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Chapter Four: Wedding From Hell (Plus Some Nosy Witches)

'Oh no,' Paige thought. This was the first dead human body she had ever seen and she did not think she could stand looking at it.

Paige ran away from the scene that the house staff were now gathering around, shouting 'Dad! Dad!'

As she ran around a corner of the building into a secluded area, Leo appeared. She ran straight into Leo and he held her to try and calm her down.

'Paige?' Leo asked, seeing her tear-stained face. 'What's wrong?'

'You know what is wrong!' Paige shouted. 'Why does that man have to die? Go and heal him now!'

Leo shook his head, looking serious. 'I can't, Paige. I'm sorry.'

'Why?' shouted Paige. Tears continued to run down her cheeks.

'Paige, that priest is already dead. You know I cannot heal someone once they have died,' said Leo. 'Also, he is not the innocent that the sisters are supposed to be protecting.'

'So? What difference does that make?' shouted Paige, pushing Leo away in anger. 'Just because he is not their innocent that does not make him some extra on a television show that can be killed off whenever necessary!'

'Paige…' said Leo, unable to think of anything calming to say to his daughter. 'What can I say to you? Maybe you shouldn't do this anymore?'

'No, I am going to continue,' said Paige, sniffing and wiping the tears from her face. She had finished crying now and had made up her mind. 'In future, you are going to tell me who the sisters' innocents are. That includes this time too. That way I can subtly direct them towards their innocents faster so as less bystanders have to die!'

Leo listened, thought about it for a second, and then nodded. 'Sure,' said Leo. 'Okay. The sisters' innocents are Elliot and Allison.'

Paige nodded. 'And who is the bad guy?'


'Surely the Elders know who the bad guy is in this situation?' explained Paige. 'You know, who is the demon? The warlock?'

Leo sighed. 'Yes, the Elders know. The demon is called Hecate. The Elders believe that she is the new bride at this wedding. Her plans appear to be to use Elliot to conceive a demon child who looks human on the outside but as a Spencer, this baby will be born into a wealthy, influential family so the demon child could lead a powerful life.'

'If the Elders know all this,' said Paige, kicking at a tree. 'Why do they not just tell the sisters this?'

'The Halliwell sisters have to learn to do this without help,' said Leo. 'The Elders and I are only here to help with guiding them and helping them when help is really needed.'

Paige shook her head. 'A man just died out there because you have not told the Halliwells anything! I am going to go and tell the sisters everything right now, so as they can make sure no one else dies!'

'No Paige,' said Leo sternly. 'I won't let you.'

'Paige?' Leo and Paige turned to see where Phoebe's voice had come from. Phoebe was obviously approaching from round the corner but had not found them or come into view yet.

Paige smiled. 'Just who I wanted to go and look for,' she said quietly to Leo.

Paige turned to run round the corner to greet Phoebe and tell her everything. Leo grabbed Paige's shoulder from behind and before she could shout, he had already orbed her into their flat's living room.

'Dad!' shouted Paige. 'Take me back there now!'

'I won't,' said Leo. 'You can continue helping the sisters tomorrow at the wedding, once you have calmed down and realised how stupid you are acting right now. You will come to your senses and know that you won't reveal our secrets to them.'

Leo orbed out before Paige could shout at him.

'My car is still at Spencer house!' she shouted into thin air. 'How do you expect me to get there tomorrow?'

Paige sat in a huff on her sofa.

'Did your dad forget to say you had a visitor?'

Paige looked around to see an old friend.

'Isobel!' shouted Paige, running up to the twenty-something blonde haired woman.

Leo had always had many charges. One of his more long term charges was a family of witches. Since the family had always been magical, and Leo had been their white lighter for many generations, the family knew what Leo was. This family had the last name Stratton. The Stratton's resided in New York.

When Paige became part of Leo's life, he had remembered that the Stratton family had just had twins, who would therefore be around the same age as Paige. Therefore whenever Leo had to be absent for a while due to his line of work, the Stratton family were happy enough to look after Paige for him. She would spend time with the twins, Isobel and Wilson. Therefore, Paige and Isobel had become childhood friends. Wilson and Paige were currently in the middle of a long distance relationship as he had taken up some research over the last few years while teaching at the magic school.

'What brings you here?' Paige asked, happy to see her good old friend. This was someone she knew she could be honest around.

'I have not seen you for ages, Paige,' said Isobel. 'I thought we could do with a good catch up.'

Paige nodded.

'Leo was telling me that you are helping out with his new charges,' said Isobel. 'Did he tell you that he made me play a role in all this?'

'No,' said Paige, frowning. 'What did he ask for you to do?'

