The moment Sheppard's team stepped out of the gate, Weir knew she was going to have to run interference. She stepped away from Chuck and headed down the stairs, listening as Rodney screamed himself hoarse. "'Don't worry, McKay! She's not going to push you in!' Well, guess what Sheppard, she pushed me in!"

"In case you haven't noticed, Rodney, I'm just as soaked as you are," Sheppard shot back, wringing out his black t-shirt, barely keeping a shiver at bay.

"Hardly. I'm probably going to catch some weird, alien disease now," Rodney muttered staring glumly at his ruined data pad. "And you're lucky I backed everything up."

"Boys!" Weir said before John could open his mouth. "I take it the mission wasn't a success." She looked between the two guys, waiting for an answer.

"It was a success," Teyla finally replied stepping forward, fighting a smile. "We only had trouble with our guide on our way back to the gate."

"She pushed McKay in the water," Ronon supplied grinning. "He took Sheppard with him."

"I wouldn't have needed to worry about going in the water if somebody..."

"Why don't you two let Beckett check you over and get cleaned up? We'll debrief in my office in a half an hour, and maybe you can tell me exactly what happened," Elizabeth suggested, cutting Rodney off, studying the shivering, bedraggled guys, each one reminding her of a puppy that managed to get locked out in a rainstorm.

"Okay," Sheppard said, though Elizabeth could tell the infirmary was the last place he wanted to go, and the foursome walked past Weir, Sheppard and McKay immediately picking up their argument. Elizabeth watched them go for a moment, a barely concealed smile on her face, before mounting the stairs and heading back into her office.


This does have a backstory... or well, it'll be important for the longer fic I am working on... or, well, I think it'll be important. Long story short: there is a reason I wrote this other than the image of a soaking wet John and Rodney :)

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