Fang took my back pack from me and pulled out a chair for me. I sat down and smiled at Sam and Ella. Fang sat down next to me. We all started eating.

"I have been followed by boys all day. They all want to help me around." Ella laughed.

"Good luck with that one, Max." Iggy came and sat down. I turned around to see Ally blow a kiss to him. Bleh.

"Your still dating that chick?" I asked, tearing off a piece of my sandwich.

"Ally? Yeah." Ella pretended to barf. Sam laughed. Fang was sitting quietly. I nudged him gently with my elbow.

"You okay?" Fang sat up, blinking like he had been staring off into space.

"What? Oh, uh yeah I'm fine." I nodded and went back to listening to Ella and Iggy argue about Ally. Personally, I didn't care that they were dating. Sure, Ally is an idiot but she isn't bothering me, not flirting with Fang and Iggy seems happy.

I noticed Fang still staring at his food like it had grown legs or something freaky like that. I waited till the others took their trays to the garbage to talk.

"Fang, what's wrong? You are hardly eating anything. You look upset." I put my hand on his, searching his dark eyes.

"I'm fine, really. Just a little stressed I guess. I have to present my paper today." Crap. The paper was due today. I finished it, don't worry. But I didn't want to read mine either.

"You will do great. If you write like you draw and sing, you will do incredible." I smiled, making him smile to. "There's my Fang. Now come on. Let's go to class. Really, you are going to do amazing."

"If you say so," Fang mumbled, standing up and carrying my backpack. God, I wish I could use my own words of encouragement. My stomach was churning in anxiety.

****In class*****

It went fine. I presented my paper, with little mistakes. I did make a show about holding out the word until I found a pen and fixed it before continuing. My heart still pounded from being in front of the people, all those eyes staring at me. My face drained of its pink color as Fang walked up. I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. Then after clearing his throat and starting three times, only to be told to speak up, he read his paper.

"Have you ever smelt the smell of smoke? Not like when you extinguish a match or from a fire-place. Have you ever been trapped in a room, where the oxygen is thin and the smoke fills your lungs? Causing you to choke and worry about it you will live?"

With every word Fang read from the paper, the class grew more silent. Fang stuffed one of his hands in his pocket. He looked nervous. But his voice never once stumbled. I looked to his mouth has he talked. Those lips I knew for the sweet kisses to my lips, cheeks, hair and neck. I knew his lips for their quirky smiles and beautiful laugh. Now I knew them for poetry. Fang's words echoed in the class room. He looked up from his paper.

"And then I met her. Those moments when I could do nothing but cry about loosing my dad, she was there to hold me." He looked right at me, I smiled at him. "Then when I was in my room, screaming in anger about how unfair it was, to lose someone so close, her chocolate eyes were the only thing that kept me sane." He stopped reading and looked around the classroom. I was the first to clap. Soon the whole class was standing and clapping. Iggy helped me up onto my good leg. When the clapping died down, Ms. Lange spoke.

"Wow Fang. You have some poetry in you. Do you mind explaining what you learned?"

"Screw this," he said, putting his paper in the turn-in basket before taking a seat next to me. Another student was getting out their paper when Ally leaned over.

"Fangy, I have green eyes. Not brown. You silly boy!" She patted his arm. "I forgive you." We all stared at her. Fang moved his arm away from her.

"Uh...Ally? It wasn't about you." She frowned and pouted. "It was about Max..." Iggy looked mad. Like, more than mad.

"I don't think us is going to work out, and you and Fang won't work out either...hate to crush your dreams princess." Ally glared at him. I snorted and hugged Fang. He was so incredibly sweet it was almost too cute.

*********after school*********

Fang's mom let him use the car to get to school today so we drove back to my place. This was either going to go up in flames, or be okay. Most likely up in flames. My parents were going to be sooo mad that I was bringing him back. But who really cares? We have been dating for almost 3 months, they need to get over it. I unlocked the front door and we walked inside. It was quiet but I could hear mom in the laundry room. Fang and I walked into the living room to watch a movie.

"We have to watch my favorite movie. You have no choice." I said, plopping down on the couch and starting Ponyo. It was such a cute movie, I have watched it about 10 times. I leaned against Fang, feeling his arm around my shoulder.

"Where did you learn to write like that?" I asked, crossing my arms over my stomach.

"I dunno. I just have always loved to write I guess. It's one of the best things in the world."

"I'd better be somewhere near the top on the List of Best Things Ever." Fang smirked and hugged my shoulders tightly.

"Of course Maxie! You are the best thing in the whole wide world!" Fang said loudly, in a baby voice.

"Forget I said anything!" I laughed and pushed his arms away. The movie was starting. After a while, I was really uncomfortably cold. I got up, trying to not put much weight on my cast as I stood to turn up the heat.

"You okay?"

"Just cold," I said, my leg aching. Fang took my hand and pulled me back on to the couch. He unzipped his hoodie and put my arms through it. He zipped it up to my chin and pulled the draw strings, making the hood tight around my face. I yanked it off and shoved his shoulder.

"I'm not that cold you weirdo!" I fixed my hair a little and leaned back against the couch, resting my head on Fang's shoulder. I pulled my hands inside the sleeves of Fang's black hoodie. He was a good 6 inches taller than me so the sleeves were long and floppy. But it was warm and smelled like him. I'm not sure quite what that smells like, his shampoo I guess. I cuddled up the best I could with this obnoxious cast and enjoyed the movie.