'Well, a few months ago, he approached me saying that a young witch had been living in New York for a little while, but that she knew nothing about her magical family history. She did not know she was a witch,' began Isobel. 'Leo told me to give her a turn of bad luck, so she would be forced to return to San Francisco, where she would be reunited with her sisters and they would be able to gain their powers.'

'Dad told you to cause her problems?' said Paige. That did not sound like something Leo would normally do.

'Yes,' Isobel hesitated. 'I did not like the plan either. When I argued, Leo just told me it was important that I get the girl to go back to San Francisco because the Charmed Ones needed to be formed.'

'The young witch,' said Paige. 'That was Phoebe, right?'

Isobel nodded. 'Yes, Phoebe Halliwell.'

'So how did you do it? How did you make her leave New York?'

Isobel shook her head. 'Something I never want to do again. I cursed Phoebe. It was only a temporary curse. Your dad knows that I am good with my curses. You remember when I went through my rebellious phase in high school, and I loved cursing anyone who got on my nerves?'

Paige nodded, managing a smile, as she remembered some of the funny curses that Isobel had done on people.

'So I cursed Phoebe,' said Isobel, feeling guilty. 'I made it impossible for her to earn any money. She lost her job, and then was unable to find another one. Bills started appearing in her flat, like magic. And soon Phoebe was forced to sell her flat and go back to San Francisco.'

'How did she sell her flat if the curse would not let her earn money?' asked Paige.

Isobel's frown deepened. 'Okay, well when I said 'she sold her flat', I meant that it got repossessed. She must have used the little money she had left to catch a flight back to San Francisco.'

The two women went silent. Isobel was obviously not proud of the part she had played in bringing about the Charmed Ones, and Paige was not going to let it dwell on Isobel's mind much longer.

'Isobel, can I tell you something? A secret?' said Paige.

'Sure,' said Isobel.

'You cannot tell my dad,' said Paige.

Isobel nodded.

'I found out this morning, that I am a witch. Don't ask how. I just know that I am,' said Paige. She added, 'Oh, and no, I do not know what my powers are yet, before you ask.'

Isobel's eyes widened in delight. 'This is fantastic news! Why do you not want Leo to know?'

'He protects witches from demons and warlocks on a daily basis,' said Paige. 'I don't think he would let me leave the confines of this house if he found out I was a witch.'

Isobel nodded. 'I understand your reasoning and I promise not to tell anyone, but you will have to tell him at some point.'

Paige looked down. She knew that.

'So,' said Isobel, changing the topic again. 'What is it like being a white lighter's apprentice? How are your charges?'

'Terrible,' said Paige. 'Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. I saw someone die today.'

Isobel hugged Paige, trying to comfort her. 'A good witch's life is tough, Paige. Was this man their innocent?'

'No,' said Paige. 'That should not make it any less worse! He still died!'

'Yes,' said Isobel. 'I know. Being a good witch does have it's moral dilemmas, Paige. Sometimes people have to die in order to protect others.'

'You cannot say that!' shouted Paige. 'I cannot let more people die around me while looking out for the Halliwells!'

Isobel nodded. 'Want to make some potions right now then? That way if you see someone in trouble, you can have a way of trying to protect them?'

Paige smiled. 'Thank you,' she said to her amazing friend.

'No problem,' said Isobel as the two witches wandered into the kitchen.

After an hour they had produced invisibility potions, non-specific demon vanquish potions, body switch potions, levitation potions. You name it, that's what they made. They had made such an assortment of potions.

In the process of making one of the potions, their pot had over boiled melting the phone which had sat on the kitchen surface.

Now Paige felt she could help more behind the scenes whilst being undercover in the Halliwells' lives.

The doorbell rang.

'Were you expecting anyone?' Isobel asked Paige as they left the kitchen, shutting the door behind them.

Paige shook her head. 'Were you? Could it be Wilson?'

Isobel replied, 'No, I wasn't. And I have had no contact with Wilson for a while. His research involved some field work in the underworld. And he has already been gone a month.'

'Is he okay? Why did no one tell me?' said Paige, worried.

'Don't worry,' said Isobel. 'He was prepared for the journey and he did not go alone. He did warn us that he would not be able to contact us while he was there, and that he may be gone for as long as a year.'

'Why did he not tell me?' said Paige.

'He did not want you to worry,' said Isobel.

The doorbell rang again.

Paige opened the door ajar. Prue was standing on the doorstep.

On seeing Paige, Prue said, 'Paige! Can I come in? We need to talk.'

Paige opened the door to let Prue in, unsure as to what the eldest Halliwell wanted to discuss.

Prue saw Isobel standing behind Paige.

Isobel smiled at Prue, and then said, 'I better be off now, Paige. I will let you know when Wilson comes back. Take care, bye.'

'Bye,' said Paige, as Isobel walked out the front door and Paige closed it.

'Sit down, Prue,' Paige said gesturing to the sofa.

