This is just a short little One-Shot about Sydney and Michael based on the song Fall to Pieces by Avril Lavigne. It's not very well written, but I hope you like it. I didn't watch Alias when it was on tv, but I'm in the middle of watching my Mom's DVDs of the tv show, and have found myself really liking Michael and Sydney together... So this is a little experiment based in session 3.

As I listened to everyone around me, I felt my heart sink. They seemed so happy, and so did you. You probably didn't notice, but I never talk to you anymore.

Have you ever noticed how I try to avoid your gaze? That's because it hurts. My heart aches when I think about how you will never love me again. Every time I look you in the eyes I think of what we had. You had my whole heart, and I thought you'd never give it away. Then I saw you with her.

I can see her brown eyes glaring at me, as if to warn me to back off, but I just can't. You remember, don't you? When nothing else in the world mattered but each other. Now you love her. You love Lauren Reed, and while doing that you left me behind. I feel betrayed. I long to have you back, but your so happy with her. Your smile is always soft when your around her, and when your with me I can see the pain in your eyes.

Before you leave me forever, I want you to remember. All the good times we had together, everything. You might forget me in the future, and I understand. But I will never get over you. You left a hole in my heart. I'll love you forever, Michael Vaughn. You gave me true love, but you also let me fall to pieces.

So there you go... I don't plan on continuing this, but I might actually write an Alias multi-chapter if anyone will be willing to read it.

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~ pure-black-wings