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Stupid Uchiha loving Teme's Naruto thought for the hundredth time.

The day had been like any other, unfortunately.

-Flash back-

He had arrived in training ground seven at their usual meeting time as usual. After waiting for a few hours their sensei finally arrived. After they listened to his lame excuse for the day they took a D-ranked mission.

How is pulling weeds a mission?

Once they had finished, they did an hour of team work exercise. Well…Naruto tried to work with them. All he received was insults and punches to the head.

"Alright that's enough training for the day." Spoke their so-called-sensei.

"Kakashi-sensei when are we going to learn a jutsu or take a real mission?" asked Naruto

"Sorry Naruto but you're not ready for either." He spoke never looking up from his book. "You need to increase you chakra."

"How?" he insisted "you haven't taught us how?"

"You'll figure it out, try asking Sasuke or Sakura, they have good chakra control." He answered, or didn't, before he shunshined away.

He turned to look toward his team in hopes of help. Unfortunately they were preoccupied.

"Sasuke-kun would you like to go on a date?" asked Sakura

"No" he answered before walking away to brood more

"I'll go on that date with you Sakura-Chan" Naruto tried. His response was a punch in the head.

"Why would I go on a date with you Naruto-baka?"

Turning back she ran after the Uchiha.

"Wait!" he called stopping her "do you think you could help me with my chakra control."

"Why should I help you?" she asked "it wouldn't do a dobe like you any good. You were a failure in the academy and you'll be a failure as a ninja." With that she walked off leaving a hurt Naruto.

-Flash back end-

As the memories continued to replay in his head he came upon his destination. It was one of his favorite spots a safe haven. It was one of the few he had away from the hateful villagers.

It had a waterfall that flowed into a river that reached his knees. He would often fish here when he couldn't afford Ichiraku ramen. There was an empty field with a bit of wildlife. The field also held an array of plants and berries he liked ate.

His favorite part was the large and deep cave behind the waterfall. The water came inside making a little pool; the rest was a dry place to rest. He would often hide or camp here when he needed or wanted to.

It was partly because of this place he hadn't starved. Why he had shelter when his home was wrecked by villagers.

A home from home

He even had a small family here.

"Hey, I'm here." He called.

As soon as the words left his mouth he felt four light impacts to his chest. They didn't hurt but it was enough to knock him over. As he tried to straighten himself out he felt as they crawled around inside his jumpsuit. He quickly pulled them out and set them down.

"Not even a hello before you go looking for treats?" he asked in mock hurt.

When they lowered their heads in shame he smirked. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a few pieces of dried fish.

Once they laid eyes on it they dove for it. He sighed happily as he watched them eat.

Foxes, it was ironic that they were his closest family.

After the Kyuubi attack foxes were illegal in Konoha. Most people would just kill them out of spite. That made it hard for them to survive since the villagers hated them. Not him, he happily did his best to help take care of them since they were alike.

Hated for something they had no control over.

The oldest female was the mother. Her name was Aki for her constant autumn coat.

The oldest male was the father. His name was Gin for the patch of silver on his head. It was more pronounced thanks to his black fur.

The youngest son took after the father. His fur was black with a silver collar. That's how he got the name Eriko.

The older sister was an enigma. She didn't take after either parent. Her fur was a constant snow white. He decided to call her Midori thanks to her grass green eyes.

He then undressed as he laid himself into the stream. Bracing his feet into to rocks he closed his eyes and relaxed. This way he wouldn't float of but stayed relaxed. He felt the foxes lay down beside him.

He loved the flow of the water on his body.

The feel of nature to his senses

The peace of seclusion

It was here that he could let his mask drop

"It's right over here girls" Came an unfamiliar female call that was heading toward him.

"That's just not fair" he growled

He quickly grabbed his clothes and started putting them on. Once Naruto was dressed he moved deeper into the cave with the foxes.

It was one of the problems with being here. The place was practically boxed off. Once inside there was only exit. Unfortunately one way was occupied by the…whoever they were.

He didn't want to have a run in with whoever they were. Something told him they were ninja. He was always good at telling who was a civilian or not. These were definitely not.

He sat and waited.

"See I told you, this entire place is great."

"And you're sure this place is away from perverted eyes?"

"Positive, I'll even have the triplets scout the area while we're here."

"Relax Nai-Chan, if there are any perverts we'll give them the beating of a life-time"

"That doesn't stop them, and I think some are enjoying it."

Okay, there are four women, most likely kunoichi. Then there are the triplets, maybe pets.

He decided to move further into the cave. He really didn't want to be seen. Unfortunately our blond ninja forgot his bright attire.