Prue sat down and looked towards the closed kitchen door. Paige suddenly noticed that the potion production had caused a funny smell to waft into the living room.

'Er, my friend and I were just doing some cooking. We are not very good at it, as you may be able to tell by the smell,' said Paige hurriedly. She found it strange trying to cover up magic in front of a Halliwell, when that is exactly what she was used to watching a Halliwell do in front of her.

'That's okay,' said Prue. Then she added sarcastically, 'It's not like you were supposed to be working with my sisters at a wedding today.'

'Oh, that…' said Paige, suddenly remembering that she had basically ditched Phoebe there. 'How did you know I was here?'

'I got a call from Phoebe saying to pop by your house after work, because she had been trying to phone you all evening. Apparently, when the… the death occurred, you ran off shouting for your dad, and left your car behind. Oh, and don't worry about how Phoebe got home. Luckily Piper had come in her car, so she drove Phoebe back with her.'

'Hang on,' said Paige. 'My phone has not gone off all evening. Are you sure she rang here? Oh. Oh yeah, my phone kind of broke, this afternoon…'

Prue nodded, not looking particularly impressed at Paige's explanations.

'Er, Prue, I freaked out when that death occurred. I just had to get away,' said Paige, partially telling the truth, but also partially lying. 'I found myself back here, and then my childhood friend turned up and she was able to take my mind off of the shock.'

Paige began to well up. She was still annoyed that she nor the sisters nor Leo could save the poor man.

Prue pulled Paige into a hug. This caught Paige by surprise considering Prue had not previously been as nice to her before as she was now.

Prue released Paige and said, 'Cheer up, okay? I wish my sisters had not been there today either. I feel bad for not being there for them, but I will be there for them tonight…'

Paige nodded. 'I shouldn't have left them. They are my friends… I just… I did want to stay…' said Paige.

'It's okay, Paige,' said Prue. 'That is not what I originally was coming here to talk to you about anyway.'

'It wasn't?' said Paige surprised. 'You mean you were going to come and see me before Phoebe phoned you?'

Prue nodded.

'When my sisters first met you, they had a feeling that you were connected to us somehow,' Prue began. 'There is just something so familiar about you. And then Piper and Phoebe became friends with you. And you have basically been at the manor at least an hour a day since.'

'Sorry about that,' said Paige. 'If it bothers you so much, I will not turn up so much. It's just you know, I pick Phoebe up to go to work. And then Phoebe often invites me around at the weekend, but I can ask her round here instead if you would rather?'

Prue shook her head. 'No, you are welcome around ours anytime. I was not complaining about that. What I was trying to say was, you have been coming around so often now, and I have not been very pleasant towards you.'

'Prue, don't threat. I hardly noticed that,' Paige lied. 'Besides, I understand that you have been busy with work, and I am just an annoying friend of your little sisters.'

'No,' said Prue. 'I want you to know that the only reason I was being cold towards you was because I am very protective of my little sisters.'

'I am cool with that, Prue,' said Paige, truthfully. 'I understand. If I had siblings, and they were all younger than me, then I would be the same when a stranger comes into their lives.'

Prue smiled. 'Thanks for understanding. I just don't want you to think I am cold hearted and bitter.'

'Well, actually, Prue. From what I have heard about you from Piper and Phoebe, coming over here to apologise seems very out of character,' said Paige. Paige did not want it to sound like an insult, so added, 'You seem to be a person of great pride.'

Prue laughed. 'Well, a certain sister may have persuaded me into doing this, but what I have just told you is all true and from my heart.'

Paige beamed. She could not believe the most stubborn Halliwell, the eldest Halliwell, was finally opening up to her.

'Thank you,' said Paige. 'This means a lot to me. You talking to me like this.'

Prue smiled too. 'Well, after what you witnessed today, I thought you might need some sisterly advice too, like I gave my sisters after finding out the main drama of the day. And obviously, you have no sisters to seek counsel from.'

'Thank you, Prue,' said Paige.

'Thanks for what?' said Prue. 'I noticed I was too late to provide you with sisterly wisdom, considering your friend had beaten me to it.'

The two women laughed.

'So is Wilson someone special?' Prue asked. Paige realised Isobel had mentioned Wilson in front of Prue.

'Yes,' said Paige. 'The woman you saw leaving here. Wilson is her twin brother. Wilson is my boyfriend. It is all long distance at the moment. He is travelling as part of his research. He is working as a professor at a school, while doing this research, but his research has recently led him onto doing some fieldwork.'

'You miss him, don't you?' said Prue.

Paige nodded. 'Yeah. It has been a while since we saw each other. And I only just found out today that he has gone off to do fieldwork. He could be there for up to a year, and it is not somewhere where he can contact me or anyone else!'

