They never found his body, it was assumed that one of the several bones of a drowned dog were his, but it was unconfirmed.

The funeral went by slowly, just like the rest of the first month. Lois had Chris there to comfort her, but it just made her remember how much she humiliated and humbled Meg. Stewie, Lois wished her three year old son could help but she could not help but notice how distant he always was.

The second month was slightly faster, Lois felt as if she was recovering. So much bad had happened to her recently that she was surprised that she had not started graying yet. By the end of the month, Carol and Adam came over and gave Lois two free plane tickets as a vacation to wherever, just to get her mind off of things. Lois had no choice but to accept, since Stewie had moved in with her parents since the incident and Chris would too, once his summer vacation came. Lois decided on Portugal, after all, she had heard several good things about the beaches there. Getting into her resort, she was shocked when she saw the head masseuse, it was Bonnie's son, Kevin Swanson. "Hello Mrs. Griffin," he said cheerfully, as if nothing was wrong.

"K-kevin," Lois stammered, "What are you doing here?"

"I had to leave the USA last year," he explained as worrisome thoughts flooded Lois' head. She remembered hearing Bonnie right before the accident. "So I took up a job here. Sorry about what happened, with Meg, by the way." So he hadn't known about Brian? Bonnie hadn't been in touch with him, this was all too spontaneous. Lois needed her revenge on that bitch for torturing her and murdering the love of her life, or at least the first part if she hadn't imagined the latter.

"So, Kevin," Lois said, "It was a long flight."

"I know, I had to leave from Denver," he stated. "All of the masseuses here are good, but if you want, I can do yours for free, my boss won't care."

"I'd be delighted," Lois stated.

After a short visit to her room, where Kevin stated he would do the massage, Lois stripped down to nothing and covered herself with a towel. When Kevin came in, he set up a table and instructed Lois to get on it and as soon as she did so, he began massaging her temple and her neck. She hadn't felt so great since Brian's last lick. With the mixture of wine and the massage, Lois began to relax rather quickly. After a few moments of Kevin massaging Lois' shoulders, he step to the her side, lifted her arm and began massaging her fingers, hand and arms; it was fabulous. His hands then went back to Lois' shoulders. Moving the towel down to Lois' belly he massaged his way down to the side of Lois' breast. Feeling his hands so close to Lois' breast made her flinch. Lois tried all she could to not show her amazement as Kevin's fingers massaged her breast and slid ever so gently over her nipples. Lois could barely hold back my outward display of excitement, but there was no hiding the fact that her nipples grew hard and stiff at his touch. Lois found myself enjoying his touch and could feel the sensation between her legs as Kevin continued to massage the breast. Lois was disappointed when Kevin stopped and went to the foot of the table and began massaging her feet. But Lois' disappointment was short lived as Kevin lifted her foot, placed it on his shoulder and ran his oil covered hand up and down my calves and thighs. The higher he went up the thigh the more stimulated Lois became. He could feel the wetness between my legs and Lois winked at him, and he showed a flash of embarrassment.

Kevin's hands moved up and down my thighs getting closer and closer to Lois' pussy. Pushing Lois' leg forward in a bent position, Kevin's hand was within inches of my pussy and Lois knew he could feel wetness on her thighs. After massing her other leg he had Lois roll over on her stomach and he massaged her back. Lois' mind began to spin out of control as he removed the towel, which covered her ass, and his hands gripped my ass and began massaging each cheek hard and deep. Lois lost control and let out a moan. Kevin asked her if he was hurting her and Lois quickly assured her it felt damn good. His hands went down to her thighs and began massaging the inside. Instinctively Lois' legs opened, allowing him more access. The feel of his wonderful hands rubbing her body was unbearable. The further up Lois' inner thigh he went the wider her legs opened for him. Lois' body began to tremble as his fingers touched her wet lips. His hands didn't withdraw, but rather gave Lois' inner thigh a deep massage. Lois again let out a small groan of pleasure as his fingers rubbed over her wet pussy lips. Lois began to tremble even more when Kevin hands cupped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, while squeezing them. His finger slid down my ass and to the edge of her pussy. Her thighs were now covered with wetness and Lois knew he felt lust for her.

Massaging her ass cheeks with one hand and sliding his finger down the edge of her pussy was driving Lois wild. His finger circled her pussy and gently massaged her clit. Pouring oil between the cheeks of her ass, Kevin spread it all over her ass and pussy. His finger teased Lois' pussy and ass and she couldn't take it anymore. Kevin asked Lois if I she was enjoying the massage and her voice quivered with excitement as she told him he was making her feel wonderful. Lois bit on my lower lip as she felt his finger slip inside me. Slowly he worked his finger in and out of Lois, fucking her with such smoothness. Withdrawing his hand from her, he slid one hand under her body and reentered her pussy. Once again Kevin pulled his finger out of her. That was when Lois felt something cool attempting to penetrate my pussy. Kevin assured Lois that she was doing great and that she was going to take care of him and make her feel good. Little did he know, Lois smiled, he was falling prey to her plan. Lois felt his giant muscular chest on her back and his tongue moving all over her ass, licking it like he was worshipping a goddess, making Lois feel so good and forget all about Mr. Brian. Lois screamed as he licked her to multiple orgasms. He slowly inserted a finger in Lois' ass and was now fucking my ass and pussy. It brought back memories of when Glenn use to forcibly bang her in the ass. Lois was in tears with emotion and satisfaction, and slowly plotted out her revenge against Bonnie. She had never even kissed a stud that muscular before, let alone make love to one.

Every day of the trip, Lois and Kevin made love to each other, with him eventually growing to call her Lois, instead of Mrs. Griffin. Then, on the final day, Lois was about to leave, feeling content with her revenge against Bonnie when Kevin stopped her, grabbing her arm. "Lois, ever since you came, my life has gotten oh so much better. I know you may look at me like a little boy, but I want to go back to the US with you," he grabbed her hand and pulled out a ring with a beautiful black pearl on it. "Lois Griffin, may you marry me."

A devilish grin snuck up Lois' face and she smiled, "Oh Kevin, of course I will!"

They made out there, with Lois' plans for her third wedding formulating less than a second after the proposal.