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I could feel that it was suppose to listen to it. It would help me out a lot in this life. I looked at each of them. "I'm sorry that I am having a hard time remembering you." I told them keeping my arms around Victoria.

All three of them nodded. "No to worry." Demetri said stepping forward a bit. "Would you mind if I check you over?" He looked at me then to Victoria.

Victoria moved out of my arms but kept her hand in mine. "Come on lets get you on the bed. He is the one who gave you the injection in the first place." She tilted her head to the side. I had a flash back of to what she said. I gave her a grin and smiled. She was my rock, my love, my mate and my world.


-o0Iza's Pov0o-

Standing there looking at my father was worrying. Why did he not remember me? I looked at Jasper and knew that he was also worried. Of course Jasper felt everyone's in the room so he was extra worried, on top of his own. I looked at Demetri and watched as he checked Charlie over. I would worry about him not remembering after Demetri checked him out. If there was something wrong that could explain it however from my sense I smelled nothing out of the ordinary.

"Have you figured out why Charlie cant remember any of us?" I asked looking at my father. I did not want him to be frightened when he found out that I was his daughter and that he could not remember.

Demetri shook his head. "It could be a couple of days before he gets his memories back or a couple of hours." He replaced his instruments and stepped away from Charlie. "Of course he could just need a mental reminder." He cut his eyes to me.

I knew what Demetri was saying. I could show memories inside my shield but I could not control it and did not tell anyone about that specific power. It was not really useful and many don't believe it to be a power. I guess this is the reason I was granted this power. I nodded taking a small step forward. I looked at Victoria and waited til she nodded before I moved up to Charlie. It was common for females to ask females before approaching their mates out of respect.

"I just want you to relax and clear your mind. I will give you flashes of your mortal human life." I told him taking his hand. "I wont hurt you and if I did then Victoria will rip my head off." I smirked, cutting my eyes to Victoria and knew that if she could blush she would.

Charlie nodded and closed his eyes, trusting me and his mate. I followed and raised my mental shield to pushed my memories of our life together pass from me to him. I felt his hand grip mine a little bit tighter. I then let Lilith's memories of him and Renee come forth to pass on to him. I let him feel the love they had but also the reserve. I let him know that they cared but were just not meant to be. I then let the memories of Jacob and Billy Black flood my mind. Every other moment that he might have missed.

His memories of his human life, he will have to remember on his own. After I pulled it back and opened my eyes. I could see that Charlie knew who we all were. I was pulled into his arms for a hug. I heard Jasper growl behind me however Charlie growled back. I was rather shocked because Jasper shut his mouth. I smirked as I pulled back from Charlie's arms and moved back to Jasper's.

"I am happy that I could help you." I told him smiling. "I'm also glad that you have your mate and I have mine. We will have eternity to make up for the lost time."

Charlie nodded pulling Victoria into his arms. "Thanks, Bells." He smiled the smile I knew only to well. "For everything, as well as Lilith." I nodded my eyes flashing to show that Lilith heard, as I cut my eyes towards Jasper.

"I need everyone to head to the throne room." I smiled walking towards the door. "I have an announcement to make and I want everyone there. Trust me everyone will want to be there! YOU TO EMMETT!" I yelled at him. I knew him and Rose to well.

If it was up to them they would never leave the room. Of course feeding from humans we are more in touch with our predatory instincts when it comes to mating and hunting. However we curb our hunting by bringing our food source to us. It would take them a little while to get use to it since they had never lived like this because of Carlisle. Though I know he was trying to do right he was going about it the wrong way. Athenodora, Sulpicia and myself along with the help of Didyme, we solved our hunger problem.

I didn't turn around to see anyone's expression as I walked out of the room where they were all still standing because I knew that I was getting stared at. The back of my head felt hot from all their glares. I could also hear the running of feet to the throne room on the different levels. I just chuckled feeling like I was giving my children something to look forward to. I knew that my mate would be thrilled when he found out. Being a father is no easy feat. Of course my own father of this life would be there with me and I couldn't ask for more.

-o0Jasper's Pov0o-

I was left standing there along with Demetri, Charlie and Victoria. None of us knew what was going on. Iza has been hiding her emotions from me and I have been extremely worried. I wondered if she was ok. I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have her by my side. I was brought out of my thought process from Demetri waving his hand in front of my face.

