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Chapter Fifty One: The Power of Two (Plus One)

It had been a week since Paige had last spoken to Leo. They had not ended their last talk on good terms, because they had been unable to end it as Leo had had to orb out when he had sensed Piper approaching. Paige had been hoping for Leo to turn up all week.

Paige wanted to talk to him, she wanted to moan at him for telling her that she had changed. She had not changed. Had he meant that she had changed for the worse? This thought kept her up each night.

Phoebe and Paige were sitting in the foyer. Paige was trying to teach Phoebe how to meditate properly. Phoebe was hoping that meditation would help her to be able to call for premonitions when she needed them.

Prue and Piper suddenly interrupted them in an attempt to find Piper's plane ticket. Piper was about to leave for Hawaii for a work convention. Phoebe had the plane ticket, and also a premonition that Piper was going to be late. Prue took the ticket from Phoebe and headed for the door with Piper. Phoebe and Paige followed them to the door to say goodbye. Piper stopped at the door and turned back to them.

'What happens if there is demon stuff? The Power of Three?' Piper asked.

'Relax, Piper. As long as Paige is here with us, we will still have the Power of Three,' said Phoebe.

'Yeah, but… Paige does not have my power…' Piper said hesitantly.

'Piper, I think we can last one week without the power to freeze,' said Prue.

'We will be fine, Piper,' said Paige.

'Okay, we really need to go if we are going to get you to that plane on time,' said Prue. Prue then turned to Phoebe and Paige. 'Do you two still have my list?'

Paige rolled her eyes and pulled the list out of her pocket. 'Your list of chores for the unemployed?'

Phoebe laughed and read the list over Paige's shoulder. 'Dry cleaning, call the cable guy, weed killer, light bulbs, restock the fridge, restock the cupboards, go to China Town for potion ingredients… Looks like we are not going to have any time to practice controlling my premonitions.'

Paige laughed. 'I don't think this household would manage without two unemployed sisters with the time to run these errands.'

'Okay, good,' Prue said, ignoring their sarcasm.

Prue and Piper left the manor in a hurry. Phoebe and Paige thought it was pointless to continue meditating, and could not be bothered to start on the list of chores yet, so settled down to watch television.

A little while later the phone rang.

'Paige, answer that,' said Phoebe.

'Er, no,' said Paige resolutely.

Phoebe sighed. She went over to the phone and answered it. When Phoebe came back into the living room, she was hesitant.

'Paige, would you mind… if I… left the chores up to you?' said Phoebe.

'What? Why?' asked Paige.

'That was Marianne on the phone. I have plans for today to go to Alcatraz with her,' said Phoebe. 'Please, Paige, do the errands, but don't tell Prue that I did not help.'

Paige sighed. 'Fine, but you owe me.'

Phoebe smiled. 'Thank you!'

Once Phoebe had left, Paige started looking through the list of chores and errands. It was long.

Paige really could not be bothered to do all this. She had an idea. She went up to the attic, opened the Book of Shadows, and started looking for some sort of spell. This was probably going to count as personal gain, but Paige had not yet used her magic irresponsibly since finding out that she was a witch. Therefore, one time would not hurt, would it?

Paige looked up to see Leo orb into the attic.

'Paige, why are you looking through the Book?' asked Leo.

'You don't say hello to me anymore?' said Paige bluntly.

'Hi Paige. Why are you looking through the Book?' asked Leo.

'Adding to my knowledge on demons in case the sisters need the information quickly,' lied Paige.

'So there are no demons attacking in San Francisco at the moment?' asked Leo.

'No, it has been quiet recently,' said Paige.

'So that means you can come with me,' said Leo.

'Where? Are the Elders finally ready to punish me for not telling them I am a witch?' asked Paige.

'No. That time has not come yet,' said Leo.

'Then where do you want me to go?' asked Paige curiously.

'Last week, I used my powers to cloak Daisy so as Alec could not find her,' started Leo.

