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*Jackie's POV

As the end of the school year approached, everyone became obsessed with one topic; Prom. On the rare occasion that I actually hang out with my Cheerleader friends, its all they talk about. Even Donna seems excited.

"So, have you talked to Hyde about Prom yet?" she asks.

We are each sitting on our beds in the room we have shared for the past two weeks. I apply hot pink polish to the last two toes on my right foot before I finally answer.

"No. I'm scared to bring it up after what happened when I asked him to Homecoming." I explain.

"Wow. Jackie Burkhart, scared to boss around a guy? I never thought I would see the day." says Donna, laughing.

"Haha, Donna!... I just wish he would ask me, like a good boyfriend would." I pout.

"Well, no offense Jackie, but I don't think that's gonna happen." Donna says.

"Oh what do you know!? He just needs to be forced into talking about it by someone other than me... Which is why you're going to bring it up when we go over there." I say bossily.

"Okay, fine. But I'm only doing this cause I need your help shopping for a dress." she says.

"Damn right you do!" I say. "Now lets get over there and make my boyfriend ask me to Prom!"

Donna and I walk over to the Forman's house, and find the guys in the basement. As usual, they are sitting in a circle, passing around a joint. I walk over and plop down on Steven's lap. Donna sits beside Eric on the couch.

"So, Eric, aren't you excited for Prom?" she says loudly.

"Yeah, sure. It should be fun." says Eric.

"Guess who I'm taking to Prom? Leslie Cannon!" says Kelso.

"Eww!" I say.

"Well for the first time, I, Fez, actually have a date! And she isn't even an uggo!" says Fez proudly.

"Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it." says Steven.

"Wait. How can you see it, if you aren't there? Unless,… oh my god! Steven, are you saying that you are going to take me to the Prom!?" I squeal, turning my head to look back at him.

"What? No… that's not… I didn't,… I'm gonna go get a soda." Steven stammers.

He pushes me off his lap, and dashes up the stairs.

*Hyde's POV

I run up the stairs, and burst into the kitchen, practically knocking down Mrs. Forman.

"Oops. Sorry." I say, as I grasp her shoulders to steady her.

"Jeez, Steven. What are you running from?" Mrs. Forman asks.

"Jackie. She wants me to take her to Prom." I gag.

"Well I think you should take her. You are an excellent dancer! Besides, I didn't spend all that time teaching you how to dance so that you could just sit around at home!" says Mrs. Forman seriously.

"Man, I guess you have a point." I sigh.

"Good! Now be a dear and take these cookies down stairs for me." she says, handing me a plate piled with freshly baked cookies.

"Uh, sure... Thanks Mrs. Forman." I say, and lean in to kiss her cheek.

I balance the cookies in one hand, and snag a coke out of the fridge with the other, then make my way back to the basement. Jackie is sitting in my chair when I return. Her arms and legs both crossed. I set the cookies on the table, and the others dive for them immediately. I gently tug Jackie out of my chair, sit down, and pull her back into my lap. She looks pointedly away from me, her arms still crossed.

"Well, Fez, I think we should be off." says Kelso, before stuffing another cookie into his mouth.

"I agree. See you guys later." says Fez.

He grabs a stack of cookies, and then him and Kelso leave. Donna and Jackie exchange a look, then Donna turns to Forman.

"Hey, Eric, wanna go to my house and make out? My dad isn't home." she says.

"Let's go!" says Forman, jumping up.

He grabs Donna's wrist and rushes out of the door. As soon as it closes behind them, Jackie gets off of my lap, and turns to face me. Her arms still crossed. She opens her mouth, but I jump up from my chair, and pull her into a kiss before she can start yelling. For a moment she resists, but then her lips began to move against mine. I wrap my arms tightly around her small waist, and squeeze her ass with one hand. I break the kiss, but do not release my hold on her.

"Steven," she says, then bites her lip nervously.

"You wanna go to Prom." I say, resignedly.

She nods, blinking her large doe eyes at me slowly and sadly. Her bottom lip sticking out just a little. I sigh, and roll my eyes at her.

"You owe me." I say, threateningly.

