Now begins the story, what would become Team Rocket Head Quarters

Jack, Miyamoto, Alex, Kiki, Tiffany and Brian. Sat in the dark office. At the desk in front of them sat a woman shrouded in shadows. The woman known as Madam Boss.

"You all know why I've called you here" she spoke sinisterly. "to be the first members in a your origination" Jack spoke. "that is correct Team rocket is its name and you six are its first members, you shall me known as the Rocket Triad!" she pronounced raising her fist to the air. Kiki rose her hand into the air "umm boss Therese six of us Triad means three" she said meekly. "I KNOW THAT" Madam boss snapped. "you will be divided into three teams" she stated. "Will we get matching tattoos?" questioned Brian. Madam boss gave him a evil glare. "if you wish" she sighed. "all right!" Brian shouted. "so do we get to choose are team mate?" Miyamoto question.

Jack just gulped and shifted nervously. "no" Madam boss replied. "ah man" Miyamoto pouted. "I've decided to pair you up according to your skills everyone stand up and move to sit next to your partner when I say your names. As told everyone stood up "Alex your with Kiki", Miyamoto smiled (one step closer to Jack) she thought. Kiki went over to the chair next to Alex and sat down then the shook hands. "Brian your with Tiffany" Brian went over and sat down next to before shaking her hand Tiffany. "so that leaves Jack and Miyamoto" the boss finished. Miyamoto turned to Jack and hugged him before siting down next to him.

"You will all be given your uniforms and assignments tomorrow you are excused

That night the guys and girls went to there 'dorms to get some rest, the girls in one room the guys in the other. In the girls room they were all wearing PJ's Kiki in blue, Tiffany in yellow and Miyamoto in red.

"Miya you got lucky, Jacks your partner!"

Kiki squeeled. Miyamoto blushed why does that make me lucky?

"oh don't you know Jack was picked for his martal arts skills, he's hiding a six pack under that shirt!" Tiffany squeeled.

"oh please Jack won't have any intrest in me I'm only 12 and he's 16!.

"well maybe not now but in three or four years.

Meanwhile in the guys room they all wore shorts. "Jack I hear Miyamoto has a crush on you" Brian teased. "did I ever tell you about the time i won in a fight with a Machoke?" Jack threatend Brian gulped. "no need to get hostile Jack"

"Besides Brian Jack is four years older then Miyamoto if he did anything more then kiss her forehead Madam boss would beat the crap out of him.

Jack paled "I hope she doesn't have a crush on me or the boss will crush me!"

End of this part.

In the next chapter Jack and Miyamoto's first mission rob a poke'center.

I decided to move this to the end of the first chapter

o make things easier I'll start with six bios of the original agents of team rocket

Team One

Name: Alex

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Height 5ft 1 inches

Special Skill: Mechanical genius

Name: Kiki

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Green

Eye Color: Hazel

Height 5ft 3 inches

Special Skills: Computer Programer

Team Two

Name: Tiffany Doc

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Height 5ft 5 inches

Special Skills: Expert in pokemon behavior and physiology

Name: Brian Age: 11

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Orange

Eye Color: Green

Height 5ft 3 inches

Special Skills: Pokemon Breeder

And Finally the stars of our story

Team Three.

Name: Miyamoto

Age: 12

Gender: female

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Violet

Height 5ft 4 inches

Special Skills: Skilled in the art of disguise.

Name: Jack

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height 6ft 2 inches

Special Skills. Skilled in the art of Ninjitsu.