Chuck vs. Where Loyalty Lies

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Weapon Of Mass Distraction


Chuck takes a few steps back passing Travis and Eddie in order to get an overall view of the situation at hand. He takes a few moments to concentrate on the pattern of the movement of the lasers. In his mind, it's truly going to be tricky maneuvering his way through but with the help of the intersect it hopefully won't be that difficult. Easier said than done he thinks to himself. Afterwards, he turns glancing over his right shoulder looking at Travis and Eddie standing in front of him.

"Wish me luck." he said raising both eyebrows.

"Good luck." stated Eddie.

"You got this." nodded Travis.

In response, Chuck gives the two man standing in front of him a firm nod. He then initiates a flash that Eddie clearly witnesses in full view. He steps forward past the two men then stands in front of the moving lasers before him. After taking a deep breathe, he does a front bend into a hand stand over the first set of horizontal lasers coming towards him. Once he does, he immediately does not only a leg split but a one handed stand to avoid being hit by a pair of lasers that just miss him by a few inches. Afterwards, he instantly drops to the floor still in a split legged position but quickly ducks down with his upper body flat on the floor.

Upon doing so, a sweeping laser passes overhead. Once it does, he rolls on to his left side just avoiding a passing vertical laser and in doing so he then lies flat on his back. He lies very still as a pair of lasers criss cross from head to toe. Afterwards, he moves slowly forward along the floor under the second set of horizontal lasers. As this is going on, Travis and Eddie can't help but be amazed by this astonishing spectacle they see before them. For Travis, it's like watching the expert jewel thief Francois Toulour in Ocean's 12 and Katherine Zeta-Jones' character sexy insurance agent Virginia Baker in Entrapment merged together. While standing there in absolute disbelief, he forgets that he's holding his breath and forces himself to breathe once again.

As for Chuck, he's slowly but surely making some headway towards Jeff and Lester. He slinks his body upward until he is on his knees right next to a rather large chess piece that is half the size of him. For a split second, he forgets where he is causing him to suddenly bend backwards laying on his back as a trio of sweeping lasers intersect each other. A close call he thinks to himself taking a brief moment to take a quick deep breathe. After he does, he lifts his head taking note of the small window of opportunity to bend forward grabbing the top of the edge of the solid rook and lifting himself on to the point of narrowly being hit by a sweeping low horizontal laser mere inches above the chess board floor.

In that moment, Chucks positions his footing on either side of the flat surface top. However, he jumps up avoiding an angled laser and is able to drop down where he originally planted himself without suffering any injury to himself. It's at that point, he carefully raises himself up on to his feet. Once he does, he stands straight up making sure both arms are extended out and up to his side. By this time, he's worked up a good sweat evident by it sliding down both his cheeks and his nose as well. He pauses for a moment clearly seeing a waist high horizontal laser approaching to his right. The brown haired man waits for the right time because if he goes to early or too late they'll all be blown to pieces. In a matter of seconds, he makes his move using the upward momentum to vault over and sideways on to the floor. Upon hitting the floor, he momentarily pauses bending down into a ball for another sweeping beam to pass overhead. In that instance, he gets on to his feet in a yoga type pose sticking his butt in the air. Once he does, Chuck easily steps over a slow moving horizontal laser.

However, the easy part may be over but an upcoming challenge remains. He bends down as far as possible with his head as close to his feet as humanly possible and at the same time clutches tightly the back of his ankles. The immense discipline and possibly pain in being able to perform that move leaves Eddie and Travis absolutely stupefied.

"That's gotta hurt." winced Travis in whisper.

Eddie nodded. "You said it." he whispered back.

The two men continue to do their very best in not making any loud noises whereby distracting the deep concentration Chuck is currently having. As they continue to watch, the man in question waits as a pair of vertical lasers quickly pass simultaneously on either side of him while in the bending position. Once the coast is clear, he drops his hands to the floor then slowly slides down to it with his butt briefly remaining in the air. He pulls himself forward with his hands planting firmly against the chess board floor. When he reaches his next destination point, he spins his body to where his feet are now where his head used to be. The next move he makes is placing his hands behind his head, lifting his lower body up, and then using as much of his core strength to vault himself up and over the next pair of leaser beams inevitably in a standing position.

