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~Bella's Thinking~

~Bella's Demon Speaking~


Edward may have left Bella in New Moon to protect her yet little did he knew was that she wasn't the normal human. Who lives after a vampire sucks out venom? Not anyone normal that is for sure.


-o0Bella's Pov0o-

I couldn't believe that he would ignore me since the birthday party, that I didn't want, then drag me out into the woods to speak to me. Just like always I was following behind him like a servant. I hated sometimes the way he walked in front of me like he was better than I was. Just because he was a vampire meant nothing to me. He was human once just like I am. Noticing he stopped I breathed a sigh of relief until I look up into his eyes. They were cold and distant. I felt an ache start in my chest at his first words.

"Bella we're leaving." Edward's face was flawless. No happiness or sadness of any kind. Before I could speak he took everything from me. "My Family and I are leaving, Bella. Carlisle is already pushing his age by three years. People are starting to ask questions." He sounded like the monster he always told me he was at that moment. There was no warmth in his eyes or voice.

"Then I'll come with you." I said hopeful. I couldn't take his leaving. The ache in my chest began to steadily get worse.

"No." Was the only thing he said but it cut like a knife through my heart.

"Why?" I know I sounded like an idiot but it was the only thing I could think of. No other words came to me.

Edward leveled his cold golden eyes with my dark brown. "I don't want you to." I couldn't believe what he said. I felt my heart start to break.

"You... don't want... me?" I whispered the last word as I gazed into his cold hard eyes.

"No but I will ask one thing." I really couldn't believe what he said. He wanted to ask a favor. NOW of all times!

"Anything." I couldn't believe my mouth sometimes but I needed to know what he wanted.

"Don't do anything stupid for Charlie's sake." He kept his tone emotionless as he continued, "and I will promise you in return that you will never see or hear from me or my family again. It will be like I never existed."

With those words hanging in the air he disappeared from my vision. Granted it was blurry with tears but that wasn't the point. I was about to run after him when I heard a voice that wasn't there before. For some reason it gave me strength.

~You don't need him. Make him suffer for what he did to you.~ It spoke as if it was me.

~Who are you?~

~Am I you.~

~WHAT?~ I heard a chuckle. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

~Didn't you always wonder why you were so special?~ There was a pause for my sake. ~Why the mind reader can not read your mind?~

Of course I always wondered why Edward couldn't hear me when we met when Alice's and Jasper's powers worked on me. Was I different? Was there something wrong with me?

~Of course there isn't something wrong with you.~ It scoffed at me. ~You are a reborn vampire. In fact the only one that can do this is the mother of all vampires. She was driven out of heaven and sent to earth. When she arrived she witnessed the cruel and vile humans that ran the world and decided that she would rid the world of them.~ It carefully explained.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. ~So she's the first vampire?~ This was a lot to take in.

~Yes. I know its a lot to take in, my dear but soon we will be as one and I will be your dark half.~ It told me in a calm voice.

The next thing I knew I was thrown into the Flames of Hell. I had no idea what was happening but I could not only hear voices around me but I felt people touching me. I wondered what was going on. No one seemed to know that I was here in the burning fire except me. Vaguely I wondered what the Mother's name was.

~Lilith~ Came in a whisper as I was swallowed by darkness.

-o0Mystery Person Pov0o-

I stood watching over our mother's transformation. My mate and I knew it was her the first moment we saw her. I was rather surprised that the vampires with her did not recognize her for who she was. Lilith could be reborn as long as she wished until she found her mate. She was the first of the vampires and made the very first. Marcus, Caius, and Aro. She was their mother as well as the ancient before them. The only reason I knew it was her was because when she was here the last time I had a chance to meet her.

Lilith was a beautiful woman and gifted with many talents. She was the Mother of them after all. She had the ones that were of most use. Seeing the future as well as mind-reading were not one of them. Yes they were useful yet not in the long run. They would corrupt the vampire they were gifted to. Hence the Seer, Mary-Alice Brandon. She knows who she is. Mary is just playing the Cullens family for her Mistress and Sire.

