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Life was good.

For Naruto, everything was finally perfect.

-He had friends.

"Hey brat." Zabuza called out "After the whole invasion, I realized something."

"Is it how life is short and can be ended at a moments notice?" Naruto began "Meaning we should make every minute count with the ones we care for?"

"Wha-hell no." Zabuza firmly stated "I realized I let my title fall and need to get it back." He grabbed his sword "Want to help?"

"Hell yeah."

"Is this open for everyone?" The dry voice of Gaara asked.

"The more the bloodier."

-He had his mother.

Kushina walked into the ramen stand with Naruto behind her. They had years of catching up to do.

"Old man." Naruto called "Get us the..."

"Angry Kushina special." Kushina finished.

The father of the cooking duo paled when he was given the order.

"Ayame!" He called to the back "Get the Evil sauce."

The daughter grabbed a pair of tongs and slowly inched it towards a box. The father saw her and made his way to the back.

"...Careful, don't anger it." He warned.

"Don't distract me." She snapped.

As she closed the tongs, the lid opened slightly.

Give in too your hate. A voice spoke from the box Devour me and I will strike you down.

A moment later there was a bowl for Naruto and Kushina.

Naruto looked at the pink noodles with red broth surrounding it. Naruto was actually scared to eat it. It didn't help that the bowl was bubbling.

One of the bubble began rising until it left the bowl. Naruto pulled out a kunai and gave it a little poke. It popped, spraying all over the kunai.

And melted it.

"Oh hell no!" Naruto stated.

He turned to his mother who hadn't heard his statement. She was happily slurping away at her own bowl.

"It's been so long." Kushina mumbled happily. "But it needs a little spice."

After pulling out a bottle of her personal hot-sauce, she added a single drop.

"Do you want some Naruto?" She started adding before he could answer.

"I never thought I'd say this but...I-I can't finish my ramen."

-He had his Himes

The Mistresses stood in a field being glared down by the Himes. Naruto may have forgiven them, but the Himes hadn't. They were on a short leash, extreme offense made to Hana.

"All right bitches, listen up." Kyuubi spoke "Kyuubi's about to teach you all the pecking order."

0-Mistresses _Hana in the lead for not sleeping around.

0-The Neo Himes


"...We're below ramen?" Hana asked.


-He had an several apprentice in the making.

The doors to the ninja academy were blown in. The students where shocked into silence as Kushina walked in as if nothing had happened.


"KUSHINA!" Iruka shouted.

"Fine." She complained "I'll do it the normal way."

"Thank you."

"Hello everyone." See greeted "I'm Kushina Uzumaki and this." She lifted a large bag "Is my magic murder bag."

Once she opened it, only Iruka had enough sense to look away. When he finally opened his eyes, the entire class seemed normal. He did notice that a certain trio was gone.

"W-where are the Konohamaru corps?" He asked afraid of the answer.

"I'll tell you where they're not." Kushina stated "Safe."


"Thanks for getting us out of class boss." Udon spoke.

"No problem." Naruto laughed "Now today we're going to learn you elemental affinities."

"What's yours boss?" Konohamaru asked.

"Hm?" Naruto thought "You know, I never checked."

Pulling out a Chakra card, he began adding his own.

The card began to glow an unholy color. The light then changed until it was a like a gelatin like aura. The aura began to shift it's form into a single hand.

And an eye.

"Give it to me!" It spoke as it crawled toward them "Give me your fear!"

Naruto did the only thing he could think of. He sat an explosive tag on it and blew it to hell.

"...Next lesson."

-He had a home.

The Namikaze estate.

It was the home shared between his mother and father. Now it was to be shared with his Himes.

It was a glorious place, full of many valuable items.

Naruto cared for none of it.

What caught his attention were the homey feelings it gave off. One of love and the other of protection.

He was even able to relocate his foxes to the area. Here they wouldn't have to worry about larger animals attacking them.

"So everything is perfect for you?" Hiruzen asked "What now?"

"I guess...I'll just take over the world." Naruto stated.


"A world ruled by me, ruled by fear! A world where the times of unity, peace and light will be cloaked by the sheets of hate, war and darkness! A world where hell fire will be considered a safe haven! A world where the streets will run a river of blood, with the corpses of those who would defy me! They will be boats to the crows and the rats and the vermin, chomping and picking at their flesh. A world in my hands, ruled by me. Ruled by I, Naruto!"

"...Kushina would skin you if you were late for dinner." Hiruzen stated.

"Fine, I'll stay and be a ninja."

Oh thank God! Hiruzen inwardly sighed.

Naruto made his way home. He had no doubt Kushina would skin him for being late for dinner.

He looked around.

People looked at him with the eyes they always had, hate and disgust. The only difference was that there was something added to the hate filled looks, fear. It was fear of what he was and what he was capable of.

And he liked it.

For Naruto, life was good.

Life was finally perfect.


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