Mark and Sarah one shot. I absolutely LOVE these two together no matter what the age difference may be!

Sarah Braverman couldn't wait to tell him. The news that he really wanted to hear. The news that would make her fiancée, Mark Cyr, truly happy. She found him in the living room watching their new cable, "Hey babe, you got a minute?"

"Yeah of course," he said turning to her, "What do you need?"

"Well I thought at first it might have been stress from work, and moving, and Kristina's breast cancer, and everything but it's not…" she rambled.

"Wait, what's not?" asked Mark curiously.

Sarah took a deep breath and said, "My late period."

"What?" asked Mark, a big smile forming across his face.

Sarah handed him the stick in her hand and he looked at it, "That's me sweetheart!"

"I can't believe it! You're really pregnant?" asked Mark excitedly.

"Yes," she said, "I love you Mark."

"I love you too Sarah," he said.

Six months later, on December 23, 2012, Sarah went into labor. Mark went to wake Drew and told him to call his sister and extended family.


"I WANT MY MOTHER!" screamed Sarah.

"I'm right here sweetheart," said Camille.

"Sarah, you ready?" asked the doctor.

"Uh huh," she mumbled.

"Push Sarah," said the doctor.

"Push baby. You're doing great," said Mark.

"IT FEELS LIKE I'M FORCING A WATERMELON BETWEEN MY LEGS!" shouted Sarah. God, how had she done this twice already?

"One more sweetheart, I see the head," said Camille.

Sarah gasped as she felt a burning pain. And then she heard an infant crying.

"It's a girl!" announced Mark excitedly.

"Awe, a baby girl!" said Sarah as she began to cry tears of joy and the baby was placed in her arms.

"Do we have a name yet?" asked the doctor.

"No not yet," admitted Sarah.

"That's fine. For now we'll just call her baby girl Braverman."

"Oh no, baby girl Cyr- Braverman," said Sarah kissing Mark.

Later the rest of the family joined Mark, Sarah, and Camille. And that included everyone: Zeek, Adam, Kristina, Haddie, Max, Nora, Crosby, Jasmine, Jabbar, Joel, Julia, Sydney, Victor, Amber, and Drew.

"She's so cute." said Amber cooing at her baby sister.

"What's her name Aunt Sarah?" asked Sydney.

"Sweetie, I don't think they have one yet," said Joel.

"No we do now," said Mark.

"What is it then?" asked Julia.

Mark and Sarah looked at each other, "Taylor Samantha Cyr," Sarah answered gazing into her daughter's eyes.

"Awe, pretty name," said Crosby.

"Agreed," said Kristina.

Zeek walked over towards his newborn granddaughter and said, "Hey Taylor. Welcome to the Braverman family."

The End!

Hope you enjoyed the story! Team Mark! Team Cyrah!