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Chapter One: Uprising:

Hitsugaya's eyes widened at this and he let out a stunned gasp of disbelief, clasping a hand around the hilt as his sword rematerialized, "What on earth just happened?" he whispered as he looked around, finding himself back outside of Division Ten.

He jumped slightly as the window behind him was broken by the projectile being thrown out of it; his eyebrow twitched, "Matsumoto..." he growled and headed back inside.

He pushed open the door to the office and watched from the doorway as she ran around the room looking for her Zanpakto's materialization.

"You're such a brat!" the busty fuku-taichou exclaimed as she threw herself down onto the sofa and huffed, "I'd like to know who made such a useless Zanpakto! You're selfish, fickle and damned lazy!"

"Matsumoto!" Hitsugaya exclaimed from behind the sofa in sheer annoyance, she jumped and pouted as she looked at him, "Why are you throwing a tantrum?" he asked as he tilted his head slightly and observed her.

"I was having a conversation with my Zanpakto. Or trying to anyway..." she complained.

"Yeah right." He scoffed, folding his arms and looking back at her sternly, "You were running around like a headless chicken doing nothing but complaining."

They were interrupted by a knock at the door; it slid open to reveal Isane and Hinamori in the doorway, "Excuse us!" the former woman said with a shy smile.

"Good afternoon, Rangiku-san, Shiro-chan." Hinamori smiled at them both.

"Don't call me that." The white haired captain complained with a glare, a glare which softened as he looked at Hinamori.

"What brings you two here?" Matsumoto asked with an easy smile.

The two walked forwards and Hinamori handed the other fuku-taichou a leaflet, "It's the announcements for the next fuku-taichou meeting."

"Oh, thanks Momo!" she replied with a smile as she flicked through the leaflet.

Isane wondered over to Matsumoto's Zanpakto which was stuck in the floorboards, "Ragiku-san what are you doing to your Zanpakto?!"

"Ugh, I was trying to talk to Haineko." She sighed and flicked her fringe out of her eyes, "We've faced some pretty strong opponents lately, so I figured we could take this time to talk with her and level up a bit, you know?" she folded her arms in a huff, "But stupid Haineko won't come out! She's totally useless!"

"Don't say that!" Hinamori cried in dismay, "You shouldn't speak badly of your own Zanpakto! You should be more understanding. When I was depressed after Aizen left, Tobiume was really worried about me and she was very supportive."

Hitsugaya blinked slightly and stared at her, "Even your Zanpakto was worried about you?" he muttered.

"Actually, you know speaking of Zanpakto... For the past two or three days Itegumo hasn't been very responsive." She sighed slightly and looked at them.

Hitsugaya's eyes widened suddenly and he blanked out the rest of the conversation, leaving the office discreetly and without a word to the others.

The sun was just beginning to set over the horizon, Yamamoto watched from his balcony office; signing the last of his paperwork. He looked up as he sensed someone approaching, someone whom he wasn't familiar with. He looked slightly to the side and his fuku-taichou appeared.

Sasakibe slowly stood up as the doors to the office opened of their own accord and rested a hand on the hilt of his Zanpakto and walked towards the open door very slowly.

He turned abruptly, "Who's there?!" he exclaimed, unsheathing his Zanpakto and pointing it at the intruders.

When the Captains and Vice Captains received messages via hell butterfly; alongside the Vizards and the former Espada informing them of an 'Emergency Meeting' called by the Head Captain, no one knew what the reason was behind it.

All they knew was that it was an emergency, and they were to convene at Sôkyoku Hill at once. As such, the requested shinigami and hollows hurried from their positions, regardless of their current duties, and hastened to the meeting point.

It was a good half an hour before everyone managed to make it to the meeting point. They stood together, looking like ants on the giant land formation. There was mass confusion as they arrived person by person, sometimes in a small group.

As Hitsugaya Toshiro arrived, he broke out of his shunpo and fell into a brisk walk, striding across the dirt ground towards the ever stoic form of the Sixth Division Taichou.

