Chuck vs. Where Loyalty Lies

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Family Ties


It shouldn't have to be this way. It's the main thought that is running through Travis' mind as he stands there on the rocky terrain aiming his weapon at the man standing across from him. Truth be told, he shouldn't have meddled in the affairs that matter most to him knowing full well it was going to blow up in his face. Yet, he couldn't help himself because the fact of the matter is it all ended up becoming a no win situation for him. Unfortunately, he's now the one person standing in his way to fix the mess he himself has made of things.

As he grips his weapon tightly in his right hand with his finger on the trigger and the other cupped underneath gripping his right wrist, he is having difficulty in deciding whether or not to shoot. It's a mental struggle to fight the urge to just let loose and let the rounds of bullets fly hitting their intended target or merely lower his weapon to the ground to where he may possibly end up getting shot. It's an absolute gamble and not to mention risky situation to pull either way he goes he thinks to himself. He knows one thing for sure as he continues to aim his weapon directly at his intended target and that he will not budge from where he's standing.

"Don't move!" he screamed. His eyebrows furrowing. Jaw clinching, and look of absolute intensity emanating within his eyes.

He can feel the sweat rolling down the side of face and off the tip of his nose. The heat of where they are currently located at is absolutely unbearable. The sun beating down on him to the point where the weapon in his hand is getting uncomfortable to hold. Yet, he pushes through in order to get this situation rectified no matter what. In his mind, he likened the heat to being in the Disney movie Holes starring Shia Lebouf. It's a favorite among the Riley household but mainly for his two daughter Leah and Emma. The movie goes in heavy rotation every other day, which can be quite tedious at times so much so he can quote the lines by heart. Call it living in parental hell he thinks to himself.

However, the heat doesn't compare to the all out humidity that just smacks you right in the face. To him, it plays a major part as it leaves the white long sleeve shirt he's currently wearing absolutely soaking wet. If he takes his shirt off right now and wrings it out he would be able to possibly fill a whole bucket full of his own sweat. Sweat that was caused by him running after the man responsible for putting him through this hell in the first place. Granted, he owed him a debt of gratitude but to use it against him for his own personal advantage is considered absolutely unforgivable he thinks to himself. To the former Zeitgeist member, he knows that the bonds of friendship stand the test of time but there are times when you have to permanently cut ties.

While he continues to stand there, he hears the sound of something barreling through the sky above. It's quick and fast judging by the thunderous noise booming within the sky and from what he can tell it's approaching from behind him. As he continues to keep his aim in front of him, he turns looking over his right shoulder behind him quickly scanning the skies above of the exact location of what's coming. Is a fighter jet? I know it's not a bird, a plane or Superman for that matter. Iron-Man maybe. Quit joking around Riley. This is serious so get your shit together will ya! It's at that point, he furrows his eyebrows intently continuing scanning the distant sky attempting to locate what he knows is coming fast. Suddenly, he spots it. It's tiny but increasingly gets larger by the second and from what he can see he knows what it is…a predator drone. In his mind, he has no idea what it's intentions are, who is manning the controls, and from where. Right now he doesn't care as he refocuses his attention forward.

"Don't make me do this!" he screamed out again. The painful struggle going on not only within his eyes but facial expression as well are truly evident.

To him, it's the similar painful, struggle Anakin Skywalker endured as he eventually turned to the dark side whereby shifting his allegiance to an evil, powerful force to be reckoned with. By that he means his transformation into one of the most feared individual in galaxy…Darth Vader. Yet, he knows he isn't the bad guy but what he's being forced to do is by all account something that will rip not just his world apart, but the world of one other person he loves and cares about. True, life as he knows it will be forever changed between the two of them but it has to be done or he'll end up regretting the decision for the rest of his natural born life. It doesn't matter what the two of them have meant to each other or the fact they share a common interest. What must be done will be done. A point of no return. There is no turning back now.