Prue said, 'Where has he gone? To the middle of an uninhabited forest?'

'Into some deep deep caves,' said Paige. To change the topic, Paige said, 'Phoebe has told me you and Andy are dating.'

'Well, I would not exactly call us a couple yet,' said Prue. 'We have not had a successful date, yet.'

'Prue, just tell me the next time that you plan a date with Andy, and I will make sure it goes perfect for you,' said Paige.

'Is that code for: you will get rid of my sisters that evening so as I can see Andy in peace?'

'Maybe,' said Paige. They both laughed.

Paige's clock struck ten.

'Is it ten already?' said Prue, looking at her own watch.

'Yeah,' said Paige. 'Do you need to be somewhere?'

'There is something I had to do with Piper and Phoebe,' said Prue. 'They are probably on their way there already. I have got to run, bye!'

Prue ran off, almost forgetting to shut Paige's front door behind her.

Paige was happy to have had a heart-to-heart with Prue. However she was also glad that Prue had left. Paige returned to the kitchen, and placed the potion bottles into her satchel, slung her satchel over her shoulder, and walked out her front door.

Remembering she had no car, Paige rooted through the satchel for a teleportation potion that Isobel had given Paige and threw it on the ground.

Once the smoke around her cleared, Paige found herself standing on the flat roof of one of the Spencer House rooms. The room she stood on was surrounded by a woody area. She was exactly where she had planned to go. Below her the demon bride's hen party was taking place, and Paige wanted to gate crash the hen party.

Paige found a skylight that looked down into the room where the hen party was taking place. She removed a bottle of invisibility potion from her satchel and drank it down in one gulp. Paige could still see herself, her clothes, and her satchel, but felt a warmth, that according to the recipe she and Isobel had followed, would suggest the potion had taken effect.

'Now I can see them, but they will not be able to see me if they look upwards,' she thought happily.

Jade, the demon bride, was sitting on her bed, opening up her presents, surrounded by her bridesmaids.

There was suddenly a rustling in the woods. Paige looked away from the skylight to see Prue, Piper, and Phoebe on the ground sneaking up to the ground window.

'So that is why Prue was in such a rush to leave,' Paige thought. 'The Halliwells must have found out about Jade too.'

Paige was relieved. She hoped that the Charmed Ones were preparing to vanquish Hecate there and then. That would stop anymore unnecessary deaths from going on.

Paige looked back down through the skylight. She could hear both the occupants of the room and the Halliwells from where she hid.

Jade was holding up some lingerie. 'This should make his assets rise.'

Her bridesmaids all giggled.

'Looks like a normal bachelorette party to me,' Paige heard Prue say, followed very quickly by Piper saying, 'I don't believe it. They've barely touched my food.'

'Piper...' she heard Prue reply.

'Those deli trays took hours,' moaned Piper.

One of the bridesmaids picked up a fertility artefact, and said, 'And you know who this is from. They understand how important it is for you to get pregnant right away.' She gave it to Jade.

'Hey, I know that piece, it's from the Auction House,' said Prue.

Paige did not hear a knock on the door from where she hid, but there presumably was one, as Jade said 'Come in' followed by the entry of a pizza delivery guy with a pizza.

'Hi. Pizza delivery,' said the pizza delivery guy.

'They ordered pizza?' Paige heard Piper say in disbelief.

It became clear that the pizza delivery guy was in fact a stripper as he removed a radio from his bag and began to strip in front of his audience.

'Oh okay. Now I feel better,' Piper was heard saying.

'Mmm, he looks good enough to eat,' said a bridesmaid, followed by a 'Good idea' from Jade.

The bride and bridesmaids began tearing the stripper apart.

'Why aren't the sisters doing anything to help?' thought Paige. She ran to the edge of the roof to see what the sisters were doing. They had left!

Paige could not believe that the sisters would leave the stripper to die. She smashed the sky light open with her hand, followed by heavy cursing, and jumped into the room.

'Who's there?' shouted Jade. Jade and the bridesmaids were all looking around the room, braced for action. They could not see who had smashed the sky light though as Paige was still invisible.

The stripper was lying hurt on the bed, but he was still breathing. Paige threw a teleportation potion at the bed, and the stripper disappeared. The stripper would have been teleported back to her house. Hopefully, Leo would be home and therefore heal the stripper on seeing him appear out of nowhere.

Paige turned around to see that throwing the potion had given away her position to the bride and bridesmaids. Although they could not see her, they had her cornered.

'We know you are there, whoever you are,' said Jade. 'And seeing as you just took away our meal, we might as well have you instead.'

A/N: Longer than my usual chapters. I have always found it so annoying that the sisters do not even attempt to save the poor guy in that episode, so as Paige in this fan fiction is like an outside observer, I think it seemed in character for her to express such a view, and take such an action. Please review.