"Kuchiki-taichou, do you know what is going on?" he asked as he came to a stop in front of the man, Matsumoto not far behind him.

"Not yet," the raven haired male replied, "Renji and I received a Hell Butterfly in Division Six and it simply instructed us to attend the 'Emergency Meeting' at Sôkyoku Hill."

The white haired captain sighed and nodded in response, "Do we know when Kurosaki will be back?"

"Not for another three weeks; unless someone sends a message to him it will remain that way."

"That is not ideal..." he sighed heavily and looked around as he saw Ikakku and Yumichika arrive, "Are you two here to represent Division Eleven? Where's Kenpachi?"

Ikakku rolled his eyes and slung his arms over his katana where it rested at the back of his neck, "Ugh, Taichou and Fuku-taichou have gone off." He said simply.

"Gone off?"

"There's no need to be concerned. They always do this." Yumichika added, flicking his hair over his shoulder, "At any rate, we are not here as their representatives, we received messages dedicated to us personally."

"What?" Hitsugaya frowned slightly and folded his arms in thought before he glanced back at the Sixth Division Taichou who was talking quietly to his red headed lover and fuku-taichou.

Murmurings and conspiracies were aloof on the Hill top, Hitsugaya's suspicions grew when he saw Kuchiki Rukia; he headed over to her, "Kuchiki-san? How comes you are here as well?"

She looked around quickly and bowed before she turned slightly to show him her left arm, "Ukitake-taichou officially made me his fuku-taichou yesterday evening." She announced, pride bubbling in her voice, "As such I received a Hell Butterfly too."

"We Captain's haven't heard about your promotion yet, congratulations Kuchiki-fuku-taichou." He gave a rare smile before looking around, "Have you any clue what's happening?"

"No sir, my message was the same as everyone else's, of those whom I have had chance to speak to." She replied.

"Alright, no problem, Kuchiki-fuku-taichou." He sighed and meandered back over to his own fuku-taichou.

It was several long minutes; it was dark now and the night sky was as black as their uniforms with only the high full moon and twinkling stars to light the way and it cast a somewhat eerie atmosphere over Sôkyoku Hill.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Grimmjow growled, glaring through the darkness; his sensitive nostrils flaring as he tried to scent any unusual presences.

"No idea... But if it turns into a fight I'll be happy..." Nnoitra murmured from beside him, looking around with what was supposed to be excitement, but to a trained eye like Grimmjow's he knew the tall Arrancar was also a little apprehensive.

"You're too eager to fight." He replied.

Nnoitra gave him a disbelieving look, "Are you the same Grimmjow from Las Noches? You were as eager as anyone! What happened?!"

"... I grew up?"

"Diabolical man... Diabolical..." he shook his head and sighed at his attitude.

"I wouldn't mind a little scrap myself... Things have been quiet since that Ginjo business." Shinji sighed from Grimmjow's left, "Not that the constant threat of death is a good thing... But a little action would be welcome..."

"Ah... I like this guy." Nnoitra grinned.

They looked around as a thick fog immersed them and clouded their vision. There was a tinkling of bells as someone crossed the bridge from the main land to the Hill. They looked around in the general direction whilst cursing the ill weather.

Eyes narrowed as they saw a figure, tensions running high before the figure came close enough for them to see who it was.

"Sasakibe-fuku-taichou? Where is the Head Captain?" Matsumoto asked before Hitsugaya or anyone else could get a word out.

The elderly Vice Captain staggered forwards with an arm outstretched, his expression was distraught and stressed; without warning he fell to his knees and keeled over on the dusty ground.

Unohana and Isane instantly ran over and knelt either side of him, pushing their reiatsu into him to find the cause of his collapse.

"This is terrible! He has gone into cardiac arrest!" Isane exclaimed.

"Begin the resuscitation incantation immediately." Unohana said calmly.

"Yes Taichou!"

Szayel headed over as well and crouched down, "Wait a moment, I may be able to help too." He offered, pulling out a small vial of red liquid, "Have him drink this, it will steady his heart rate once he is back in sinus rhythm."