Paige sighed. 'You want me to go and talk to Daisy?' Then she added sarcastically, 'Do you really trust me to do such a task?'

'Paige, look, I am sorry for getting mad at you about that. You were just following your instincts,' said Leo.

'You don't get it,' mumbled Paige.

'Look, Paige, we don't have time to argue,' said Leo. 'Daisy could be in trouble.'

'You said you have cloaked her. She is safe,' said Paige.

'No. I wanted to relocate her to San Francisco, so as she could be closer to the Charmed Ones – and possibly safer – but she has run away,' said Leo. 'She is not in L.A. anymore.'

'Surely you can sense her,' said Paige.

'I can,' said Leo. 'She is on a plane at the moment. I don't know where it is going, and I cannot just orb onto a plane. I have to wait for her to land before I go after her.'

'Why do you want me to come with?' asked Paige.

'You can help me talk some sense into her,' said Leo. 'She won't listen to me.'

'I won't listen to you either,' said Paige bitterly. 'I am not coming with you.'

'Paige,' said Leo. 'I have apologised.'

'Not for the one thing that stung,' said Paige. 'Besides, Piper is away. Prue and Phoebe need me to look out for them now more than ever.' Obviously Paige was not going to tell Leo that she was able to reconstitute the Power of Three in Piper's absence.

Leo sighed. 'If you change your mind… Call me.'

Leo orbed out.

Paige had wanted to moan at him about the 'you have changed' comment, but the fact that he did not even address that issue annoyed her so much that she did not want to be the one to bring it up herself.

Paige continued to look through the Book of Shadows. She stopped on a page when she found a spell that might be useful to complete the errands list magically.

Paige found a candle and lit it. Then she held the errands list out in front of her as she recited the spell:

'Complete these tasks,

Of which I have been asked.

Through the list one by one,

Until each is done.'

Paige burnt the list in the flame of the lit candle, and then dropped the burning piece of paper into a silver dish. Paige blew out the candle and shut the Book of Shadows.

The door of the attic burst open. Phoebe had entered the attic.

'You are home?' said Paige, looking at her watch. 'You have only been gone for a couple of hours.'

Phoebe had gone straight to the Book of Shadows and was flicking through it.

'Yeah, well something happened at the old prison,' said Phoebe.

'What? What happened?' asked Paige.

'There were two ghosts, or maybe just one… And the other was something else…' began Phoebe.

'Phoebe, you are babbling,' said Paige.

'Sorry. What I mean is: A ghost-like figure killed the tour guide, and then another ghost stepped into the dead tour guide's body, and I am pretty sure that ghost has now made his way onto the mainland,' said Phoebe.

'Do you think you will find something in the Book?' asked Paige.

'I don't think the Book will have any specific information about this particular guy, but it might have some information on ghosts,' said Phoebe. 'I am going to do some research on the computer about the ghost of Alcatraz in a few minutes.'

'Okay,' said Paige.

'I also came up here looking for you,' said Phoebe. 'I needed to discuss what happened.'

'Well, have you phoned Prue yet?' asked Paige.

Phoebe made a face. She stopped looking through the Book and looked at Paige. 'Do I have to?'

'Phoebe, she needs to know,' said Paige. 'She may even be able to help. She knows old timey things, maybe she knows about Alcatraz.'

'Yeah, but if I talk to her about it, she will know I ditched the chores,' said Phoebe.

'Look, Pheebs, the chores are all sorted now,' said Paige. 'Plus I know you. You can work around the truth by not telling her all of it.'

'You are right,' smiled Phoebe. 'She does not have to know I was there. Thanks, Paige. Oh and thanks for sorting out the chores so quickly.'

'No problem,' said Paige. Phoebe left the attic.

Paige decided to search through the Book of Shadows for general supernatural information on ghosts and creatures that could interact with ghosts. Paige began at the front of the Book. She got out a jotter pad and pen, and began to write anything useful down as she flicked through the Book.


