Amanda sat in the den trying to concentrate on a book. She had been home from the hospital for three days and was starting to feel a bit restless, but Dr. MacJohn hadn't medically cleared her yet. She also couldn't stop thinking about Lee. She wasn't sure, but she thought she heard Lee say he loved her.

"Mom, there's some old dude here to see you."

"Yea and Grandma is all excited about it too. You'd think the president had just rung our doorbell or something."

Amanda shook her head, trying not to laugh.

"Thank you boys, but do you think maybe it would have been a bit nicer to say a gentleman is here to see me than calling him an 'old dude'?"

Amanda turned when she heard Senator Greene laughing and started to stand.

"Senator Greene, I'm so sorry..."

"No, no dear, you stay seated, and as for these young men, well they are right I am an old dude."

Both Jamie and Phillip turned and looked at the senator and smiled.

"You're a real senator?" Jamie asked, a bit curious about why a senator would be here to see his mom.

"That's what the nameplate on my office door says."

"Why are you here?"


"I came to check on your mom. She saved my life, you know."

Both boys looked at their mom. All they really knew about her injury was that it happened while she was working.

"Our mom?" Both boys asked in unison.


Dotty entered the den carrying a tray with her. Setting it down on the table she looked at her grandsons.

"Boys, why don't you head outside for a while."

"Awww, Grandma we want to learn how Mom saved the senator's life." Jamie looked at his mom, hoping she would let them stay.

"Sweetheart, all I did was push the senator out of the way. Now do as your grandma asked. Scoot!"

Dotty poured everyone a cup of tea, and handed around a plate of cookies.

"I'm sorry we don't have something a bit more fancy, senator."

"This looks wonderful, Mrs. West, but would you mind if I spoke to your daughter alone for a few moments?"

"Oh! Of course. I really need to get dinner started, anyway."

When Amanda and the senator were alone he took her hand.

"I'm glad you'r okay. You really had me worried, and I'm pretty sure Agent Desmond would have killed the man who was responsible for hurting you, if you hadn't pulled through."

"Francine? I doubt it. She doesn't really like me all that much."

"Trust me Amanda, she cares quite a bit about you, but I'm going to guess she has a hard time showing it. I find that sometimes the one who push you away the hardest are the ones who love you the most. Not because they want to hurt you, although they usually do, but because the thought of losing you is almost too much to bear. By pushing you away, they think it won't hurt as much if they do end up losing you. They're wrong, but they usually don't find that out until it's too late.

"Seems to be the story of my life lately."

"Well, sometimes you have to be the one to pull harder than they are pushing."

He leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"You're a special young lady Amanda."

"Thank you."

"Now, do you think your Mother would consent to a date with this old dude?"

Amanda laughed, "I think you'd make her the happiest Grandma on the planet if you asked her."


Today was the day Amanda was returning to work, and Lee was pacing around the Q-Bureau. He hadn't spoken to her since their conversation in the hospital. He knew she was down in Billy's office. What if she decided she couldn't trust him anymore? What if she asked Billy to assign her a new partner? He was so wrapped up in his thoughts he didn't even hear her enter the office.

She watched him pacing and couldn't help but smile.

"You know, Mr. Stetson, you're going to wear a hole in the floor if you keep that up."

Lee turned and gave her a nervous smile.

"I thought sneaking up on people was my move?"

"What can I say? I've learned from the best."

"So umm are you and I... I mean well are we still partners."

Amanda smiled at him, "Well, I've heard that I'm pretty hard to get rid of."

"Amanda, I ... "


"I didn't mean it. I promise your the last person I want to get rid of."

"Oh, that's good because you're stuck with me, buster!"

"No one I'd rather be stuck with."

Lee pulled her into a hug thanking the heavens that he hadn't lost his best friend for good.

"Don't get too comfortable Stetson. You put me through something like this again, I'll make sure Billy partners you with Fred Fielder."

"I promise, Amanda, with my whole heart that it will never happen Again."

"Better not buster, I've put too much work into you and I really don't want to break in someone new."

Lee tightened his hug, "I promise you'll never have to."

Billy poked his head in to the Q-Bureau and saw his two favorite agents hugging. Silently closing the door he walked away with a smile on his face, knowing they were alright. He knew it was just a matter of time before they both admitted they loved each other; he'd already talked to Harry about how to deal with it when it happened, but for now he was just content that his best team was back together and happy.