"Hang on, you two," I said, assuring them and their bellies, "I'm gonna give a quick call to someone. Maybe he can get you some food."

Both of them smiled when I looked around and saw my white phone near the TV and couch. I walked over and began to reach for it, when all of a sudden, it rang. I sort of jumped; someone was calling me? I didn't trust it, because of the two Pokémon being here. I turned to them and they immediately saluted me, again it was cute, knowing they understood. I slowly picked up the phone as I placed it to my mouth and ear.

"Hello? This is Thomas," I said.

"Good morning, Thomas," I heard a familiar and friendly voice say.

I was shocked and surprised. To think, HE would be calling me this early…

"Old Man Fellows!" I exclaimed surprised, "I never thought you'd be calling me…"

"Yes," I heard him say, "Well, I came to check upon you today. You see, last night, your sweet friend Jocinda told me about what happened with your incident…"

I should have known. I think I had told one of them to tell him. Can't remember now…. Oh sue me… so this story is linked. FINE! Look and see if I did…

I heard, "I was completely worried and heartbroken that Mr. Pepperridge would stoop so low for those two little precious angels."

I smirked and rolled my eyes; oh, if he were at my house last night, would he have still said that? If his house was wrecked and things broken, would he had said that?

I smiled as he kept going, "So, I came to check up on you… How are you feeling, my boy?"

I chuckled as I said, "My back is completely back to normal. I still have one or two bumps, but I can manage. I just can't believe I saved Pokémon from being hurt!"

I glanced down at the two little smiling Pokémon at me as I continue my conversation. Poochyena had rolled on his back, being so cute and begging Buizel to rub his belly. Buizel accepted this offer, and rubbed gently in circles, making his friend pant in enjoyment. I giggled as I drew my attention back to my friend.

"Hey, Old Man," I said, "Listen, I'm glad you got my attention. I wanted to ask a favor of you. You see, today is a holiday for the others at their school, and I wanted you to see if-"

"I could babysit Buizel and Poochyena for you while you go have fun?" I heard the other side say.

My face immediately went blank… like this 0_0. How the heck did he know that they were there? I was so stunned, I almost dropped the phone. I shook my head as I began to form the words that came to my mouth.

"How did you know?" I asked as I thought of how, "Oh, Jocinda told you?"

Old Man Fellows said, "No, but when she told we about what happened, I figured whether or not you completely trusted the little rascals, you worried that Mr. Pepperidge and some others would come for them."

"They did," I answered, "I had to lie, which I hate to do, and say I did take them back to the alcove."

Look, I do not care about what others try to make me think; a lie is a lie is a lie. There are no such things as good lies. Sure, it is for a good cause, but it is still a sin.

"You're kidding!" he exclaimed.

I replied with a 'no'.

Old Man Fellows said, "I cannot believe he has fallen so far ever since the incident…. Ahem! Well, anyways, Thomas, I would be happy to watch over Buizel and Poochyena for you while you are with your friends!"

I grinned as I laughed. I was so thankful I could count on somebody again!

I giggled in joy, "Oh, thank you, Old Man! You do not know how much this means to me. Hey, I also need some food for them. Could you pick some up?"

When I listened, the phone was making that noise where you just pick it up. I blinked; was that whole call just a dream?

"H-Hello?" I weakly said.

Suddenly, a knock at the door was heard. My heart jumped as I was afraid of who it'd might be. I turned and Buizel and Poochyena were already hiding. I nodded in pride as they smiled at me being content on me knowing they obeyed me. I walked to the door and opened it.

My heart felt so relieved to see Old Man Fellows at my door… WITH POKEMON FOOD TOO!? How thoughtful! I was so relaxed as I laughed.

"You scared me, Old Man!" I laughed.

I let him inside of the house as Poochyena barked in happiness. He immediately ran over to as my friend knelt down to him. Poochyena panted and stood on his hind legs, placing his front paws on the old man and stuck his tongue out. His tail wagged as Fellows rubbed his back and face.

"There's my big puppy! How are you doing this morning?" Fellows said happily.

"Poochy! Poochy!" the puppy barked.

Buizel ran over and waved to the Old Man. Fellows surprised us, by reaching behind Buizel and pulling him towards him. He scratched underneath his chin. The otter started to smile and then smirked, as his head rose up so high, that his nose was up in the air. He folded his arms and tried to act tough, but it soon failed as his tail swished around and he closed his eyes.

"You don't have to act macho around me and Thomas, Buizel. We love your company no matter how you act," he assured.

Buizel finally dropped his tough guy act. He let his arms go limp as he stood there enjoying his chin being scratched.

"Bui bu bu…" he moaned happily.

I giggled at the two Pokemon happy to see the kind old man who helped me with them yesterday. I stood there staring in happiness.

I knew from there on that I could count on Old Man Fellows and the gang to keep this a secret with me.