In that moment, he hears a blood, curdling scream behind him in the distance but chooses to ignore it. He grips his weapon even tighter in his right hand and locks in his target. As much as it sickens him to do this, he makes the difficult decision to end it once and for all. A mistake he has to make right. He briefly closes his eyes to ask himself an important question. Where does my loyalty lie? With him. After he answers his own question, he slowly opens them once again. His dark medium length hair being whipped around by the wind in front of his face, which doesn't phase him one bit. It's at that point, he loudly expresses only three words for the individual standing several feet away from him to hear.

"I'm sorry Chuck!" Instantly, he pulls the trigger.


2 Weeks Earlier

A pair of eyelids open revealing two beautiful blue spheres. They avert to the alarm clock that reads in bold green: 8 a.m. After blinking a few times those peepers begin to squint due to the bright shining sun peaking through the slit of the drapes that cover the sliding doors that lead out to the back porch. It's that same bright shining sun that also reflects off something to the point where it gets the attention of those windows to the soul. They avert to the nightstand where not only a diamond wedding ring and special charm bracelet sit, but an open gold locket given by a very special man. In that instance a smile appears on her lips as she reads the inscription etched inside: MY HEART IS YOURS FOR ALL TIME

You're a very lucky woman Sarah Bartowski. In that moment, she slides her right hand over to the spot where she has always felt him to be. For her, the anticipation of feeling her husband's hairy chest is subsequently lost as finds herself feeling absolutely nothing. It's a feeling that is absolutely foreign to her because it's has been a morning ritual of hers every times she wakes up. This time, that ritual has unfortunately come to an end. Instantly, she pushes herself up then turns her head to see an empty spot where Chuck should be.

For the blonde beauty, a sour expression graces her face. She purses her lips together in absolute disappointment wondering where the man she loves with all her heart is. Mrs. Bartowski, begrudgingly flips herself over placing herself in a seated position leaning back against the dark wooden headboard. While sitting there in a white top and red plaid pajama pants, she scans the room noticing one more thing usually in the room that is also missing. Peaches.

She reaches up with her right hand raking though her golden blonde locks. As she does, she knows Chuck doesn't have to go into work until 9 a.m. After taking a quick breath she calls out to her husband who she knows is somewhere in the house.

"Chuck…" she hollered out. "….babe!? Where are you!?" she added with curiosity.

Sarah sits there intently listening for a response. After a brief moment of silence, she suddenly hears the faint, muffled sound of her husband's voice behind their bedroom door.

"I'll be right there honey!"

A smile appears on her face once she hears his voice. "What are you doing!?" she inquired. Her hands gently rest on her pregnant belly.

It's been 2 months since Daniel Shaw made both their lives a living nightmare. She has a bullet wound on the front and back of her left shoulder to prove it. Essentially, it took a month and a half to fully heal from it but she was truly thankful her husband was right there by her side every step of the way. True, she would insist doing normal things on a day to day basis that she could do by herself with just two arms. Of course, she was considerably annoyed at first because of how much of an independent woman she knows herself to be.

In her mind, any other person would end up punched in the face or quite possibly got their ass kicked if he or she annoyed her. Yet, when it comes to her own husband and future father to be of their unborn baby, she knows with 100% certainty that he has consistently been there supporting in every sense of the word. He didn't treat her like a child who couldn't do anything for herself. Instead, her best friend for life allowed her to still have that sense of independence and when she needed help he didn't hesitate one bit to come to her aid. It's that particular though that makes the smile on her face grow even wider. Her thoughts concerning the matters are abruptly ended when she hears Chuck's response.

"It's a surprise!"

A surprise? It's in that particular moment, a myriad of thoughts cross her mind concerning what that surprise might be. Does the surprise involved their dog peaches she thinks to herself. Her questions concerning the matter would soon be answered when she suddenly sees the door to their bedroom open. The first thing she sees is their golden Labrador retriever peaches dart into the room immediately jump on the bed then sits right in front of her. Sarah can't help but be amusingly touched as she quickly notices peaches have something in between her jowls…a single long stem thornless rose.

"Is this for me girl?" the expectant mother asked taking the rose. Sarah takes a brief moment to smell it. Afterwards, she reaches out scratching and rubbing the lovable pooch's head inevitably scratching behind her ears. As she does, Peaches barks in response then goes in licking her all over her face.

