disclaimer:I do not own Hotel Transylvania they belong to the rightful owners but I do own Raven and the evil sea dragon (I change the story a bit to see I wish it will end this way).

2 more months went by and Mavis was 5 months pregnant with her daughter growing inside of her and Johnny became a very good hunter and he didn't need Dracula's help anymore.

But in Mavis's 5 month of pregnancy she was hungry all the time because of her baby.

And she was waiting for Johnny to come back with blood and her baby did not drink blood from Mavis and that was a good thing and her baby was kicking as if she was saying mama feed me.

Mavis put her hand on her stomach and said "hold on sweetheart your dad will be back soon with some blood" but her baby still kicked inside.

Then Johnny came back with blood for his wife Mavis said "hi Johnny why were you yelling at me this morning?"

Johnny said "sorry I was angry with you the morning its just I don't like waking up at 6:30pm in the night and I got blood for you honey".

Mavis said "that's ok I understand that" then Johnny said "did you hear that?".

"Hear what Johnny?" said Mavis as she drinked all the blood.

Johnny said "I fought I heard our baby" and he put his hand on Mavis's stomach and her baby started Kicking at Johnny's hand.

Mavis said "you heard our baby?".

"Yes Mavis" said Johnny "I heard our daughter kicking and she likes my vocie" Mavis put her hand on her stomach and felt her baby kicking "she likes my vocie as well" said Mavis.

Johnny looked up at Mavis and said "honey I fought she looks like me but she's not she like you Mavis" Mavis and Johnny kept hearing their daughter kicking.

"So Mavis" said Johnny "do you have a name yet?"

Mavis said "I found a great name for our daughter and I want this to be a surprise for everyone but I can tell you but don't tell my dad ok".

Johnny agree with Mavis and she said "the name I picked was Raven and I hope she's a half human vampire and I hope she will have my transformstion of a bat like me" Johnny said "I was thinking that too Mavis".

Mavis said "now Johnny promise me that you'll not tell anyone".

"I promise until our baby is born" said Johnny.

And Mavis and Johnny still having fun hearing the baby until the day was done.