"Hey! Who's there? Show yourself."

"What's wrong Anko?"

Stay calm, maybe they didn't see me

"I saw a hideously orange color. I think someone's in there."

Darn it

"Come on out."

"Hana think the triplets can drag them out."

"No need" he called

He took a deep breath and allowed his mask to reform as he motioned for the foxes to hide. Then slowly and cautiously he made his way out.

As he stepped out he saw who caught him.

"Who are you gaki?" asked the one closest.

"Naruto Uzumaki, future Hokage!" spoke on instinct "and you are?"

"I'm the sexy and single Anko Mitarashi" the first spoke "Snake mistress of Konoha"

"I'm Yugao Uzuki kenjutsu mistress of Konoha" came the second.

"I'm Kurenai Yuhi" the now named Anko seemed to urge her for more "Genjutsu mistress of Konoha" she continued with a sigh.

"I'm Hana Inuzuka" started the last "the second hound princess of Konoha."

Yugao was a woman with purple, violet hair that came to her waist and chocolate brown eyes. She seemed to be wearing reddish-purple lipstick. She was wearing standard ANBU clothing. Something about her seems familiar

Kurenai had long, black-wavy, shoulder length hair. She seemed to be wearing an outfit that looked to be made of bandages. Her hand and upper thighs were wrapped in the same material. Her eyes were what stood out the most to Naruto. They were an odd but truly beautiful shade of red. She seems familiar as well

Anko had light brown, pupil-less eyes. Her hair was black with a tint of violet, styled in a short, wild pony tail. She was wearing a tan trench coat and a mesh body suit under it. Over it was a dark orange mini-skirt. Never seen her before

Hana had long brown in a pony tail with two locks hanging in front of her face. Her eyes were an average black. She had a light shade of pink-red lipstick and Inuzuka markings. She was wearing a beige medic uniform. Those markings mean that she's related to Kiba

Their headbands proved what he feared. They were all kunoichi.

"What are you doing here? Are you spying on us?" asked Yugao

He didn't answer

"How about we play with him?" offered Anko "We won't go all out, just teach him a lesson for what he's done."

"Anko, he's just a genin." Stated Yugao

"If he doesn't learn his lesson now he could grow to be worse than Jiraiya." Stated Kurenai, none of them could deny that. "Besides, he'll just heal."

The truth was she didn't care about that. She just wanted the… boy to suffer for what he did.

"Tell your friends to come out as well." Ordered Hana

"What friends, I'm here alone." He lied

"My companions here say they smell others" stated Hana "bring them put or they'll be dragged out."

Naruto stood defiantly.

"Just do it Hana" called Anko "the gaki is too stubborn to listen."

With just a gesture one of the triplets were making their way toward the cave entrance.

Not wanting his friends hurt, Naruto stood in front of the approaching canine. He glared at the dog with such intensity that it actually started to whimper. After a few more seconds he ran back behind Hana and his siblings.

Anko seeing the distraction decided to have a little fun.

She threw a kunai.

Thanks to all of his years of living through the hate of Konoha, Naruto gained an extra sense. It was one that warned him of danger. It was warning him now

Ducking his head he avoided the kunai. As he stood right he felt slender but powerful arms wrap around his neck holding his head still. Struggle as he might he couldn't get free.

"Hold him tight Anko" he heard one of the women shout. "The triplets will drag whoever's in there out."

"Wait!" he begged, he didn't want his only friends to be hurt because of him "Don't hurt them"

"Them?" asked Kurenai

"Go got them boys." Ordered Hana

As the triplets closed in on the entrance Anko decided to have a little more fun.

"Whoever is in there is in for a world of pain" Leaning toward his ear she whispered "right…foxy-kun."

At hearing the name his blood ran cold. They know about Kyuubi? That's why they're here! It was replaced by boiling rage.

Using what little chakra control he had he directed it to his arms. With all the power he could muster, he pried Anko's arms open. He broke free.

Spinning in a full one-eighty he kicked Anko in the stomach. The blow didn't harm her but it was enough to stun her.

To say the kunoichi and dogs were shocked would be an understatement. Anko was a jounin, a special jounin perhaps, but a jounin all the same. To see a mere genin force his way free was truly amazing.

Putting his hands in a cross form he shouted his signature technique.

Shadow clone jutsu

At the name ten solid clones appeared. They took a protective stance in front of the cave.

"So the little gaki wants to play huh?" asked Anko "well let's play!"

Charging forward Naruto threw two exploding tags toward the women. As they scattered to avoid the explosion the clones charged.

"This is getting out of hand" spoke Yugao as she dodged another kunai "we have to restrain him."

