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Chapter One: Two Whitelighters, A Witch, and a Baby

Patty and Sam looked at their darling new born daughter.

'Isn't she precious?' said Patty, welling up. Her fourth daughter. She was joyful at having had another child, but her tears were also of pain. She did not want to give up her daughter.

'She looks so much like you, Patty,' said Sam.

'She looks a bit like Prudence did as a baby,' added Penny who had just walked into the room, closing the door.

'Are the girls fast asleep, mother?' asked Patty.

'Yes, and clueless that you have just given birth,' said Penny.

Patty let out a small laugh. 'Yes, of course. They just thought I had gotten a little fat.'

'Penny, are you really going to force us to abandon our child?' asked Sam.

'You cannot keep her, and you know it,' said Penny. 'If the Elders were to find out, then the destinies of Prudence, Piper and Phoebe could be ruined, and they could never harness the Power of Three.'

'I know, mother, but look at her. She is your fourth grandchild,' said Patty, holding the little baby up for Penny to see. 'Could you really see yourself living your life without her?'

'My heart is not made of stone,' said Penny sternly. 'We all have to suffer from the consequences of your falling in love with a white lighter.'

Penny glared at Sam. Sam was used to Penny's insults. She had often insulted him since she had found out about the relationship which had formed between himself and Patty.

'I understand, mother,' said Patty. 'Please, promise me, that you will never tell the girls that they have a little sister. It would only cause them to feel the loss which Sam, you and I will feel for the rest of our lives.'

'I will keep that promise, Patty,' said Penny. 'Now is time for you and Sam to take your daughter to the church and say your goodbyes.'

Sam and Patty nodded. With their child they orbed out of the bedroom.

Patty was still weak from giving birth, so Sam held Patty in his arms, while Patty was holding their child.

'So,' Sam said as they appeared around the corner of the street from the church. 'We are just going to give our daughter away to the church.'

'We have to,' said Patty. 'They can provide her with a good home. I have written a note to leave with her, asking for them to give her a name beginning with P, and to take good care of her.'

'Is it safe though?' said Sam. 'What if they find out about her powers? We do not know when she will get her powers. What if she gets them when she is little and they find out?'

'That has been a worry of mine too, but what other choice do we have?' asked Patty, clutching her baby.

'We could find someone magical to look after her,' said Sam.

'Then the Elders would find out about her,' said Patty.

'No,' said Sam. 'I have an idea. We make sure that a person who knows of magic finds her. That individual will not know who she belongs to or that she is magical herself. Therefore, they will be able to bring her up, and when she does gain her powers, the individual will be surprised, but they will already know that magic exists, so will not turn against our daughter in fear or anger.'

'Do you already have an idea of who you want to raise our daughter?' Patty asked Sam.

'Yes.' He nodded. 'I know of a white lighter. He was married before he died and became a white lighter and he never had children. I think that raising our daughter would be good for him.'

'Are you sure he will be good for our daughter though?' asked Patty.

Sam nodded. 'He used to be a doctor, so definitely knows how to care for people.'

'Do you know where to find him, Sam?' said Patty.

'You would rather us take her to this white lighter than to the church then?' said Sam.

Patty nodded, smiling. 'Just don't tell mother that we have done this. As far as she will ever know, our daughter will have been taken in by the church and then adopted by a loving family.'

Sam agreed. He helped Patty onto the ground and took hold of their daughter and Patty's note.

'How do you know this white lighter will not just turn her into the authorities?' asked Patty.

Sam scribbled something on the note and showed it to Patty, who read what he had added out loud. ''This little girl needs a white lighter to raise her. Do it well.' Do you think that will encourage him to keep and raise her?'

Sam nodded. 'He will know that whoever gave him the child knows of the magical world, so he will not give her away to the non-magical authorities, as he may suspect that she may be magical herself. However, as he is such a caring fellow, who has the passion of a father without a child, he will probably ask the Elders to let him raise her.'

Patty smiled. 'I hope that he does raise our little girl then.'

'Me too. I will be back in a few minutes to take you home,' said Sam.

He orbed out with their daughter.

Sam orbed onto a quiet street full of houses. He knew that the white lighter had taken up residence at one of these houses so as he could meet his new charge by playing the role of their new neighbour.

Sam approached the doorstep that he knew belonged to the white lighter and left the baby girl on the white lighter's doorstep. Sam rang the doorbell and orbed onto the other side of the street where he was shrouded in the shadow of a tree but could clearly see the white lighter's door.

The door opened and the white lighter looked around before seeing the baby girl. The white lighter read the note and looked around again to see if he could see who had left her but he could see no one. He picked up the baby, taking her inside and shutting the door.

A few minutes later, Sam orbed back to the street empty handed.

'Did you make sure that the white lighter found her and took her in?' asked Patty.

'I did,' said Sam, hugging Patty.

Sam orbed her home. Later that night in bed, Patty was unable to sleep. She looked round at Sam to see him lying wide awake too.

'I miss her so much,' she said.

'I miss her too,' said Sam. 'I hope that the white lighter I sent her to will be just as good a father as I would have been.'

'What is his name?' said Patty.

'The white lighter?' said Sam.

Patty nodded.

Sam told her. 'Leo Wyatt.'

On finding the baby and the note on his doorstep, Leo decided to go and see the Elders.