"Oh, Steven! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It will be so much fun, I promise! Oh my god, I have to tell Donna! We have to go dress shopping. And I'll have to get you a suit, and…"

Before she can say anything else, I cover her mouth with mine again. She gasps against my mouth in protest, but I just slide my tongue into hers. Once again, she gives up, and kisses me back. Her arms come up and wrap around my neck as her tongue slides against my own. This time she is the one to break the kiss.

"Okay, lets go to the mall!" Jackie says excitedly.

"Right now?" I groan.

"Yes, Steven, right now! I'm buying you a suit before you try to back out of this."


"I said now, Steven!" Jackie snaps.

Then she seizes my arm and jerks me towards the door.

"Alright, alright. Damn woman."

I pull my arm from her grasp and drape it around her shoulders instead.

*Jackie's POV

It's dark out by the time we leave the mall, and Steven is weighed down by the large amount of purchase I made. After finding him a suit for the Prom, I couldn't resist buying him some other things, too. Like new jeans, new boots, and a new jacket. And of course I bought a few things for myself as well. Steven lets me in to the El Camino through the driver's side door, and I slide into the middle seat while he puts all the bags in the back.

"You know, Puddin Pop, I think you deserve a reward for being so sweet to me today." I whisper to him, when he takes his seat behind the wheel.

"Oh really? What kind of reward?" he asks, raising an eyebrow above the aviators he is still wearing, despite the fact that it's dark out.

"Mmm, I dunno, something like this," I lean over, and press my lips to his.

One of my hands wanders to the crouch of his jeans, and I massage his length through the material. He moans softly against my mouth.

"Shouldn't we go somewhere a little more, uh, private?" Steven asks, as I undo the button of his jeans.

"I don't know, this is kind of exciting." I say, as I glance around the parking lot.

There are a few other cars nearby, but I don't see any people. Steven smiles at me, and pulls my face to his again. While our tongues dance between our mouths, my hand slides back to his jeans. I pull down his zipper, and slide my hand into his pants. Steven's hands wander up my shirt and under my bra, while mine finds its way into his boxers. I grasp his cock, and run my hand up and down the length. When I reach the top again, I run my thumb in slow circles across the soft tip of his dick. Steven lets out a low sigh, and tilts his head back against the seat. I smile, and bring my lips to his neck. My hand runs up and down his length, grasping it firmly. Then slowly, I reach down, and grasp his nuts gently.

"Ooh, baby, that feels so good." Steven groans.

He brings his lips to mine again, and his hands began to roam over my body. Steven grasps one of my legs, and pulls it over his so that I am half-sitting in his lap. Still, I continue to massage his length. One of his hands travels up my thigh, under my skirt. I cry out as his hand grasps my crouch through my panties. Steven grins at me, and continues to rub my panties against my clit. I lean back into him, and pump my hand faster along his dick. Then his fingers slide under my panties, and press against my wet slit. I spread my legs a little wider, as Steven rubs my clit with his middle finger. His finger dips down, and he presses it inside of me, causing me to moan again. My grip tightens on his cock, and he grunts in my ear.

"God you are so sexy, Jackie."

I look back at him, and grin. Then I moan again, as he presses his finger in deeper. His thumb begins to rub my clit, while his middle finger slides in and out of me. I practically scream, as my legs part even father, and my back arches into Steven's hand. I lose my grip on his cock, and grasp his thigh instead. My nails digging into the material of his jeans.

"Ooh, Steven." I gasp, as his fingers finally push me over the edge.

I lean back against him, breathing heavily. He slides his middle finger out of my hole, and runs it between my lips slowly. The motion causes another shudder to run through me.

"Now turn around so I can fuck you." Steven says into my ear.

I smile at him, and swing my other leg over him, twisting in midair so that I am facing him. Immediately his hands grasp my ass, and he guides me towards him. I feel his tip tease my entrance, and try to lower myself onto him. Steven tightens his hold on my ass, keeping me in place.

"Uh-uh, baby." he whispers, his lips brushing mine teasingly as he presses the tip of his cock into me again.

I groan as he slides it in inch by inch. Only to pull out again before he is fully inside of me.

"Steven, would you just fuck me already!" I groan.