Edward is another story. He was blinded by the fact that he could hear peoples thoughts. Not every time he would hear thoughts would be right. Just like when he thought he heard my mate wanting to kill Isabella. He didn't want to kill her. He just wished to bite her to start her transformation. Of course Edward was confused because of the 'animals' that he got his blood from. We were vampire and blood of humans are the only thing that can satisfy you. I was rather surprised when I saw the God of War among the Cullen's. It was almost laughable.

How the mighty have fallen...

When a twig snapped I whirled around and crouched in a defensive position. I would protect my Mother. When a dark skin man walked out flanked by two giant wolves I was on high alert. They were the ones that were chasing me. I snarled as he stepped forward looking at Mother.

"Step away from Bella." The alpha spoke. However he was not my alpha.

"I don't think so." I hissed. "You do know that she is changing. Mother will be here shortly." I could hear her heart beat picking up.

One of the golden color wolves growled at me. "What do you mean?" He asked frowning. "That Bella is you Mother?"

I stood straighter and nodded. "Of course." I smirked but kept my guard up. "Do you even know who the first vampire is?"

All three of them wolves and man shook their heads. "We don't really care about your origins." He gave me a smirk of his own.

"Lilith is the mother of all vampires." I told him. "She is the only one that can be reborn again as a human but instead of being changed by being bitten with injecting venom, she can be bitten, and given no venom, which will trigger her change. Bella as you call her will be there but her demon half is Lilith, the Mother of all vampires."

The man frowned. "Is that why you are around here?" He cut his eyes to Mother. I nodded.

"I was not surprised when the Cullens could no recognize her." I scoffed. "The only ones who can sense her near are those that have met her. I only met her once and it was only a short while."

The man looked from me to Bella. "What is your name?" He looked back at me.


The man looked at the wolves as though they were speaking to each other. When he looked back at me I could see something in his eyes that was unreadable. How I wished for the foolish mind readers gift for a moment. He looked at Mother then back to me.

"You will take care of her?" He asked in a concern voice. I tilted my head to the side.

"She is my mother so yes I will take care of her." I couldn't believe they would think ill of me. "Why does it matter to you?" I couldn't help but asking.

"One of the wolves here is a friend of hers and has been friends since they were young." The Alpha told me. "He is worried about her safety."

I nodded in understanding. "When she wakes she will have every memory of her human life from this life." I looked at the golden wolf that stepped towards the Alpha. "I will let her know that you wish to see her but you must realize she will not have golden eyes."

Both of them nodded then turned their head slightly. "Charlie has a search party out looking for her." He looked back at me. "We will fake her death since she is turning but you must take her out of here."

I nodded picking up mother. "I thank you." I then turned and ran. I needed to get to my cabin before mother woke. Unlike a vampire that took 3 days to turn it only took mother about 24 to 28 hours before she woke. I had some blood bags at the house for her when she woke. I knew she would be around soon because her mate was near. Even though I did not know who it was I could tell.

-o0Bella's Pov0o-

I knew that I was being moved but I had no idea who. I thought about my family that I was leaving yet I knew that I would see them again. I also knew when the wolves were close because my sense of smell had advanced by the time they arrived. From what I can remember from Carlisle it took three days for a human to transform into a vampire after being bitten.

Of course I had been bitten but that had been weeks ago. Now I was being reborn into my vampire counter part. I wondered if she was as evil as she sounded. It wasn't until I started to see pictures in my mind that I could tell that she was not as cruel as some of them I had seen. In one memory I saw her rip apart a vampire that was trying to rape and kill an innocent human woman. After she dealt with the man she went to the woman and changed her.

Lilith vowed that she would take care of her as a daughter. I felt my heart swell with something that I couldn't explain. The next vision was of her following a younger version of my mother. I could tell it was when Renee and Charlie were trying to get pregnant. They never told anyone but they had a hard time conceiving me. It took them about three years before Lilith came and gave them me.

She told them what and who she was and they agreed that they would give me a life that I needed. I felt so much love to Lilith because she gave my parent something they wanted. I had to remember when I woke to go see my father. I wanted to see my mother but I would see charlie first. Suddenly I wondered if Charlie and Renee knew about vampires since I had been going with Edward.

Then another question came to mind. Did Edward know? Did Alice? What about the others?


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