He inevitably reaches the final set of lasers and waits patiently for the right moment to make his move. All through this, he's worked up a perfectly good sweat and not to mention an intense workout as previously stated, which he'll quite possibly feel tomorrow morning. After a few seconds, he knows now is the right time to make his move as ever and runs towards the lasers, diving between two of them and over the bishop chess piece as they completed their sweep pattern. Triumphantly, Chuck lands on the floor doing a front roll ending up sliding on to one knee. He nearly crashes into and against the Museum wall but is able to stop himself from doing just that.

While on one knee, he takes a momentary and much needed breather. Afterwards, he reaches up with his right hand to wipe his face totally drenched in sweat. As he's doing it, he can hear from the across the room restrained hollers of victory by Travis, as well as Eddie. He lifts his head seeing both of them giving each other high fives and then chest bumping each other. In that moment, he can't help but express a hint of laughter and as he does he wipes his face again from all the sweat dropping down. It's at that point, Chuck quickly monkey crawls over just a few feet away to Jeff and Lester. Yet, he doesn't check on his former co-workers who are somewhat coherent as they are tied up in the chair. Instead, his attention is focused on the disarming mechanism located underneath. When he lowers himself down to get a good look at it he flashes seeing the following images:

The image of chess phenom Bobby Fischer…

Detailed schematic of device…

Image ofa world map with red x's in certain countires…

An image of an explosion…

Black and white photos of charred aftermath…

Image of Government files…

Finally, the image of chess phenom Bobby Fischer….

Once the flash is over, he shakes his head blinking several times in the process. Afterwards, he lifts the front panel revealing a medium sized touch screen. He flashes again seeing images of a sequence of numbers and letters. He gently touches it leading a keyboard to appear and once it does Chuck types in the sequence of numbers and letters he saw from the flash. It take a brief moment to complete it then presses enter.

In doing so the screen flashes the words deactivated in red causing not only the explosive devices to become inactive but the laser beams to shut down as well. The danger is now over and it leads Chuck to breathe a sigh of relief. He stands up wiping his forehead with his right forearm and then checks on his former co-workers. As he does the two men who couldn't do anything but standby watching quickly approach with smiles on their faces.


The intense situation involving Jeff and Lester was thankfully put to rest. As Travis with Eddie's help stayed behind to dispose of the explosive devices, Chuck would escort his two former co-workers back to Buy More but with a believable story to tell Big Mike. Of course, they didn't have any idea what happened much to the delight of the now successful business owner. All they remember was they were about to enter Benningans then being sprayed in the face and after that nothing. As he and the two now prosperous singing duo step through the sliding doors of Buy More they are instantly greeted by Big Mike in his own way.

"So…" proclaimed Bike Mike with arms crossed. He stands tapping his left boot still wearing the Santa suit. "…I take it you two fools drowned your sorrows at Bennigans. I told you it was a long shot boys." he chuckled at his two ever so incompetent employees.

Chuck stands in between Jeffser briefly turning back and forth his head looking at both men. He notices that Jeff and Lester are still a bit groggy telling him their still feeling the effects of whatever they were knocked out with. Instead, of them answering his former boss he answers for them. As he does, he reaches up placing both his hands on either side

"Actually Big Mike, they're going to have one of their songs on a game we're currently developing." he said with a smile.

In response, the rotund manager of Buy More stands there for a moment staring first at Lester who is wobbling back and forth trying to get his bearing straight. He then turns to his right where Jeff is standing and he is exuding the usual Jeff demeanor but much more pronounced than usual. Afterwards he averts his attention back to his former employee now turned successful business man. "Them two." he retorted pointing at both them. "The same two dimwits who just yesterday I found watching Dog Day Afternoon in the home entertainment room and yelling out lines to each other. They…" he firmly stated with absolute disbelief. "…are going to have one of their songs in one of your games." Big Mike added shaking his head.

