So, this is my take on Chasing Demons. Am going to include snippets of text from the actual episode as guidance for my version. I miss Leddi. Apology for the short start. Just getting the ball rolling... Enjoy :) Please Review!

Content in each others company, The journey back was a quiet one. Luc's focus fell on the route home whilst Eddi sat simply smiling to herself having realised exactly where she was.

She'd most likely driven past that beautiful haven many a time. It wasn't far from home.

A small laugh escaped her as she remembered how angry she had been when he so lovingly kidnapped her. Her happiness soon fading as the reality of why he did it clawed its way back into her thoughts.

She lent against the window as she snuggled into her oversized hoody. A hoody that she had now officially claimed as her own despite Lucs best efforts of maintaining ownership.

She glanced up as the hospital buildings towered over the campervan upon its arrival. The van she'd once named as the top of her world had, ironically, never felt so small as it settled into its familiar spot.

A deep breath from her direction signalled Luc to put a comforting hand on hers. She squeezed it in return but remained focused on the outside world.

Little did he know, his campervan had now become her safe haven, a place where he made things better. A place where the outside world couldn't harm her. Her safe place.

The Hospital, his safe place, was now a place that fed her addiction. She couldn't work out how one place could mean such different things to two very similar people. She silently questioned if it was even possible. If they were even possible. Only time would tell.