "We'll get together later this winter then; enough dickering and shop talk for now, you two. Thank you again for the call, Roberta. I never see you enough!"

As the Mertens headed off toward their waiting limo, Gavin took Olivia's hand, their fingers instinctively intertwining as they made their way across the street to where Gerald and their dark blue Mercedes sedan were waiting. The tall driver, a muscular dark-skinned Bermudan, nodded politely as he helped Mrs. Doran into the spacious back seat and closed the door after her. Though his eyes were shaded behind his sunglasses, Gavin knew that the well-armed security man appreciated the view of his beautiful wife in her sea-green velour workout clothes. He certainly did.

Once inside and seated, Olivia slipped off her gleaming yellow Saucony running shoes and then dug around in the small, insulated cooler for a fresh water bottle. Gavin too, got situated as the driver eased away from the curb, and was reaching for the folded newspaper he'd left in the side pocket. He made a nearly silent sound of irritation, which Olivia caught.

"She means well, honey," said Olivia, gripping his hand where it rested on the light blue leather seat. "It's just her delivery, I think, that needs polish."

Gavin looked up from the paper, raising a questioning eyebrow. "I'm sorry, who, my dear?"

Olivia smirked at him. "No need to play coy. I know Roberta Mertens aggravates you to no end, Gavin."

Doran smiled a bit sheepishly. He sighed, straightening the newspaper as he folded it back to the business section. "I shouldn't be so transparent."

"No, you shouldn't," said Olivia, patting his arm and then resting her hand on his thigh. "But I do understand. After all, you and Jim have known each other for ages."

She gave his leg an affectionate squeeze, noting a muscle twitch in response. She could smell his sandalwood shower gel, the kind he only used at the racquet club (and she had been sure to remember to compliment him on it when she and Roberta returned from their mani/pedi appointment).

Gavin sighed again, shifting in his seat as her hand wandered to rest on his knee. "It's true though, Roberta means well and always has her husband's best interests at heart. It just seems to me that Jim is kept on a pretty short leash…"

"Perhaps he likes being on a pretty short leash, sweetheart," Olivia commented innocently enough, but the cheeky raised eyebrow look she gave him was positively pornographic.

"Olivia," admonished Gavin, pretending to be scandalized but laughing softly. He shook his head, declining her offer of a sip from her water bottle. "No thank you, my dear. No, it's just something, I can't really explain."

Olivia sat back, closing her eyes in contentment as she felt the change in speed of the vehicle as Gerald maneuvered them through afternoon traffic, and she breathed out quietly. "She is a bit older than he… and you, darling."

Gavin chuckled and reached to squeeze and stroke her thigh, returning the favor from lunch when she'd kept her left hand in his lap most of the time. "Age is just a number, and the difference between you and I is a tad greater anyway." Olivia Doran had celebrated her forty-ninth birthday that previous spring.

"So it's an older woman with a younger man that bothers you… what's the term they use, a 'cougar'?"

Gavin chuckled again, sitting up to lean into her arm and he kissed her sensuously on the lips. "I am unbelievably lucky to have such a smart and beautiful woman as my lively and lovely partner in life," he told her, his attractive green eyes sparkling as they teased each other. "You've caught me out again."

"Hmph," Olivia retorted in amusement, reaching to caress the back of his head, encouraging him to kiss her once more. "Any meetings later today? I forgot to check your planner before we left the Drake."

Doran shook his head slightly, lifting back a lock of her hair that had fallen loose from its elastic band and tucking it behind an ear. "Not until later this evening."

"Good," she said, pushing the button to lower the privacy screen slightly between the passenger compartment and their driver. "Gerald, were you able to gas up as I asked?" Olivia removed her hair band, shaking out her tresses more comfortably.

The young man looked up into the rear-view mirror, nodding gravely. "Yes, ma'am. Exactly as you asked," he added with a smile. His voice had never really lost its Island-lilt, even though he had moved to New York City as a kindergartener.

"Thank you," replied Olivia, her tone approving. "You can take the long way home, please."