"Yup." nodded Chuck. "Hard to believe but they are." he added taking that moment to squeeze both men's shoulders.

Upon feeling his left shoulder being squeezed Lester reacts. "We must have had a good time but I don't remember even drinking." he responded shaking his head with a bit of a slur.

In that instance, Jeff chimes in. "I don't remember either." The other half of Jeffster wobbles back and forth standing in front of Big Mike. As he does so, he places his hand in front of his mouth in order to smell his breathe. He does this several times then gets his former co-worker's attention. "Hey Chuck, do I have beer breath?"

At the same time he said that, Chuck turns responding to his query. When he does, Jeff opens his mouth blowing out at his face causing the lanky business owner to catch a whiff. In doing so, it causes Chuck to not only snap his head back a bit so much so he winces to the point where his eyes begin to actually water. He repeatedly blinks his eyes then responds to his seemingly burned out former co-worker.

"Wow…" he stated stretching his eyes as wide as he possibly can. "…I wasn't prepared for that Jeff." Chuck added reaching up with both hands rubbing both eyes. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." he replied with a goofy smile.

While Chuck is trying to recover from the supposedly toxic whiff of Jeff's breath Bike Mike takes it upon himself to take his two idiot employees off the father-to-be's hands. "Come on superstars…" he sarcastically stated grabbing both men by the end of their ties. "…back to reality. Get back into your elf suits." the rotund Santa added walking off dragging Jeff and Lester away.

As all 3 men disappear out of sight, Chuck is standing there continuing to feel the after effects of Jeff's breathe. He continues rubbing his eyes and at the same time repeatedly blinking. While he does, Travis and Eddie approach him from behind stepping through the front entrance of Buy More. The two briefly glance at each other wondering what is up with him as they keenly notice him rubbing his eyes.

"Chuck, you okay dude?" he wondered.

Eddie expresses a hint of a chuckle. "Are you crying?"

Chuck doesn't respond right away. He continues to be rubbing and blinking his eyes then gives his retort. "Is it possible to deem Jeff's breathe a WMD? A Weapon of Mass Distraction." he inquired finally focusing his vision on the two men standing in front of him.

Travis shrugs his shoulders. "It should be but I don't think General Beckman would consider that a threat to national security." he jokingly remarked. "If he were an X-Men, his mutant ability wouldn't be that impressive. Potent mind you but not impressive."

"True." nodded the brown haired business owner. "Were you able to dispose of you know what?" he asked carefully looking around.

"Yup." nodded Eddie chiming in. "They aren't a threat whatsoever. So what's next?" he wondered glancing at both men.

Chuck turns his attention to Travis who gives him a nod. He then turns to Eddie giving his answer. "Contact Beckman and get some answers. That's what is next." he firmly stated narrowing his eyes." He steps forward walking in between and past the two men heading out the front entrance of Buy More. Travis and Eddie don't waste any time either as they follow suit behind a determined man who wants answers.


Mr. Bartowski…" Beckman said sitting behind her desk on Castles main computer screen. "…this is an unexpected surprise." the Air Force General added quirking her right brow.

Chuck and Travis stand in front of Castle's main computer screen determined to get answers. As for Eddie, he stayed behind in Chuck's office because quite frankly they couldn't go into Orange Orange and through the secret entrance without arousing suspicion from the patrons who were there purchasing yogurt treats. Beforehand, the owner of Whiz Kid Systems, Inc. informed his secretary Beverly Kim they would be in a "business meeting" knowing full well what he meant by it. As the two men stand they in front of the conference table, the former teammates know it's not time for joking around or funny movie related quips about the situation at hand.

"I wish we could say the same General. I'm sure you've possibly been made fully aware of what is going on. The attack by the 6 thugs early Monday morning. The bomb strapped to Travis' car Tuesday night. The abduction of Jeff and Lester today. I flashed on the explosive device underneath their chair and saw that it was from our own government. All set up as a possible test." explained Chuck. He furrowed his eyebrows at the tiny red headed women on the computer screen.