'Leo. What brings you before us?' said an Elder. 'And who is that human child you have with you?'

'I would like you to give some of my charges to other white lighters so I have less to work with for now,' said Leo.

'Why is that?' asked another Elder.

'This baby girl was left on my doorstep this evening,' Leo said.

'So?' said the first Elder. 'Take her to the authorities.'

'I can't,' said Leo. 'Whoever left her knows about magic. This child may be magical.'

'Then you should leave her with us to deal with and go back to your work on earth, Leo,' said a third Elder.

'I cannot sense whether she is magical or not, though,' said Leo. 'And I think she would be better left with me than in the hands of the Elders.'

'You do realise Leo that you are suggesting that you will raise this child by yourself while working as a white lighter?' said the second Elder.

'I do,' said Leo.

'And,' added the first Elder. 'You realise that although she will age, you will not?'

Leo nodded. 'I do not think that will be an issue. Whoever left her with me knew I was a white lighter so I do not think they would be against their daughter knowing about the existence of magic either. I will tell her what I am, and she will understand as she grows up why I do not age.'

The three Elders looked at one another before looking back at Leo.

'Leo,' said the third Elder. 'We shall allow you to keep the human child as your own. Although we shall cut down the number of charges we give you, you must not let her interfere with your work.'

'I won't,' said Leo.

'Then it is agreed,' said the Elders.

'What will you call her?' asked the second Elder.

Leo thought about it for a second. The note had asked for her name to begin with P. He looked down at the baby as he held her in his arms.

'She looks like a Paige,' he said. 'Her name is Paige.'

'Raise Paige Wyatt well, Leo,' said the third Elder.

'I will,' said Leo, smiling.

Twenty years had passed since that day. Paige had grown up knowing Leo's secret and about his job as a white lighter. Paige often made sure to keep away from Leo when he was working with a charge who thought Leo was just a handyman as it would have been awkward to explain why his daughter was such a close age to her father without letting the secret out.

Paige had not shown any signs of being magical since she had been born. Leo did not mind though. He knew that as long as Paige was normal no demons would go after her. In his day to day job as a white lighter he had to help so many witches, and always had nightmares of discovering his daughter was a witch and that demons were after her.

Like a doctor with his patients, Leo did not tell Paige who his charges were, as it was all strictly confidential. Paige understood the confidentiality but was often worried when her father was absent from their home for days.

Leo had only decided to buy a flat so as he could raise Paige in a stable environment. As Leo was not paid in his white lighter job, Paige had been paying for the flat and bills since she was seventeen. She had managed to get a job at a local firm as a secretary.

Leo sat down at the table one day with Paige. She was twenty now and they still lived in the same flat in San Francisco as they had when Leo first bought it.

'Paige,' began Leo. 'I have a new charge. Well, three new charges, actually.'

'Three?' asked Paige. 'That cannot be fair for the Elders to do that to you, dad. Why did they give you three at once?'

'They are three sisters. They are new to magic,' said Leo.

Paige did not reply. She expected the conversation to end there. Leo never told her about his charges. It was confidential so she was not usually allowed to know.

'I need your help,' said Leo. 'They live in San Francisco, like us. I am going to pretend to be their handyman soon.'

'Why do you need my help?' said Paige. 'Won't the Elders be mad you are telling me all this?'

'Well, the sisters are quite close to your age,' said Leo. 'The youngest is just a year older than you, so I was hoping you could make friends with the youngest or all three of them. It means that you will be able to keep an eye out for any demons and let me know, so as I can come and help them, just in case I am not there.'

Paige remained silent waiting for Leo to continue.

'You will have to pretend to not know me if you do see me when hanging out with them,' he said. 'And you cannot mention magic at all. You will have to act surprised if they decide to let you in on their secret, okay?'

Paige nodded. She was reluctant about lying to these people she had never met but agreed because she had always wanted to help save lives like her father did. Since she had shown no signs of being magical, she realised that this was going to be the closest to the magical world she would ever get.

'Just tell me who they are and where I may find them, dad,' said Paige, smiling.

'The eldest is Prudence Halliwell. Then there is Piper Halliwell. And the youngest is Phoebe Halliwell,' said Leo. 'You are best off going to a restaurant called Quake. You should be able to work out which one is Piper when you are there. She works there. You may even bump into Prudence and Phoebe as they often go there to see Piper.'

A week or so later after Leo had already entered the Halliwell's lives as their handyman, Paige found herself wandering into Quake.

She looked around the restaurant and it was full of people.

'How am I meant to know which one is Piper Halliwell?' she thought. 'How does dad expect me to know?'

Paige looked around from table to table. At one table there was a man sitting by himself. He was staring at a waitress. The waitress he was staring at was approaching another table with a glass in her hand. The waitress offered the glass to one of the three women at the table she had approached and pointed at the man at the other table. The woman shook her head and gave the glass back to the waitress. The waitress nodded and returned to the table with the man to give him the drink back.

The three women at the table had resumed their previous conversation. The three women at the table looked similar. They all had dark hair and had some similar features between them.

'Maybe these are the Halliwell sisters,' Paige thought.

The three women had finished their conversation. One of them got up and walked behind the bar, so obviously she worked there.

Paige approached the bar and smiled at the woman who she assumed was Piper.

'Hi,' said Paige. 'Can I order a drink?'

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