"How're you doing Mr. Brian?" Lois teased as her husband walked through the door. She was wearing a polka dot apron and was baking fresh cookies. It had been two months since they got married and four since they got together and things could never have been better for Lois. A good husband, wonderful kids, the only regret she had was not taking up Brian earlier, like months ago when he admitted to the whole family that the only woman he loved was Lois.

"Just fine," responded Brian, "... Mrs. Lois, you didn't tell me you were making cookies!" Lois just smiled at that, Brian was always so appreciative, so unlike Peter. She was happy to have fallen in love and stayed in love. The thing about Brian was not that he made her feel needed, it was not that he made her feel important, it was that he made her feel as if there was nothing else he would do other than stare into her eyes. But he had bad news to tell her and she could see it in his eyes, things were not right and it was tearing him apart from the inside. The news he had to tell was terrible.

"Brian... what's wrong?" Lois asked cautiously. Brian felt bad just looking her in the eye at that moment, if he was taking it so badly, how would she take it?

"Lois... sit down," Brian requested and Lois did so on a wooden chair. Grabbing a seat himself, sighing and putting his hand over his forehead he contemplating for a split second on how he would tell her. "Bonnie got pregnant two months ago, she only told us all now and so to make room for the new baby she made Meg move to the basement and oh god..." The words were barely getting out of his mouth. Lois seemed tense, her eyebrows narrowed as she bore into Brian's soul, a lump was rising in her throat. "They are... arresting Peter because he poured asphalt all in the basement and Meg's dead." The last word's came out so quickly that Brian did not even know if he said it right or not. But Lois got the message and she burst out crying, falling into Brian's white furred chest, holding her husband close. No matter how much she insulted Meg, no matter how much she put her down, Meg was still her baby girl nonetheless and nothing would replace that. She was sure that Peter did not mean to, but then again, when did he ever mean to! He probably thought the asphalt was a better way to wake her up! She wanted to choke that bastard to death right now, but she could not. All she could do was cry.

When Brian broke the news to Chris and Stewie, only Chris cried. After all, the two were quite close. Stewie, being a baby would probably never even remember her face, especially since Lois never took her in any of the family photos. All of a sudden Lois regretted the harsh treatments she had given Meg. Why did she not take Meg with her to any photo? Because she never was part of the Griffin family. To think she lived her whole life thinking Peter, a man who never treated her right, was her real father. "Should I tell Stan?" Lois asked Brian.

"You haven't met him in 19 years Lois, did... he know?" Brian asked. Lois sadly nodded. No more tears streamed down her precious eyes, after all, her eyes were dry.

"He never properly introduced himself to her but he always tried his best to... to watch over her," between each breath she gasped. "In elementary school when I told him he quit his job and became the schools janitor, then he took up a part time job as a security guard at the mall to make sure she never did anything wrong like steal food she didn't pay for..." Lois regretted her affair with Stan, but he did love Meg like a daughter, like Peter, someone who thought she was his daughter, never could. Lois was never nice to her either, so who was she to blame Peter? The fault was just as much hers as it was Peter's. Meg wanted to go to MIT, but Lois was the one who told her she was too stupid, fat and ugly to go to any kind of college, even Quahog Community College and that she should help around the house. The time for repentance was over, though, Lois had sinned greatly and at that moment just wanted to forget. "There was a time, you know Brian, when I thought I was in love with Bonnie," Lois had never revealed this to anyone before, but Brain was her husband and she thought he had a right to know.\

"What?" Brian said shocked, and for a moment stopped stroking her hair.

"At that time Peter and I... we only had sex to satisfy our needs and I looked at Bonnie," Lois paused. "She was always on my mind and when we went to Paris I thought I would seduce her... but when she told me she wanted to cheat on Joe I realized I was wrong. Every time I was wrong. Thanks Brian... for marrying me. I know we'll get through this... together."