Paige had gotten around three quarters of the way through the Book. She had not found too much information on ghosts, but she had written as much down as she had found so far. It was dark outside now and someone had called her name from downstairs.


Paige rushed downstairs and into the kitchen where her name was being called from.

'Demon?' said Paige as she entered the kitchen.

Phoebe was at the kitchen table with the computer in front of her. Prue was at the fridge. The fridge was open, so full of food that everything was toppling out onto the floor.

'Paige,' said Prue, turning to Paige. 'Did you cast a spell to complete the chores list?'

Paige blushed guiltily. 'What makes you think that?'

'Well, let's start with the food falling out of the extremely full fridge. Every time I take something out, it magically restocks with multiples of the same thing,' said Prue.

Paige did not say anything.

'Let's continue onto the fact that my dry cleaning keeps appearing, then disappearing, then reappearing in my bedroom,' continued Prue.

There was a sudden smash of glass from the living room. Prue and Phoebe did not respond to it.

'Should we not be worried about what is in the living room?' asked Paige.

'It is only the bulbs falling from the chandelier as they become magically replaced with new ones,' said Phoebe. 'It has been happening every five minutes. I would not go in the living room barefooted if I were you.'

'Oops,' said Paige.

'Yeah. The garden is also lacking in any plant life… The phone is engaged because it is continually calling the cable guy… Oh, and Paige, would you mind opening the cupboard for me?' said Prue.

'Which cupboard?' asked Paige.

'Any,' said Prue.

Hesitantly Paige chose a cupboard and opened it. The cupboard was full of herbs and spices, so full that some fell out onto the floor, just missing her. Paige tried to shut the cupboard, but it was kind of difficult, considering everything overflowing inside it.

'Yeah, hence the fridge is still open too,' said Prue when she noticed Paige struggling to close the cupboard door.

'So maybe Phoebe and I used magic…' said Paige slowly.

'Prue has already moaned at me,' said Phoebe, not looking up from her computer screen.

Paige felt guilty that Phoebe was taking part of the blame even though it must have been a total surprise to her when it all started happening. However, Paige guessed that Phoebe would rather Prue thought she had used magic than ditched the chores altogether to go on that prison tour.

'Do the two of you not care about personal gain at all?' ranted Prue. 'I mean this is obviously the consequence.'

'Well, we wanted to get the list completed fast to focus on the Alcatraz ghost situation,' improvised Paige.

'Yeah, Marianne phoned me about the ghost she saw while we were about to set out to start the list,' improvised Phoebe. 'I could not just ignore her. We decided to magically complete the chores list so as we could focus on researching this Alcatraz ghost.'

Prue nodded, convinced by their reason, but still mad at them. The doorbell rang.

'Are we expecting anyone?' Phoebe asked.

'Is Piper back early?' asked Paige.

'That would be an extremely short convention,' laughed Phoebe.

Prue left the kitchen to answer the door. She returned to the kitchen with Andy.

'Hey Andy,' said Phoebe.

'Hi there, Andy,' said Paige. 'How does it feel finally being in on the secret?'

'Andy and I were literally discussing that two minutes ago,' said Prue.

'Yeah, it is definitely a lot to get used to,' said Andy.

There was a smash from the living room. Andy was the only one that jumped.

'Is that normal?' asked Andy.

'Today it is,' said Prue.

'I see,' said Andy.

'So what brings you here, Andy?' asked Phoebe.

'The son of a former D.A. was brutally murdered,' said Andy.

Paige interrupted him. 'You are kidding me! You are still hiding personal house calls to see Prue behind work related tasks!'

Andy blushed. He was quickly distracted from this though when he noticed loads of food falling from the open fridge.

'Er, is that…' started Andy.

'No, it is not supposed to be doing that,' said Prue. 'Paige was on her way upstairs to fix it.'