"Well?" Old Man Fellows said, startling me, "What are you standing here for? Jocinda and the others are waiting for you. Go have some fun! These little guys and I will have some fun."

He turned around and grinned at me. I nodded as I turned around.

"Thanks again, Old Man, I owe you another one," I said with a grin.

He waved it off, telling me not to worry. As he began to open the Pokéfood, I saw Buizel and Poochyena wave good-bye, happily saying it in their language and grinning. I waved to them as I closed the door. I breathed the fresh air into my lungs with my diaphragm and looked up into the beautiful cloudy blue skies. I then stretched, took a deep breath, and bolted as I ran to my destination where Tucker, Jocinda, and Kaname was waiting for me.


Anyways, I made my way past what seemed to be millions of people as I hurried to where I was supposed to meet my friends. Many people seemed to notice me; I have a humungous hunch why.


Yeah, yeah, that's what I thought. But, I was not gonna have any of that. One, I don't need any person teasing about me about it. Two, today was gonna be a great day! I couldn't wait for it!

I made a quick left, and pulled out some money out. 'Two dollars admittance' is what the sign said that I read near the entrance I had gotten too. I paid my toll to the man, said thank you when he let me in, and he smiled at me and said I was welcome. I ran into the park. Geez, talk about seizure attack. I looked around and saw nothing but flashing lights and such. The rides looked interesting, though, I gotta tell ya. Flashing lights everywhere! Man, I was so tempted to spend my money right now. However, I had to suck in my inner child and become a adult by waiting to spend my money until I found my friends.

Way before this adventure began and I started telling you my story, we actually had planned for this day. We decided to meet at the twirly cup rides. If you don't know what that is, it's the rides where you sit in these tea cups. There is a circular pole with a circular handle, and when you turned it more and more, the cup you sat on would go faster and faster. Anyways, we planned on meeting there.

After walking around for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and…. Zzzzzzzzzzz….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Hm? What? Whoops, I feel asleep… not. Haha! But truth be told, I searched for a HUGE amount of time trying to find my friends. So, I decided to spend at least a buck and pay for a map of the amusement park. I looked and by seeing it, I walked around it at least more than four times. I groaned, did a epic facepalm (AND I MEAN EPIC), and walked towards it.

When I got in view of it, I saw my six friends waiting there for me… wait, six? I only had three. I saw Tucker, Jocinda, and Kaname standing there with three other teenagers there. I got a tiny bit nervous; they looked like trainers.

The first was a young girl with pink hair that stood out to the sides near her ears and had a bang over her left eye. The pink eyes complimented her hair, and the black-rimed box-shaped glasses added to the display. She wore a simple pink t-shirt, black pants with a purple belt around her waist, and white sneakers with yellow circles on it. She carried a blue handbag on her left right shoulder.

The next one was a young boy with green eyes and brown hair that spiked downwards. I couldn't really see if that was his true hairstyle, because he wore this stylish green and black striped hat backwards. His attire was really simple; a black t-shirt, green pants with a brown belt, and white sneakers with a black design and black Velcro straps. He wore his green backpack on his back.

The last one was a young boy as well who had purple eyes and long black hair that went to his shoulders. He wore a purple long-sleeve jacket with black stripes on the elbows. Underneath it was a black zip-up shirt with a white stripe on the chest. He wore black gloves, blue pants, and black shoes with white Velcro straps over them.

I advanced closer to them when Tucker saw me and ran to me. I smirked as we both fist-pounded each other and he laughed.

"What happened to you? Did your alarm clock fall off the face of the earth or something?" he joked with a smirk.

"Well, excuse me, Mr. Attendance, but this place is like a maze," I protested.

"Attendance? Yeah, right. Tucker just showed up moments before you did, Thomas," Kaname told me.

Tucker gave an annoyed glance back at his friend. Unfortunately, it didn't do much, with Kaname being the lazy and unmotivational one. We all laughed at both of them though. I decided, on the topic, to ask about the others.

"So, who are our new friends?" I asked smiling.

"This is Molly, Lyr, and Purgy," Jocinda said, introducing them in the order I had described them in, "They're trainers that have traveled here for a pit-stop."

"Hi, I'm Thomas," I introduced myself.

"Yo, nice to meet you, bud," Lyr waved, smiling at me.

"The pleasure's all ours," Purgy said.

There was a bit of silence as I blinked. I think it was Molly's turn to say hello. But when I turned to her, she was staring at the lights. Both her friends got embarrassed a bit as Lyr nudged her.

"Molly?" he asked.

"The lights are so shiny!" she exclaimed.

Purgy grabbed her shoulder and said, "Molly! You're being rude; Thomas just said hello to you!"

She turned around and rubbed her head nervously, saying, "Oops, hehe, sorry. Nice to meet you."

"Heh, it's okay," I assured her, waving my hand.

"Please excuse Molly; she has a bit of ADD," Purgy told me.

