The Rules

( tony & pepper )

Disclaimer: I do not own Ironman or anything related. I just play with it.

Tony Stark wasn't one for rules. In fact, he had always made it his personal responsibility to break every one he could. And, of course, he certainly didn't lay out any of his own rules. He liked to live vicariously.

That was until he had started seeing Pepper though. Now there were all kinds of rules that he had to follow, even some he was all of a sudden pretty damn sure he wanted her to follow - as 'obnoxious' and 'ridiculous' as she may have found them - and that others were to now abide by.

Unfortunately, he found, these so called rules of a relationship seemed to apply only to him.

For instance, his completely reasonable (because he was not the jealous-type as she seemed only too happy to point out) request that she not associate with any men outside of work was completely ignored. He, however, wasn't allowed to very innocently mingle with female fans or otherwise - something about his history, she had said. Rhodey and his gang of assorted hooligans as he liked to call them even backed her up.

"Last time I checked, you were all my teammates," Tony had pouted. Everyone had simply stared back at him unamusedly.

"You will never win," Rhodey had deadpanned, his arms crossed over his chest as he shook his head in exasperation. And that had been the end of that particular conversation.

Unfortunately, old habits died hard for Tony Stark and if he had a say in anything, there were going to be many more conversations ahead of him.

AN: The start of a collection I'm very interested in continuing! ;) More to come soon!