Gerald nodded, his dazzling white smile growing wider. "Yes, missus, the long way it is, then." The young man's Bermudan accent thickened slightly at Olivia's approval. "Your CDs are in the rack, ma'am."

Gavin looked at his wife curiously as she raised the privacy screen and set the locking controls on it, and the doors, with the keypad on her side of the compartment. She touched another set of buttons, and soft clarinet jazz played from the surround-sound speakers. Olivia lowered the volume a tiny bit.

"The 'long way home', Mrs. Doran? Are we headed to Maine or to Pennsylvania this afternoon?" asked Gavin, surrendering the newspaper to her grasp. Olivia turned slightly and reached down to remove her no-show sports socks, tucking them into her running shoes.

"Indeed, Mr. Doran. Or maybe even Canada," she purred, licking her lower lip. Olivia pushed up against the back of the seat and swung one leg over as she straddled Gavin's lap, pressing him down into the luxurious leather cushion. His hands moved of their own accord to cup and squeeze her firm buttocks, and she noticed that his pupils immediately darkened, a clear sign of his desire.

Olivia leaned down, gently thrusting her tongue into his mouth as she kissed him deeply for several heartbeats. He moaned against her lips when he tasted the Chardonnay spritzer she'd had at lunch. As his hands wandered over her hips to her narrow waist, pushing up the hem of her lightweight jacket, she purred again, grinding down hard against his crotch.

"What do you have in mind, my dear?" he whispered hoarsely against her cheek, as he placed tiny, nibbling kisses along her jawline. He cast a quick glance at the windows, covered, as they were with the duskiest possible—yet still legal, tinting.

Smiling seductively, she rose up on her knees, reaching to unzip his gunmetal gray fleece over-shirt about halfway. "Well, it's not our private bedroom at the Drake, but I'd like to take my time making love to you in the backseat of our car. That is, if you don't mind." Olivia wasn't into public displays of wantonness, not since her teenage years, but she knew they could not be seen from the outside of the sedan.

Gavin groaned involuntarily when she reached into his shirt, caressing his chest and drawing her nails delicately across both sensitive nipples. He exhaled a shaky breath. "I don't think I mind at all, Olivia." His Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed.

"I am gratified to hear it, sweetheart," she said softly, leaning closer to kiss him again. As their lips parted open, she stroked the roof of his mouth with her tongue; much to her delight, Gavin groaned again, louder this time, and his strong hands squeezed her waist and buttocks, pressing her center to his body.

As their passions rose, and their kisses grew more urgent, he lifted her from his lap a fraction and slipped his right hand inside her velour slacks. Now it was she who moaned as he pleasured her intimately, gently stroking her warm, moist folds. Before reaching the point of no return, so to speak, she gripped his wrist and asked him to stop.

"Are you alright?" He carefully withdrew his hand, holding the damp fingers off to the side so as not to mark their clothing.

Biting her lower lip, she chuckled. "I am more than alright, Gavin. But I want this to be about pleasing you." She smiled, kissing away his protest and scooting back atop his thighs to unfasten and unzip his trousers.

Without taking his eyes from hers, he raised his hand to his mouth and licked clean two of his fingers, deliberately tasting her. She kissed his cheek, sliding down to the floor to kneel between his legs.

"Everything about you is pleasing to me, my dear. I am yours," he told her in a husky voice as his hands tangled in her hair. "I love you, very, very much."

"I love you, Gavin," she said, scooping him out from the confines of his characteristically plain cotton boxer shorts and urging him to spread his legs wider, giving her elbowroom. Olivia grinned wickedly as she kissed the circumcised tip. "And I love this as well."

When her warm mouth surrounded him entirely, Gavin's eyes closed and he dropped his head back against the leather headrest. His hips reflexively bucked as another soft groan rumbled deep in his throat. Olivia smiled to herself as she watched his face, pleased that she could still surprise him after all these years.

"Oh my d...," he panted breathlessly. "Olivia..."


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