They nodded in agreement.

"Hey, runt" Hana called "you're not the only with moves." Weaving her Clans hand signs she called.

Man Beast Clone

At the name the brothers jumped to her side and went up in smoke. When they were visible it was revealed that they took her form.

After weaving more signs they all dropped to all four.

Ninja Art Beast mimicry: All-Fours jutsu

They charged forward before jumping into the air.

Multi-Fang Over Fang

All four Hanas began to spin taking a blurry, drill a like form. The attacks then began to rotate around each other as they charged forward.

They tore through the clones.

Naruto saw the direction of the attack; they were heading toward the caves. He knew what he had to do.

Thinking he would just jump out of the way, the Hanas pressed the attack. To her surprise he only put his arms up to defend himself and stood defiantly.

He'll move she thought as did the rest.

He'll move…

He'll jump away…

Move already…

He didn't

"Move you baka" Hana called but he didn't and it was too late to stop their attack.

Each Hana hit Naruto fool on. They tore through his close and his body. He fell to his knees bleeding.

Once the attack ended the real Hana turned to ask why he took the attack. Or at least she tried to. As soon as she turned she saw a kunai fly past her, a kunai with a tag.

Each 'Hana' barely had enough time to cover themselves in a coat of chakra. It was enough to save them from the explosion. The blast knocked them each far back in a different direction. They transformed back and were unconscious before they hit the dirt.

Naruto would have continued if it weren't for Anko,

Striking Shadow Snakes

Multiple snakes ejected themselves from Anko's sleeve. Turning he was able to see the attack, but not dodge.

The snakes each coiled around his limb and various parts of his body. Each snake then latched on to Naruto with their fangs. He felt the burning sensation as the venom spread through his body.

"The poisons in these snakes aren't lethal, but they do cause great pain." Stated Anko cheerfully

To her continued amazement, Naruto had more surprises. Using his very Will, and chakra, he moved his hands together. She herself added chakra to strengthen her technique, but it wasn't enough. Not when facing a host of a tailed beast. This gaki has more chakra than even me.

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Summoning four clones, he smirked.

"Kurenai Genjutsu" ordered Yugao "Now!"

Kurenai began weaving.

They each drew a kunai and cut through the snakes, freeing the original. They gave a cry as they rushed forward.

Anko drew another two kunai and took aim. Not know which was the real one Anko threw them toward nonlethal spots.

They both hit their mark.

The first hit a clone dispelling it.

The second hit Naruto in his upper leg. It embedded itself deep, drawing blood. The pain was only intensified from the venom.

"Anko" cried Kurenai "you stopped my Genjutsu before it set in."

"Oops, sorry about that Nai-Chan" apologized the sheepish snake mistress.

He continued forward, not even losing speed, with only a limp and slight flinch to show he was hurt.

The remaining two of them proceeded to Henge into demon windmill shurikens. Looking at his opponents, he took aim. Need to get rid of the biggest threat.

With a spin to build up momentum, he threw it with all his might. It flew past the snake mistress and the kenjutsu mistress. He was aiming for Kurenai.

She had to admit, she was impressed. Naruto was holding his own, he even managed to take out Hana and the triplets.

Turning her head, she let the giant weapon fly past her. She never noticed it graze her cheek. But it's not enough. The shadow windmill Henge flew right past her lodged itself into a tree. It dispelled itself a second after contact.

"K-Kurenai?" asked a hesitant Yugao "are you okay?"

In her confusion she felt a warm moisture drip down her cheek. Bring her hand out she felt the spot and pulled her hand back. There was a light stinging sensation. She looked at her hand, blood.

That Henge...

"…it was real." She stated in shock. A real illusion…that should be completely impossible. Even the some of the greatest Genjutsu users in the world can't make a real illusion.

Naruto prepared the second shuriken. As he prepared to throw it something clamped down and stopped his arm. Painfully. It caused him to drop and dispel his clone.

Looking at what stopped him he saw that one of the triplets had latched it's fangs around his arm. He felt a second latch onto his one of legs.

The final blow came from Hana herself. She tackled Naruto from behind pinning him under her legs. She held a kunai to his throat forcing him to be still.

"I've had enough of this" she snarled "we'll find out who you're hiding."

As soon as the words left her mouth the final brother stepped forward, out of the cave. What Naruto saw in the dog's mouth horrified him. It made his blood go cold in his very veins. It was the foxes. The dog was dragging their bodies out by their tails.

"No…no" he pleaded. This can't be happening, not them. "NO AKI, GIN, ERIKO, MIDORI!"