"Is this the reason why Casey isn't here? You've sent him on a mission somewhere?" questioned Travis with his arms crossed.

Beckman is briefly silent. She then takes a moment to momentarily lower her eyes then takes a deep breath. Afterwards, she returns her attention back to the two men who she knows wants answers and judging by the serious expressions on their faces they aren't going to move an inch until they do.

"Mr. Bartowski…" she answered placing both hands on her desk intertwining them together. "…just because you aren't part of the agency doesn't mean we no longer keep tabs on you. Yes, I am fully aware of the situation and as for Agent Casey Mr. Riley…" Beckman pauses for a moment to which Chuck and Travis keenly notice. "…he is indeed on mission to get intel concerning the events you have mentioned." she firmly added.

"What has he been able to find out?" Travis wondered quirking his right brow.

"From what our trusted source was able to divulge to Colonel Casey was this mysterious person is a former agent who is seemingly holding a grudge. Financially, he has some deep pockets." she explained.

For Chuck, being able to be given answers from a woman who is not usually forthcoming with intel since he's no longer in the agency isn't like her. Of course, they grown to develop a mutual respect for each other over the years unlike the very beginning. A beginning in which she had her doubts and concerns about a mere civilian having a top secret government project uploaded in his brain. In his mind, he knows the high ranking military female soldier would have immediately gone with her gut instinct to do whatever she had to get it out of his head. What that particular something is would be something he didn't want to even think about.

However, he is very thankful that Beckman has not only turned a 180 concerning his abilities as an agent and the keeper of the intersect; but has most definitely been a 100% support concerning the decision to leave the agency. To him, she understood the circumstances behind it knowing full well her sordid history with the past loves in her life such as Marcus Stefano and Roan Montgomery. So, in a way they share a kinship of sorts. In any case, he knows he's mentally getting off track so he refocuses on the situation at hand concerning what has been going on this past week. Also, she he along with the rest of his family, friends, and associates be gravely concerned about their safety to the point of constantly being weary of what's going to happen or not happen for that matter.

"Is there an imminent threat to our lives General?"

Once again Beckman is momentarily silent. She lets what her former subordinate asled her sink in. She then responds to him. "Watch your backs gentlemen."

"Roger that." responded Travis. He glances over to his lanky friend who witnesses nod acknowledging what Beckman told them. His attention returns to Castle's main computer. "General, is my brother-in-law in any way involved in this? I just have to know." he firmly inquired.

"Mr. Riley, as far as we know he is not directly involved. Unless he has the capability to wipe text messages and phone calls, then you need not worry about him." answered Beckman with a nod.

"At least he's off the hook." nodded Chuck. He reaches over patting his dark haired friend on his right shoulder.

"Yup." he retorted with a faint smile on his lips.

In that instance, General Beckman gets the two men's attention back to Castle's main computer screen. "Mr. Bartowski…Mr. Riley stay safe and if I have anything to report from Casey I will contact you."

"Please General." answered Chuck.

"Awesome to talk with you again ma'am." Travis nodded.

Beckman doesn't respond back. All she does is express a grin to the two men. Afterwards, she presses a button causing the Castle's main monitor to go dark. Once it does, Chuck and Travis turn to each other.

"What do we do next?" wondered the former member of the Zeitgeist.

"What else…" Chuck replies. "…watch our back." he added walking off. As he does, Travis follows suit as well.


It's late Friday evening and Casey is marching up a flight of stairs. At the same time, he's glancing in front and behind him keeping a watchful eye concerning his surroundings. In his right hand, he's tightly holding a brown bag. After a few moments, he reaches his motel room door, fishes out his room key with left hand, unlocks the door then steps in. Once inside, he turns on the light then locks the door all in one fell swoops. Afterwards, he walks over passing his bed over to the table next to the window. He sets the bag down on it then moves the right side of the drapes aside to look out the window. It takes him a few seconds then steps back reaching behind him.