He grins at me, and jerks me against him, his length slamming into me. I cry out, before crushing my mouth to his. Steven's hands wander from my ass to my hips, and he uses them to pound me even faster. We are both panting. My moans get louder, and I throw my head back as my second orgasm rocks my body.

"Fuuucck." Steven groans, as he finishes a moment later.

With his hand on the back of my head, he gently brings my face to his. Our lips meet, and for several moments we kiss passionately. The sound of a car door closing nearby breaks us apart, and we both look in the direction of the sound. A couple of girls are getting out of a car just a few spaces away from the El Camino. All three of them are staring at us.

"Oh my god, Steven! I think those girls go to our school." I gasp.

"Huh." he says, then he shrugs, and pulls me back into the kiss.

The next day, Donna and I go shopping for our dresses. By the end of the trip, we each have a dress, shoes, and make up to match. The rest of the school week seems to drag by, but finally Prom night is upon us. Once I have helped Donna with her hair and make up, and perfected my own, we make our way over to the Forman's house. Mr. and Mrs. Forman, and Mr. Pinciotti are all sitting around in the kitchen with Steven and Eric when we show up.

"Oooh, don't you girls look so pretty!" squeals Mrs. Forman.

She grabs a camera and starts snapping our pictures. I pose, while Donna stands there awkwardly.

"Boys, get over here. I need a picture with all of you together." Mrs. Forman demands.

After several pictures with our reluctant boyfriends, we are finally able to leave. Eric and Donna get in his Vista Cruiser, while Steven lets me in to his El Camino.

*Hyde's POV

"You look gorgeous, doll." I say, as I survey Jackie.

She is wearing a tight fitting black dress, that dips down in the front. On each eye lid, she has a large amount of dark make up.

"Thanks Puddin Pop." she coos, as she presses her lips to mine.

I drape an arm around her shoulders, and steer my car towards the school. Forman and I race for the first two blocks, but by the time I pull up to the school, his Vista Cruiser isn't even in sight. I park near the back, then turn to Jackie.

"Alright, Jackie, before we do this, we have to do this." I say, pulling out a cigarette case filled with joints.

She smiles at me.

"Somehow I knew you were going to suggest that." she says, as she takes one of the joints from the case.

She puts it between those hot lips of hers, and looks at me expectantly. I pull out my Zippo, and light the joint for her. We get halfway through the it, before Forman and Donna find us.

"Hey, man, are you gonna share?" asks Forman, when I roll down the window.

"You should have brought your own." I say, and start to roll the window up again.

"Oh come on, Hyde! Don't be a dill hole!" Donna shouts.

I look at Jackie.

"What do you think? Should we share?" I ask.

"Hmm…" she presses her lips together, pretending to think. "Oh alright, get in."

Donna and Eric get in on the passenger side. Since the seat is really only made to hold three people, we are all crammed together. Jackie throws one of her legs over mine, so that she is half in my lap, to make more room for the other two.

"You know, it's a good thing you're so skinny, Eric. Otherwise we wouldn't all fit in here." says Jackie.

"Oh haha." Forman says sarcastically.

Once we have smoked four of the five joints I brought, we make our way into the gym.

"Come on, lets dance." I say, leaning down to Jackie's ear so she can hear me over the music.

She looks surprised, but smiles at me, and lets me lead her onto the dance floor. I pull her into my arms, and begin to lead her around the room.

"Wow, Steven. I kinda thought you wouldn't know how to dance." says Jackie, some time later.

We are doing a slow waltz now, and her lips are close to my ear.

"What made you think that?" I ask, grinning down at her.

"I don't know, your reluctance to go to dances. Your 'cool guy' attitude. The fact that you hate dance music." Jackie lists.

I shrug.

"Dancing's not so bad. I can feel your tits pressed against my chest almost the whole time." I whisper to her.

Jackie rolls her eyes, but smiles at me.

"Well keep up the good moves, and you might get me hot enough to do something stupid." Jackie whispers into my ear.

I smile and press my lips to hers. The slow song ends, and a quicker one takes its place. Around three songs later, Jackie pulls my ear to her lips again.

"I'm thirsty, we should take a break." she says.

I nod my agreement and lead her off the dance floor.