Peter had called for Lois to meet him in his prison cell. Lois hated the man, he had killed Meg, her only daughter. Lois was six months pregnant with the child of her third husband, Kevin Swanson. In two months she would give birth, and then in four it would be her forty-seventh birthday. Lois laughed at the fact that she once thought she would be with Peter to celebrate that birthday. She saw Peter, dressed in orange and black, at the other side of the booth. "Hey Lois," he said into the phone, looking at her face. "I love you."

"What do you want?" she asked, harshly.

"I just wanted to talk to you, explain things," he revealed. He wasn't his normal, quirky and stupid self. "When Joe died and I went over to Bonnie's house, she hit me, beat me up... Lois I never wanted to leave you."

"What?" Lois asked, shocked beyond belief. "You pussy! You left me because you were scared?"

"Yeah... and it's funny how Meg died," Peter sighed.

"No it's not you son of a bitch!" Lois cried, prompting a guard's attention.

"No, no, no, I mean, I smuggled her out of the house months before that," Peter claimed. "I hadn't seen her at all when Bonnie made me fill up the basement, I mean I had a pet hobo in there but she was going to die of heroin abuse anyways. I don't know why Meg would come back..." Thoughts of hope began to fill Lois' mind, that maybe Meg was still alive. If the female charred corpse they found wasn't Meg, then maybe she was still alive, living out somewhere away from Peter. "Lois... is the kid, Brian's?" Tears welled in Lois' eyes, she would never stop loving Brian.

"Brian's dead," she said grimly. "Just like you're dead to me." With that, she walked away from Peter and her old life.

Stewie was five years old and even though Lois loved him dearly, he wasn't a baby anymore. Chris was almost an adult. Meg was missing, Lois needed to find her. She needed to be present at the birth of sibling. Through Kevin, Lois did it. She managed to find a console that let her track down where Meg was: New York City. Taking a car, by herself, Lois tracked Meg down and brought her home. It was not awkward at all, well, aside from finding out that her new stepfather was only a few years older than her. Lois and Meg talked like they never had before, finally realizing each other as mother and daughter.