Lyr did a double take and said, "Little? Hah! More like a whole bunch!"

"Well, if that's the case, I'm sure she'll make excellence friends with Tucker," Jocinda said smiling.

"Eh!? What's that supposed to mean?" Tucker flared up at her.

"Nothing, nothing…" she said smiling.

"You're making fun of me, aren't you?" Tucker investigated.

"Guys, seriously?" Kaname said, "We've got a brand new day at this place. Let's have some fun."

"Shiny…" We heard from Molly again, staring back.

Tucker shook his head and said, "Come on! I'll race you to the cheeseburger stand for lunch!"

As he began to race over there, Lyr's face immediately lit up.

"I love cheeseburgers!" he yelled as he ran behind him.

Purgy watched his friend run off, and then to his friend who kept staring at the lights, and then sighed, doing a facepalm.

"Ugh… I swear it's like babysitting two little toddlers," he complained.

"I feel your pain, friend… it can be such a drag," Kaname said, patting him on the back.

"Oh, don't you dare start!" Jocinda snapped.

"Agreed! Let's go!" I cheered.

After a bit of what was a group cheer, we all ran over (Purgy actually dragged Molly with us) and followed Tucker and Lyr to the cheeseburger joint. After grabbing a bite to eat, we all just did fun things. We went attractions, won a few prizes, saw some amazing Pokémon acts, and so forth. I really enjoyed myself, but still Buizel and Poochyena were in the back of my mind the whole time. I worried if them and the old man were okay. I mean don't get me wrong; I loved every minute with my friends. But, it's like a parent or older sibling thing; when you care and love someone and you're away from them, you just can't seem to get your mind of them. Yet, whenever I thought about them, Lyr or Tucker grabbed me and pulled right to the next attraction.

Well, at about 4:17 pm, we all were getting tired and decided to head back. We all waved good-bye to the entrance people as we were heading back. The exhaustion level was so high from having fun, we were all silent on the way back. However, as we got to the city gates, Tucker broke the silence.

"So, you guys are Pokémon trainers, right?" He asked the visitors.

"Yes, that's right." Purgy said as the other two smiled.

It was then my brain started working as I looked over at my other friends. Kaname and Jocinda nodded to me as I could predict what Tucker's big grin and sparkling eyes said.

"Can we see some of your Pokémon? Please?" he begged.

All three of them nodded as Molly stepped forward.

"I'll go first!" Molly exclaimed as she reached into her bag.

She pulled out a red Pokéball and threw it up into the air. It opened, realizing a huge orange lizard-type dinosaur with wings and a burning tail that had some sort of red-orange gem around its neck. The moment I saw it, my knees buckled in fear. I may have gotten over my fear of Pokémon, but Buizel and Poochyena were tiny; this guy was massive! Jocinda (God love her) immediately saw my fear and stepped in front of me, so I could have some protection. The big Pokémon roared so loud, it made me shiver from how loud.

"Cool! A Charizard!" Tucker screamed.

"Yep, this guy's name is Zard," Molly said with a smile.

"This Charizard is so huge; it's bigger than the normal height of one," Kaname stated, studying it.

Zard smiled friendly and bowed to him. Jocinda giggled at its politeness. I was nervous, but at least I wasn't shaking. It didn't seem to notice my fear.

Lyr waved and said, "Oh! Lemme go next!"

He threw a Pokéball into the air and out came this tiny form of a dog Pokémon with a long mustache and dark-bluish fur.

"Meet my Stoutland, Scout," he prounonced proudly.

Jocinda automatically smiled and said, "He is so cute! Let me pet him!"

With that, Scout stuck out his tongue and licked her hand. She pet him all over his back as he panted in happiness. I smiled as he wagged his little tail. Tucker didn't pay attention, cause he was so attracted by Zard, who by the way was his favorite type. Kaname just waited for the last trainer to go.

Purgy took a step forward and said, "I guess it's my turn. Now, just a warning; I'm sending two out. The reason is that each of them really don't do anything without the other."

With that, he took his two Pokéballs out and threw them up. Two forms showed up. One looked like some sort of tiny mummy, while the other looked like some Roman soldier knight with a lance. They didn't even make a move or gesture; they stood still with their eyes closed.

"Guys, meet Shinja the Accelgor and Shield the Escavalier," Purgy said.

We all looked to see if they were sleeping. I mean they didn't move an inch. Suddenly, Shinja sniffed the air and looked at Purgy. His trainer blinked and then suddenly looked at me with a smirk.

"Purgy?" I asked.

Suddenly, Shield readied itself when it opened its eyes. My friends gasped and I stood in complete total fear, as Shinja and Shield rushed at me and started to attack!


Now, before I go on, I wanna say that some of the following characters beyond this point of the story are not mine; they're friends' characters. So, soon, I'll be posting what character belong to what friend on DA. But cliff hanger! XD Keep on reading!