"Very well. Thank you, Szayel-san." The captain murmured and took the vial from him.

There was a moment of calm as they discovered who had come close to them on the Hill, before it was shattered in a moment as they heard a chuckle from behind them all.

Being closest to the source of the chuckle, Harribel and Kyoraku heard it first and turned a moment before the others caught on. When they did so, they found themselves three or four yards away from a stranger, dressed in an ankle length white coat with purple trimmings and piping; a purple fur colour and really long nails. His hair was brown, neck mid-throat length and windswept; piercing blue eyes were framed by lilac makeup. The guy was deathly white in complexion and looked somewhat sickly.

"I am sorry to say... Your Captain Commander will not be joining us this evening." He said, his voice like poison dripping from a tap.

"What do you mean?!" Ukitake exclaimed, moving through the group until he was stood beside Kyoraku again.

"What have you done with Yamamoto-Taichou?" Soi-Fon demanded as she sized the enemy up with narrowed eyes.

"Yamamoto Genryusai is my captive." He replied, "And I represent an interested party. A party interested in the total domination of Seireitei and the annihilation of the shinigami." He smirked.

Komamura let out a growl from where he was stood beside his fuku-taichou Iba, disappearing in a shot and reappearing in front of the stranger, "Where is Genryusai-sensei?" he demanded, drawing his zanpakto, "If you do not tell me quickly I will beat the truth out of you. Where is Genryusai-sensei?!"

When no answer came, the wolf-man lifted his sword, "Bankai! Kokujou Tengen Myou-ou!" Blasted by reiatsu the other shinigami and hollows watched as the colossal form of Komamura's Bankai came into existence.

Komamura lifted his sword, "Tell me when Yamamoto-Taichou is!" he demanded, waiting a few seconds for an answer before he shook his head, "Then you leave me no choice!" he brought his arm down, the puppeteer of this duo.

The puppeteer cannot always control all the strings however, and to forget this was Komamura's biggest mistake. His keen senses were all that saved him from imminent death as the massive sword of his Bankai slashed down towards him. Towards him! Not the enemy?! This was... Unheard of even.

He rolled to the side just in time, narrowly dodging the attack he got back to his feet and looked up at the monstrously large figure looming over Sôkyoku Hill. There was no warning and an explosion of dense reiatsu concealed the Bankai from sight.

Only when the reiatsu retracted could he see once again, and the sight before him was not one he recalled ever seeing before in his life. The uncooked meat red colour of the thing's skin, the midnight blue shade of his hair; flaming eyes and mouth; the sword in his hand and the flaming rope in his other hand. Who was this... This... Demon?!

"Who the blazes are you?!" the wolf-man demanded.

Realisation struck suddenly and Komamura's eyes widened, "You are... Tengen?" There was a low growl in response and without a doubt Komamura knew that this thing was his zanpakto! But how?!

Without a moment of warning, the creature before he lashed out and their katana met between them in a flash of sparks.

Soi-Fon's eyes widened as she watched, "The Zanpakto is attacking its own master?!" she exclaimed, "How is such a thing possible?!"

"This should not be happening..." Kyoraku murmured to Ukitake uncertainly, "A Zanpakto only attacks its master in an effort to gain strength and improve their bond. All that I sense from... Tengen is bloodlust and a will of death upon Komamura-san."

"I sense the same thing." The white haired man replied with a nod, "We just have to figure out how and why it is happening."

A shout of 'Taichou' from Iba dragged them back into the fight as Komamura was cut across his furred stomach and sent to the ground with a blade through his shoulder.

It took Nnoitra, Grimmjow and Renji to stop Iba running in to avenge his fallen captain. The other captains stared in utter shock at the outcome, no one understanding any more than the other as to why or even how this had come about.

Hitsugaya drew his sword without hesitation and shot towards the stranger, "Reign over the frosted heavens! Hyôrinmaru!" he exclaimed.

Behind him Soi-Fon unsheathed her zanpakto, "Sting all enemies to death, Suzumebachi!"