Paige took the hint and left the kitchen. She went up to the attic and opened the Book of Shadows. Maybe there was a reversal spell somewhere.

Leo orbed into the attic.

'Paige, please tell me you have changed your mind,' said Leo.

'Did I call for you?' asked Paige.

'Well, no…' said Leo.

'Well, then I have not changed my mind,' said Paige.

'Paige, what is wrong?' asked Leo. 'What have I said or done?'

'Oh, so now you notice?' Paige looked up from the Book of Shadows and stared at Leo before saying firmly, 'How have I changed? You said I had changed for the worse. How have I changed for the worse?'

'For the worse?' said Leo surprised. 'Paige, I never said you had changed for the worse. All I said was that you have changed.'

'Okay, so I admit maybe I did exaggerate a little, but what is wrong with me changing?' asked Paige.

'I forget half of the time that you have grown up,' said Leo. 'I miss the days when you needed me to guide you.'

Paige was speechless. Leo had not been disappointed in her all along. He was just not used to Paige being so independent.

Paige finally found her voice. 'Hang on… I have always been quite independent, haven't I?'

'Yes… but recently I have thought that you… you go to the Halliwell sisters for advice instead of to me,' said Leo glumly.

'Give me an example,' said Paige.

'When you got your new telepathy powers, it was the Halliwell sisters who helped you learn to control it,' said Leo.

'Yes, but you were busy with charges,' said Paige.

'Paige, I would have come if you had called me,' said Leo.

'I am not accusing you of not being there for me,' said Paige. 'I do not accuse you of deserting me. Okay? I knew you were busy, and decided to go elsewhere for my advice. Don't feel like I don't trust your advice anymore. I still do. I just understand that you can be busy with other charges, who need you more than I do.'

Leo nodded hesitantly.

Paige sighed, realising something. 'Your charges need you more than I do… and that includes Daisy. She needs you and you obviously think I can help.'

Leo's frown broke into a smile. 'Are you saying you will help me?'

Paige smiled. She shut the Book of Shadows and nodded. 'Yes. Daisy needs our help.'

Leo took Paige's hand and orbed her out of the attic. Prue and Phoebe could wait for her to reverse the spell, and Paige was sure they could handle the Alcatraz ghost without her. Besides, they now had Andy to help them too. Leo needed Paige's help with Daisy and that was more important.

It had been half an hour since Paige and Leo had arrived at the holiday resort which Leo had sensed Daisy at. Paige and Leo were unsure where they were geographically, but the country or island did not matter. What mattered was finding Daisy. Leo had gone straight to the reception to book two single rooms: one for Paige, and one for himself. They did not know how long it would take to convince Daisy to go back to San Francisco with them. Once he had done that, Paige and Leo began to wander the resort, looking for any sign of Daisy.

Their search brought them to the hotel's poolside. It was full of tourists. Paige and Leo made their way across the area, looking at every person they passed, trying to see if they could spot Daisy. Leo was busy discussing all the information that Paige needed to know, therefore they could not split up to cover more ground. They were searching side by side.

'Paige? Leo? Paige and Leo together?'

Paige and Leo came to a stop in front of a woman who had previously been relaxing on a sun bed – previously being the key word here, as she was no longer relaxing after having spotted Paige and Leo.

The woman was not Daisy. It was Piper.

'We are in Hawaii?' Paige whispered to Leo.

'What is Piper doing in Hawaii?' Leo asked Paige quietly.

'She is here for a work convention,' whispered Paige.

'Please stop muttering and explain to me what the two of you are doing here,' said Piper hysterically. 'Leo, when you said you were 'geographically unavailable', I did not think you meant that because you would rather be with my sister than with me!'

Paige had to hold back some vomit in her disgust at hearing Piper's idea of why Paige and Leo were both in Hawaii. Paige turned to Leo to see his reaction. Then she noticed his expression.

'Paige, did Piper say you are her sister?' thought Leo.

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