While this is happening, she hears her husband's voice within the bedroom. "Down girl."

Peaches complies with her master getting off the bed situating herself on the floor. Her eyes locked on her two masters. She watches as her shirtless master, walks in carefully towards the bed and places a tray full of food, as well as a glass of orange juice and coffee cup placing it in front of her. In that instance, Chuck slides in right next to her inevitably pressing his lips against hers. A soft, gentle kiss to his wife and mother-to-be. Afterwards a smile grace both their faces once they separate. Each looking deep into each others eyes.

"Good morning mama bear." he softly said.

A glint shines forth from her eyes in hearing that from him. In the past, she would be freaked out but not today. "Right back at ya pappa bear." Her attention on him would inevitably avert to the plate of food on the tray above her lap. The meal consists of scrambled eggs, 3 pieces of bacon , 2 pieces of toast, butter on the side, a class of orange juice, and cup of coffee. She knows that cream, two sugars, and a hint of syrup are already mixed in. Also, a red swizzle stick right beside it. "Is this my surprise?"

Chuck nodded. "Breakfast in bed. A rose for a my beautiful glowing wife."

"Thank you…" she said. Sarah reaches up with her left hand to softly caress the side of his her husband's left check. "…but you always do this for me. What makes this day any different?"

"That's the reason." he said pointing down to her belly. He reaches down gently placing his hand on her stomach. "Our baby makes this day and any day after awesome."

"I know." she softly responded. The former C.I.A. agent in her restrains herself from crying.

"This isn't the surprise though." he retorted shaking his head.

Sarah is in the middle of drinking her coffee when she notices Chuck reach over to his side of the dresser. She notices him take out what looks to be a card. A Hallmark card to be esact that he hands her.

"For me?" Chuck nods as Sarah takes the card. After taking out it out of it's envelope, she reads out loud the front of card, which has a picture of a mother and a baby on it. "To my wife Sarah and baby Bartwoski…" When she opens it, she reads the following words written down for her:

The two of you are the most important people in my life. I make this solemn promise to be as patient as I can possibly be to you Sarah and awaiting your arrival. I know I'm not the most patient guy in the world but it will be worth it once I…we hold you in our arms. Mistakes will be made…mostly by me. Remember, it was all in love because you will be loved not just by me and your mother baby Bartowski. You have a large extended family as well. Family Ties…it's only weak if there isn't a strong knot. The strength of family is important. Keep that in mind. One day, you will have questions on why we're protective of you and we'll try our very best to answer them. The one thing The Bartowskis are is that we are open and honest with each other. It's practically a family trait. You'll probably get you're mother beautiful looks and my pension for video games…you know I'm blabbing. I tend to do that a lot. All you have to know is that even though you think we're crazy…we love you with all our hearts kiddo. For all time.


Your loving husband and your dad.

After reading it, Sarah couldn't help but cry as she read it. She truly felt touched by the sentiment of the words written down not only for her but for their unborn baby as well. With tears in her eyes, she lays the card down in order to kiss her husband on the lips. This time, the kiss would be more emotional and passionate. The special moment between the would have lasted longer if it weren't for Peaches barking up a storm causing them to break the kiss. They turn towards the reason why the happily married unlocked lips.

"What is it girl?" inquired Sarah. Her right hand wiping away the tears from her eyes.

"I think she's hungry." responded Chuck briefly glancing at her. His attention then turns down to their loveable pooch. "Peaches…" he said breaking off a piece of bacon. "…wants some bacon?"

A succession of jovial barks is Peaches' response to her master's question. A smile graces Chuck's lips as he tosses the piece of breakfast morsel over to her instantly catching it in her mouth. As she chews away, Sarah turns her head to her husband.

"Babe…" Sarah takes brief second to down some scramble eggs. Afterwards washes it down with some orange juice. "…you better shower before work."

"I will." smiled Chuck. "I still have enough time to share breakfast with you. Besides…" he said making himself more comfortable next to her. He reaches over grabbing a strip of bacon off of Sarah's plate. "…I'm the boss. I can come in late if I wanted to." he mused. "Enjoy your day off."