Byakuya's eyes narrowed, "Scatter, Senbonzakura."

"Grind, Pantera!"

"Sip, Fornicarás!" Szayel tried to swallowed his zanpakto but faltered as he nearly choked on it instead.

Hitsugaya dropped back to the ground and looked at the unchanging sword in his hands; Soi-Fon's eyes narrowed and she tried a second time to release her shikai before faltering and looking at the others around her; Byakuya looked like he had confirmed something he had already figured out but seemed no less annoyed at his zanpakto ignoring him; Grimmjow shook his sword around and hit it on a rock ordering Pantera to stop being a 'lazy bastard' and Szayel almost choked instead of swallowing his zanpakto, going a strange shade of purple before Aaroniero helped remove the blade.

"I... I can't go into shikai..." Hitsugaya breathed in disbelief.

"N-neither can I." Soi-Fon admitted, gripping the hilt of her zanpakto tightly in frustration.

"Pantera's being a lazy bastard... He won't listen." Grimmjow growled.

Szayel sheathed his own sword in annoyance, "Stupid thing..."

In the light of the information several others tried to go into shikai and others into their resurrection forms, no one succeeded.

"It will do you no good. Allow me to put it simply for you all: your zanpakto are no longer with you."

"What do you mean?!"

"I have freed your zanpakto from your overbearing ruler ship." He smirked, "Now, this is all but a greeting; a prelude to the whole thing. To show you the unimaginable power of my companions. See now! The true forms of the Zanpakto you thought that you owned!"

One by one more figures appeared either side of Muramasa, no one immediate recognised their zanpakto; their forms were so different to the ones they usually saw in their inner worlds.

However a few were surprised when zanpakto souls walked from right beside them, as though they had been stood there the whole time.

Byakuya watched with slightly widened eyes as a male in a traditional samurai war suit walked from his right hand side, his long raven hair bound in a lengthy tail at the back of his head and his face concealed behind a fearsome mask.

Hitsugaya looked up in shock as a man with long blue-ish locks walked away from him, several of his limbs made of ice and his expression unreadable and blank.

Grimmjow tensed and bounded back a step or two as a panther the size of a horse prowled away from him, a blade sheathed at its side and a shock of blue fur flared from the tip of the giant cat's tail.

Szayel stared as the strangest thing he had ever seen walked away from his side; it had purple hair and a visor around its pink eyes, its lips were purple and thin with long slender wings sprouting delicately from its back; he assumed it was male although he really wasn't sure with the way it swayed its hips as it walked past the giant panther that was leaving Grimmjow and he simply took a step back and scratched he side of his head, wondering how on earth he had been given such a... Strange zanpakto... Oblivious to the likeness between them of course.

"Now then, this is the beginning of the Zanpakto Rebellion... Prepare yourselves to be ruled by the very souls you thought you controlled."

"Who are you damnit?!" Nnoitra exclaimed in annoyance as he recognised his own zanpakto soul, a tall stick like woman with two scythes slung over her back; short bangs of jet black hair surrounding a scowling face.

"My name is Muramasa." He replied simply, "I have taken your Head Captain, you have no means of protecting yourself without your zanpakto so you may as well put your weapons down. If you surrender without a fight we will treat you... Fairly."

Ikakku appeared in front of him suddenly and arched his sword down towards him, only to be blocked by the giant wing of the purple haired zanpakto Szayel had lost.

"Ikakku!" Renji exclaimed, gripping his zanpakto tighter in concern for his friend.

"Any further conversation is pointless! We just have to put them down. Now!" he yelled back as he gritted his teeth, trying not to get tossed aside by this blasted wing.

The captains and vice captains shared a look, the Vizards and the former Espada included before one by one they drew their swords and flash-stepped and sonido-ed into battle.

"We have no choice." Ukitake sighed to his kimono clad lover.

"Will you be alright?"

"I have to be."

"Tell me if it gets too much for your illness and I will cover you." Kyoraku murmured tenderly before the two 'old timers' joined the battle.

A battle for their freedom.

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