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Part 3

"Whilst you two were off bumping uglies in the love bus... I've been busting my balls trying to clear AAU of drug theft! " The latter of Michaels sentence vastly overshadowed by the start.

Eddi glanced in Lucs direction fearing she'd be greeted by a gentle breeze from Lucs speedy exit as Michael practically announced their relationship to the whole ward. Patients included.

Instead, she was surprised to find him contently by her side, a gentle smile, invisible to the untrained eye, forming at the corners of his mouth at Michaels witty definition of sex.

She relaxed as her own gentle grin formed. Her happiness short lived as her earlier self medicating betrayal thrived in her veins. Its presence causing an irritating itch that hadn't gone unnoticed by Luc.

They set about their usual ways as her first patient on the day entered. His distress, as he regained consciousness, unresponsive to Eddis professional requests resulting in a blow to the face. All witnessed by a over protective Luc.

"You don't have to act like you're invincible" His suspicions of why she felt no pain sneaking into his thoughts. Something wasn't right.

As the day continued so did Lucs worry. The days particular patient hitting home and already causing a rift, not only professionally, but easily threatening everything they'd built over the past 6 days.

"I don't need you charging in every 5 minutes on your white steed. Here, I am a nurse and you are a Doctor. Please, lets get on with it!"

He was put in his place as a slither of the old, feisty Eddi shone though. However, a little disheartened he was the target.

The word of Michaels hunt for Eddi eventually found her. Panic set in as she adjusted to her surroundings. Luc not in sight she sneaked away to find the only other thing that could calm her.

He body barely functioning as she scuffed her way back to the ward controlled by four times her daily dosage.

Back on AAU she was met by Michael who was quick to inform her they were in the clear over the drugs scandal. She couldn't hate herself more. She knew she didn't need any pills.

"Its really hot in here" was all Michael got in reply. "Its really hot in here" she repeated to a confused Dr Spence, her words drowsy.

She watched as Luc walked onto the ward, his broad figure soon blurred, she could make out his speed increasing towards her as her feet gave way before collapsing in Michaels arms as she began to fit in the middle of AAU.