What he reaches for is his government issued weapon. He peers down at it gently rubbing the side then sets it down on the table next to brown bag. When he does, he reaches for the brown bag in question picking it up and tearing the brown bag open revealing some type of liquid in a bottle. He crumples the remaining remnants of the brown paper tossing it across the room into the trash can. The burly NSA agent expresses a satisfying grunt as he reads the label on the battle…Ankara. It's a Turkish Whiskey very popular in this area of Turkey and not to mention it's a type of whiskey he's going to partake in.

The grizzled veteran agent sets the bottle down once again. He reaches over taking hold the top of the ice buck provided by the motel. In doing so, he slides it over to him. When he opens it up, he finds that there isn't any ice. He expresses a grunt of disappointment as his attention averts from the bottle of Turkish Whiskey to the empty ice bucket. In his mind, he's weighing the pros and cons of not drinking whiskey without ice in it. Ultimately, the cons outweigh the pros as he grabs not only the ice bucket, but his weapon as well. Casey tucks it behind him once again concealing it with his shirt. After he does, the man also known as Alex Coburn heads out downstairs to get ice.

Once stepping outside, he locks his motel door once again. He rumbles down the stairs with the empty ice bucket clutched in his left hand down at his side. After reaching the bottom floor he makes a quick u-turn. Casey heads down the semi-lit corridor and while doing so he's weary of his surroundings. The flickering light up to his left and a fairly middle aged man emerging from the left corridor then turn left walking towards him. In that instance, he slowly places his right hand behind him and as he is about to pass him the man gives the obligatory head nod then passes him. This causes Casey to briefly glance back over his left shoulder and in that moment watches the man head out into the streets inevitably disappearing out of sight.

For Casey, he continues to be at heightened state of awareness as his attention returns forward. After pacing another corridor, he finally reaches the end of the corridor he's currently walking and turns a hard right where a fairly large ice machine reside. He steps forwards, lifting the lid and places the ice bucket down inside the machine filled to the brim with cubes his ice. He reaches down grabbing the metal scoop with his right hand then begins scooping ice then dumping into the once empty ice bucket. The trained sniper does this several times and while doing so, his eyes being to dart back and forth. His eyebrows furrow, eyes narrow, and jaw is clenched.

The man's instincts are informing him something is up but doesn't let on. He continues scooping ice into the bucket but all of a sudden he spins around with bucket full of ice. The bucket in question connects with an armed individual…the same individual who he just passed just moments ago. It hits the weapon in question to fire off a few rounds but it doesn't alert the residence of the motel because of the suppressor attached to it. When it comes to his right hand he swings the metal ice scooper across his body smashing it over the side of the man's face knocking him down to the ground. Immediately, he drops both items to the ground quickly retrieving his weapon from behind him.

Casey aims his weapon directly at the semi-conscious man on the ground strewn with individual pieces of ice. He's fully locked and loaded as the laser sight is directed right between the fallen man's eyes.

"Who are you working for?" growled the annoyed Colonel.

The fallen man doesn't get to answer when several shots are fired but their not from the man on the ground. It came from behind him causing Casey to feel considerably woozy as he slowly turns around to see a silhouetted figure standing several feet away.

"You!?" he responded snarling at the mystery person.

Upon saying that, he's tagged with a few more tranq darts causing him to drop his weapon. It takes a few more moments when Casey himself drops to his knees then falls forwards. The mystery person in question approaches inevitably standing with their feet at his head. As his happens, the man who was knocked by Casey gets up and brushes himself off then bends down retrieving his own weapon that was knocked away. He shuffles over to the now unconscious body of Casey, peers down, the back up to the unknown person in question.

"Orders?" he inquired.

"Take him to the car." The unknown individual bends down retrieving Casey's weapon the stands straight up looking at it then to the armed man. "He may have information we want." the individual firmly nodded.

"Yes ma'am." he retorted. The female in question he complied with…Zondra.