I do not own 'Naruto'


I was just given a great idea by ninbigboy168. If any of you writers think you're man, or woman, enough-I give you permission to continue the fic where I left off.

1) You cannot abandon/slander/shame this fic-I worked hard on it.

2) Send me a link as soon as you get it up.


I'm taking challenges-look at my profile near the bottom and see if you're given any ideas for me.

You've seen my work, I have very little restrain-so don't hold back except!

1) No rape, don't even mention of it! Attempt will be considered if it is stopped in time.

2) No Mary Sue.

3) No plot-less nothing stories!

4) No yaoi-I have nothing against gays (more power to them), but no.

I would prefer a Danny Phantom/OC or harem fic,-Something that will be intense-maybe leave into the G.Z for a real home-Not hung up on that-give me what you got.

But the others fics are on the table.

Once again, thank ninbigboy168