When they didn't respond his fear was taken, in its place he was given hatred. It was raw and uncontrolled hatred. It was so much that he even started to pull on chakra from the Kyuubi.

This isn't good the kunoichi thought as one.

They didn't know what to do as they watched the red chakra become visible. All they wanted to do was punish a pervert. Now things were truly out of hand.

He knocked Hana and the two triplets off just by simply standing. There were burn marks on them as well from Kyuubi's corrosive chakra. He dashed toward the family of foxes. When the remaining triplet saw the approaching Naruto it dropped the foxes and fled.

As he knelt down to them he calmed himself down. The Kyuubi's chakra began to disappear.

He was angry but he wasn't blind. He saw what had happened to Hana and her dogs.

"Come on guys, get up" he pleaded. He wanted his family to be okay. "Come on, you guys are all I have."

They didn't move, they all just laid there, unmoving and lifeless. He reached for them but pulled back when his blood fell on them. He didn't want to let Kyuubi's influence touch them.

He turned his attentions back to his attackers. They flinched at the level of hate in his glare.

He felt both his rage and Kyuubi's chakra return, with a vengeance. It was more potent. You could even see a fox head grin at them.

Damn it, he's drawing on the fox and Hana is out… no choice. "Everyone we need to end this, no more holding back" spoke Kurenai "I need a distraction."

"COME ON" Naruto shouted "I'LL TAKE YOU ALL ON."

Anko went first. Jumping high into one of the trees she yelled.

Multiple Striking Shadow Snakes

As the name said, multiple snakes flew toward him, much more than the first time. However they weren't aimed for him. They were aimed for the foxes.

He rushed back to their side to take the blow. As the snakes hit dead on, it seemed that the masses of them consumed Naruto and the foxes.

With a mighty roar he sent out a shock wave of chakra. It tore through the mass of snakes leaving only shreds behind. He stood under their falling parts not losing an ounce of hate.

Not even uttering a command or forming signs a clone popped into existence. As soon as it formed it became another windmill shuriken.

Giving a mighty heave he threw it toward Kurenai. She made to dodge it but didn't count on its angle. To her surprise it turned as she did, cleaving her in half.

"Kurenai!" cried Yugao in disbelief before schooling herself your Anbu so control yourself.

"Yugao" cried Hana "they could use some help now!"

Running forward the kenjutsu mistress attempted performed her name sake. As she came in range she raised the weapon high in the air. She intended to knock him unconscious with her sheath.

As she came into striking distance Naruto made his move.

Stretch his arm out, he grabbed her arm. Adding pressure to her wrist he forced her to lower her sword, but she didn't drop it. But it was enough, grabbing the sheath, he yanked it free.

Holding the blades sheath he took a stance. He then started hacking away at her, or would have.

Thanks to years of practice she was ready. She was able to dodge or block every single strike.

His stance and form are great she thought for an amateur. He must have a great teacher. If only she knew.

Unfortunately it was because of that experience that she did what she did. Out of pure instinct she dropped back and lashed at him. She cut him across the eye causing a short grunt, probably ruining it permanently. But it didn't stop him. He was too angry to feel any pain. Not that he would have anyway.

He stopped suddenly. Something was holding him in place. Looking at his restraints he saw…vines? He struggled against them, he even hit them with the sheath but they just carried him off the ground. Now he had no leverage.

String Bean Bind Illusion

Looking toward the one who named the attack, he saw a giant bean pod. As it opened Kurenai stepped out. "This is a Genjutsu from the Kurama Clan. You won't be getting out that easily."

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" asked an aged but powerful voice "release him."

They turned to the source of the voice. Standing before them was the Hokage. And he was angry. Kurenai stepped forward.

"Hokage-Sama we-I …"she was cut off

"That was an order" he stated

She did as she was told.

As soon as he was free he charged Kurenai. With a powerful jab he struck her in the stomach with the sheath. He continued charging painfully pushing Kurenai along the dirt.

Coming to a sudden stop he drew the sheath back. Kurenai dropped to her knees gasping in pain. Raising the sheath he brought it down across her face. She was out cold as she hit the ground.

He prepared another strike when he felt the familiar sensation of fangs biting into him.

"We're done here gaki." Stated Anko

Dropping the sheath he grabbed two of the snake. With a might heave he pulled Anko free from the tree, but he didn't stop there.

He kept pulling, and with a spin he aimed her. She crashed face first into the downed Hana.

Turning he looked toward Yugao

"And then there was one." He stated coldly.

"That won't be necessary Naruto-kun."

Turning to the voice he saw a rush of red and white.

Five Pronged Seal

He felt an intense pain in his stomach where he had been struck. As the chakra faded so did his consciousness.

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