Sarah rubs her stomach then briefly turns her attention to Peaches. "We will." she softly said.

The former spy couple enjoy breakfast in bed together and as they do Chuck tosses the remaining bacon he has in his hand over to Peaches. She gladly accepts it and after downing it, she lies down on the floor on the side of her two master's bed. A pretty awesome day to start off with for the parents to be, especially for Sarah.


"Good morning Mr. Bartowski." greeted Beverly Kim seeing her boss step through the front door. The all business former secretary of General Beckman is seated behind the front desk of Whiz Kid Systems, Inc. A soft smile expressed on her lips.

"It's an awesome morning Bev." replied Chuck doing a 360 turn. While doing it, he double points to his secretary in joyous fashion as he passes the front desk.

Chuck exudes a certain swag as he strolls down the hallway in his business suit. As he passes his employees, he exchanges high gives and fists taps with them. At the same time that happens his first name is being said, which is what he ended up deciding his employees to call him. Captain, Hannibal, and countless number of potential monikers would be suggested to him to the point of having a drop box attached to his office door. Unfortunately, none of them didn't feel quite right. So, he told them to just call him Chuck.

He continues to head straight to his office with a skip to each step. He passes employee after employee down the hallway exchanging a wide smile who know that he's going to be a proud pappa to be. The reason they know is standing at his doorway.

"Good morning Morg..." greeted Chuck hopping in front of him. "…in case I don't see ya. Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight." he added lighting punching Morgan's stomach.

Morgan nodded acknowledging his best friend since childhood. His right brow quirk upped. "Okay Truman Burbank. How is life now since you left the show Ed Harris' character Christoff unknowingly put you in?"

In response, Chuck laughs. In his mind, nothing can ruin his day and he intends to have an awesome one at that. After opening his office door, he walks over and then around his desk plopping himself down in his comfy chair. He leans back placing his feet up on the right corner of his desk with both hands behind his head.

"Life is awesome buddy." he grinned from ear to ear.

"I can tell. I saw those John Travolta Staying Alive moves you did out there. I could literally hear The Bee Gees singing in my head. Nice." sarcastically commented the bearded one. He raises both hands up to his face giving a thumbs up.

As he sits there, Chuck can clearly tell his hetero partner for life isn't sharing the same enthusiasm as he is. It's at that point, he puts his feet down off his desk all-the-while removing his hands placed behind his head. He takes a few moments to correctly position himself in his chair then leans back.

"Better?" he asked raising both eyebrows.

"Much." retorted the bearded little man.

There is a moment of silence in the room shared between the two men. The continue looking at each other until Chuck breaks the silence. "Is there something you need Morgan?"

Upon saying that, Morgan quickly snaps out of it. "Oh yeah, I just wanted to give you a heads up on the latest computer game we're in the process of developing." he answered. He takes a seat in front of his desk then continues on. As far as…"

"I'm going to have a baby dude!" interrupted Chuck.

Morgan grins and expresses a hint of a chuckle. He leans forward placing both hands on the desk in front of him. "First off, you're not having a baby. Sarah is. Second, the lollipop guild is missing one of it members so either return to The Land of Oz or tone it down a bit." he explained raising both hands then slowly lowering them.

Chuck is momentarily silent sitting behind his desk across from his best friend. "Really? Come on buddy, of all the people in this building I thought you would be the one who would be most excited for me…us. You know what I mean." he retorted with concern in his eyes.

"I am dude." nodded Morgan. "I was excited the first week for you then it started becoming…" He winces about knowing the word he's about to say may sting. "…annoying."

In that moment, Chuck let's what he said sink in. After a few seconds, he gives his response. "How annoying?"

"I overheard your secretary Beverly say last week that if you hugged her one more time that she'll as she puts it…" Morgan explained. "…slap that crazy white boy up his head." he added rolling his neck.

Chuck quirks his right brow. "You're lying."

"There is a bet going on that she will. So far nobody has won." he replied.

"What? She wouldn't do that?"

"I'll go get the betting board in the employee lounge right now." he responded getting up from the chair.