"You ok there old man?" Demetri chuckled, his emotions showed amusement and mischief.

I growled playfully. "I'm not your old man." I smacked him on the shoulder. "Come on you know how your mother gets when were late." I headed out the door.

"I HEARD THAT, JASPER!" Iza called to me through the walls. I groaned as I made my way there.

Charlie and Victoria were running behind Demetri who was running slightly behind me. I knew that he wanted me to enter first because he was worried about getting in trouble with his mother. I smirked and casually opened the door only to shut them again because a vase came flying at us. I heard everyone laughing at us for getting into trouble for being late. Damn it, I was the King. They shouldn't be laughing. Hell, even Aro, Caius and Marcus were laughing. Emmett and Rosalie were already sitting on one of the side seats with Esme who was near Marcus.

I hurried to my spot and noticed that for the first time in a long time I felt like a child getting into trouble for being a little late. I looked at Charlie and Victoria and noticed that they were sitting with Peter and Charlotte. Jane and Alec were standing by Demetri. Iza had a smirk on her face that was shocking. I pushed my power out and felt multiple emotions coming from her.

"Iza are you?" I asked stepping forward. I couldn't believe it.

She smiled and nodded as she turned to the others. "I would like to tell everyone that my mate and I are going to have a child." She beamed with pride. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she was having twins. Well not just yet.

I rushed forward and pulled her into my arms. I was careful of our children because I did not want to hurt them. When I was a human all I wished was to have a wife and children of my own. When I was turned into a vampire I didn't believe that I would ever experience that however meeting Iza or Lilith brought my whole life full circle. I would now be a father like I always wished even though it would not be like I planned. I kissed her face as I told her how much I loved her. Everyone was laughing and I knew that they were happy. We would have children within the walls soon. I pulled back and looked into her bright red eyes.

"I love you Iza." I whispered kissing her forehead.

"And I, you." She whispered back with tears in her eyes. I kissed them away as I let the other greet her and congratulate us on our new additions.

-o0Iza's Pov0o-

The first one to come to me was Aro. He was smiling wide as he looked towards my stomach. He had done the same with Demetri and was able to speak to the child in my womb. I just nodded holding Jasper's hand that way he would not over react.

"I am just going to see if the child is developed mentally." Aro looked at Jasper.

Jasper nodded as he watched Aro place his hand on my growing stomach. I felt a shift then something pushed against the outer wall of the womb. Aro's eyes grew wide as he looked from my stomach from me to Jasper. Jasper nodded his head as they spoke without words.

"Will someone tell me what is going on?" I hated when the ignored me. I locked eyes with Aro. He cringed back and smiled.

"Sorry Mother." He told me. "I was just surprised and needed the empath to confirm if I was indeed seeing what I was seeing or if I was being mislead." His cut his eyes to Demetri and smiled.

When Demetri was in my womb he played games with Aro. First he told Aro that he was a girl then a boy then twins. Demetri chuckled along with Marcus and Caius. Jasper looked confused at what we were laughing at. I raised up and kissed him on the cheek then looked back at Aro.

"And what were you confirming?" I asked innocently. I felt a slight kick again. I decided to rub my stomach however Rosalie rushed over and took over. Her eyes were full of wonder.

Aro cleared his throat. "You are having twins." He smiled as he straightened.

My voice caught in my throat. I never thought about having more than one child at a time. I could feel my eyes starting to water and soon warm bloody tears started running down my face. Jasper pulled me into his arms and licked the tears away. Esme and Rosalie were by my side as well. When Jasper let me go Esme pulled me into her arms. I knew that she had lost a child before she was changed.

"We get to help you right?" Rosalie asked curiously. I knew that she never had children and always wanted them.

"Of course." I told her pulling her into Esme's hug along with me. "Since I am having two I will need two God Mothers." I smirked looking at Esme and Rosalie.

Both of the girls eyes widen in surprise. I felt a nudge in my stomach which meant that the babies understood and agreed. I laughed as I rubbed my sore belly.

"Come on we need to get you up stairs and into bed." Jasper said as he swung me around in his arms. "Don't want you to over do it." He told me as he headed to the room.

"Don't worry Mother." Demetri called after us. "Uncles and the others will take care of everything!"

I could only groan as I listened to them argueing on who was going to do what. Of course I felt as though something was coming and although I knew almost everything somethings were out of my control. I could only pray that what ever was coming would be after I had my children.


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