Ponyo had to be my favorite movie. The animation was so cool and beautifully done. The story was so sweet and there was something about it that was I was about to warn Fang that he should love the movie now because we were going to watch it again next week when I heard foot steps coming from the kitchen. My mom walked into the living room, we both turned to stare at her. At first I was so sure that she was going to tell Fang to get the heck out but her eyes then softened. She walked back into the kitchen, almost with a slight smile.

Max's mom's POV -(trying something new here!)

Max, even though she wasn't really my birth child, she was mine. I had always cared and loved her from the moment I first saw her. Seeing her with Fang, she looks so incredibly happy. But, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't except the fact that she was my little baby growing up.

When Max came home, I let out that motherly sigh of relief that her child was safe. Then I heard another voice. Fang. I heard them laughing and the TV turned on. I kept folding the laundry. Goodness gracious, Max could be a handful. Jeb has been angry about the car accident, what parent wouldn't? But I am just so relieved she is okay. Every night since the accident, Jeb and I would argue about it. I've feeling that horrible feeling of regret for kicking out Jessie and her family. But I felt as if I couldn't trust Fang.

It had been way too quiet so I decided to check on them. I walked in to see Max, curled up next to Fang on the couch, wearing his sweat shirt and watching the movie with a smile. Fang was holding her shoulder and stroking her hair lovingly. They both turned to look at me, waiting for me to yell. I couldn't yell at them. The way Fang held her so gently, he never would do her any harm. Max just looked so happy. I turned and walked back into the kitchen, tears filling my eyes. My little girl was growing up so fast. I grabbed my phone out of my purse and made my way to my room, there was a friendship I needed to fix.

Max's POV

Towards the end of the movie, I felt odd. I looked up to find Fang staring at me.

"You must love this movie." I nodded.

"You can tell?" Fang laughed.

"I have been staring at you and making funny faces for the past 10 minutes. You haven't noticed." Fang laughed, making me giggle. Since when do I giggle? Since this moment, hearing his sweet laugh. I pressed a finger to his lips and shushed him loudly. Fang smiled and took my finger away from his mouth, holding my hand.

I watched as the two little kids in the movie rode in their little toy boat that had been made real with magic. I watched in wonder at the marvelous sea creatures swimming outside their front door. The brilliant, vibrant color and imaginative drawings seemed straight out of a child's head.

"Beautiful." Fang said softly. I nodded.

"Like I said, best movie ever." Fang laughed again. I was starting to wonder if he was on drugs. This was a lot more laughing coming from him than usual. Usually a smirk was all I could get.

"No, Max. You." I sat up and looked at Fang.

"You haven't been watching the movie at all have you?"


"Good, that means next time we watch it you won't be too sick of it." Fang put his hand on my neck, locking me in a kiss. I pulled him closer and leaned back. I wanted this kiss to last forever.

I was starting to feel light-headed when Fang paused for a second. We kissed again but this time I heard it to. A light thump. We both sat up. I looked out the window, a car sat in the driveway.

"Crap," I whispered loudly, or a word something like that. The front door opened, and my dad walked inside. We both turned so quickly that my head felt dizzy and hurt. When my dad saw us, it looked like he was trying to keep calm, but was failing miserably.

"Get out of my house. NOW." Fang jumped off the couch, yanking on his shoes and grabbing his coat and back pack. He hurried out the door. Dang it. I was enjoying that kiss. Why was it that every time Fang and I kiss, someone has to interrupt the moment?

The door slammed shut, then the yelling began. My dad was yelling something about my disobeying and Fang not allowed here and yada yada yada. I put my head in my hands, realizing that I was still wearing his hoodie.

"I told you to stay away from him," he said loudly.

"But I love him!" I yelled, all the pent-up emotions exploding now. He flinched at my yelling. "No matter how hard you try, you will never keep us apart." I stood on my good leg, feeling my hands clench into fists.

"I'm your father and you will listen to me! I don't want to see that boy anywhere near here again! Is that clear?"

"No Jeb, It's not. You aren't really my dad. I love Fang and he loves me. He would never do anything to hurt me. There is nothing you can do about it." My throat burned from my screaming and the knot that was forming.

"Love? Is that what you call it? He broke up with you and then begged to have you back. He crashed the car with you and your friends in it. That's not love!"

"I wanted Fang back as much as he wanted me. His life could have ended right then in the crash to and you know it! It wasn't his fault Iggy didn't have freaking chains on the wheels!" I grabbed my crutches and started off to the office. I heard my mom come down stairs. They both yelled, echoing in the big entry way of our house. I stopped. Why were they both yelling at each other?

"Fang is Max's best friend! I saw the way you yelled at both of them. Fang was out of their so fast, he might as well had a gun to his head! And poor Max! We have yelled at her as if it's her fault. It's not any ones fault. You need to calm down, Jeb." YES! Another one on our side!

I went into the office, closing the door. I lied down on the couch in there that was serving as my bed and turned on my music. I had brought a small, fake Christmas Tree into the office this morning so I could look at the lights. It glowed brightly in the dark. I played soft music and tried to fall asleep. Falling asleep was always harder than it sounds. But not tonight. Even with out dinner, I fell asleep quickly. Being able to curl up in Fang's hoodie, the black fabric still smelling like him. I could easily pretend that he was there, curled up with me, protecting me from the yelling and chaos and stress. I could pretend this, but it wasn't that same with out his arms around me.

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