The successful business owner immediately stops him. "Okay I believe you. Sit down." he insisted motioning to the 1st chair to his left in front of his desk. As he watches Morgan sit down, his morbid curiosity gets the better of him. "So what's the pot up to?" Instantly, he waves the question off. "Nevermind. What do you want me to do?"

"Make me Godfather of your baby."

Once again, Chuck quirks his right brow. He stares at his bearded best friend who has become quite a negotiator as of late. "I'll take your request into consideration."

"Awesome." replied the cheerful employee and best friend. "Now can I update you on the latest computer game we've been developing?"

"Update a way buddy." smiled the business owner. Chuck sits behind his desk listening intently on the info Morgan is giving him concerning another potential successful game being developed.


It's around 9:30 p.m. and all his employees have left for the night. He stayed behind to finish some reports, which he set aside and didn't get to until now. Chuck had a very good reason because he was too excited about being a father that he ended up procrastinating in his duties. In any case, he leaves his office making sure to turn off the lights. After shutting the door he makes his way down the hallway and he does he suddenly sees a familiar face walking through the front door.


"Hey dude!" he waved standing at the front entrance.

The two men shake hands then share a quick hug. "How was your vacation with the fam?"

"Minnesota was cold but awesome. Had a blast with Shannon's family and we took the opportunity to visit the sights. Took pictures." he answered.

"Looking forward to seeing them my friend." he said.

Chuck and Travis head out the front door with the brown haired business owner locking the door. However, before he does he shuts off all the lights inside. Afterwards, the two former teammates walk to their cars and continue talking.

"So what's going on?"

"Well, we got back yesterday. After a road trip like that we as a family needed to have a have a mini vacation from our vacation. You know what I mean." he explained.

Chuck nodded. "I know what you mean." he mused.

"Oh, Shannon got a call that her brother's coming into town. The thing is they haven't spoken in years. She's lost touch with him but she's looking forward to see him. Plus, he and I were best friends. I consider him like he was my own flesh and blood."

"It's always awesome to reconnect with family." retorted Chuck.

"Indeed. We just don't know when he'll be there."

The father to-be is about to respond when out of nowhere he's suddenly attacked from behind. He and the unknown assailant fall on the hood of Trav's car leading Travis to take action. He quickly grabs the masked individual dressed in black but is quickly met with a hard side kick to not only the gut, but to his face as well. He falls to the ground. As for Chuck, he's pinned down against the hood of his friends car but not for long. He initiates a flash and in a matter of seconds he escapes the masked assailant's hold that has him pinned down against the hood of the car with an a combination arm bar lock/knee to the gut.

The masked assailant is momentarily stunned to where he stumbles back. Yet, he doesn't go far as Chuck grabs him, lifts him up into a fireman's carry, then drops him hard on his back on to the hood of Travis car. At the same time he does, Travis approaches brandishing a weapon in his head aiming it directly at the masked assailants' face.

"Don't move or I'll shoot you in the head asshole!" he screamed.

While the two men stand there, the masked assailant speaks up. "You're getting rusty Trav." he breathed out expressing a hint of laughter at his expense.

Travis' eyebrow immediately furrow. His attention on him briefly avert to Chuck who is wondering what's going on. He in turn is looking for answers from him still in defense mode. "You got to be kidding me." he stated in disbelief.

The protégé of Tobias Carter reaches down removing the assailant's mask and once he does his eyes widen. He watches as the unmasked man laughs once again then gets up in a seated position. Afterwards he spins around facing forward then pushes himself to the front end of the car where he sits. "Long time no see."

At this point, Chuck is totally confused so much so he speaks up. "Trav…" he says pointing at the unmasked assailant, "…who is this guy?" he wondered.

In response, Travis shakes his head expressing amused disbelief as he lowers himself sitting next to the lanky business owner. "Chuck…" he said briefly looking at the man to his right. "…this is Eddie. My brother-in-law." Travis announced pointing his gun at him. The sudden and considerably unorthodox appearance of Travis' brother-in-law made Chuck's awesome day not so awesome.