The Original Team Rocket

The Great Escape from Jack

Jack was lounging in the reck room of Team Rocket headquarters. A few other agents were playing pool. A few more were watching pokemon tournament on tv.

Miyamoto came into the room wearing a red tank top and near hip hugger green pants. (Jack having thrown out the hip huggers saying they damaged nerves in her waste. Along with all her books for her low crab diet, he called "the suicidal diet")

"Hey Jack how do I look?" she asked and gave herself little a twirl.

Jack looked up from his book, and at his friend. She is only 15 push those thoughts out of your head. If you wait a year, you will retain your remaining moral fiber and the boss will not flay you alive. He thought to himself.

"If I was your dad I'd tell you to march back to your room and but something decent on" he said after regaining his composure.

Miya smiled and gave him a kiss on the check. She giggled as Jack unusually hid his red face.

"Thanks Jack, well I've got to go, I have date"

Everyone else looked at Jack as if he was about ready to explode into a jealous rage.

Geese I know there is some chemistry between jack and but its not as if he's a jealous over bearing gorilla of a boyfriend.

As she turned to leave, Jack spoke.

"Who's the lucky guy?" he said stretching his arms

"That new guy, Keith he joined up a few months ago, why jealous?"

A few whispers of Jack and Miya sitting in a tree could be heard about the room but Jack silenced them with a death glare.

"No but I am required to kick his ass if he doesn't treat you right" He explained as if it was an obvious fact.

Miyamoto crossed her arms and sneered. "And just what gives you the right to do that I can take care of myself!"

Jack just looked at her calmly and said, "Because Madam Boss told me to, I'd rather not get involved"

"Oh" Miyamoto sighed. "So if he did mistreat me you'd only beat him up because it's your orders"

Jack smiled at his friend and put a hand on her shoulder.

"I'd beat him up even if you just asked me to"

She laughed before heading back to the door, "Anyway Jack I've got to go or I'll be late.

She meet Keith outside, he drove up in an old rust bucket. However, that was to be the expected vehicle of a 16 year old with a new license. He wore blue kaki pants and a cotton blend silk shirt.

She opened the door and got in.

Keith ran a hand through his short spiky brown hair.

"Hey babe how about a kiss" he leaned over and puckered up his lips. Only to receive a smack on the head from Miya.

"Maybe later, IF you behave yourself!"

Keith returned to his seat and Miya buckled in. Or she would have if the car weren't so old it was built before seat belts were required in cars by law.

Later that Night

Keith's car pulled up to head quarters and Miyamoto practically flew out the door and ran inside crying.

Keith made his way inside and was meet by a very furious Tiffany who slapped him across the face.

"What did you do to Miya?" She screamed.

Keith rubbed his face, "I didn't do anything she was being moody, must be her time of the month"


Another slap across the face.

"Oh that's bull you go apologize to her right now!"

Keith just rubbed the red mark on his face wincing.

"I can't talk to her when she's like that!"

Tiffany closed the gap between their faces and looked directly into his eyes.

"You had better find a way to apologize or her partner is going to wipe the floor with you"

Keith just laughed,

"Hey I can handle her partner!" he said with a smirk. He went into a fighting stance and punched the air as if he was a boxer.

"I've been training with Jack the past couple weeks he's shown me all kinds of fighting movies.

Tiffany just smiled put her hand on his shoulder and said.

"Jack is her partner"

All the color drained from Keith's face and he went rigid as a board. After a long silence, Tiffany tried to snap back his attention. She waved her hand in front of his face. Nothing, she snapped her fingers repeatedly still nothing, she poked him a few times and still nothing.

Finally, she realized how to get his attention.

"HEY JACK!" she yelled waving her hand in the air.

In an instance, Keith was off running as fast as his legs could carry him.

He ran towards the parking lot determent to reach his car and make a speedy get away.

He fumbled with his pockets for his keys and just as he pulled them into his hand, he looked up only to see Jack coming his way.

After a sudden stop that nearly made him tumble over he turned around and continued running for dear life never noticing he dropped his keys on the grass.

He burst into the reck room ran across the pool table disrupting Alex's perfect shot.

"What the hell?" Alex yelled

"HE'S GOING TO KILL ME!" Keith screamed, never stopping his run. He went out the other door and disappeared down the hall.

Jack soon entered the room,

"What in the world is up with Keith, he ran out into the parking dropped his keys did an about face and kept running?" he asked.

Keith collapsed in the hall exhausted, the pace of his breathing surpassed by his heartbeat.

"I think I've lost him" he relaxed ready to fall asleep right there on the floor.

When he heard foot steps head his way. Trembling with fear he peered around the corner.

The color drained from his face it was Jack heading right for him.

"Keith come here!" Jack called.

Keith ignored him and took off running.

"If I can make it to my room I'll be safe"

So Keith ran he didn't dare look back. I'll he knew was if Jack caught him he'd kick his ass for making Miyamoto cry.

He slammed into his door with a thud not even bothering to slow down until the impact. He searched for his keys franticly. His panic grew with each passing moment. Then the terror filled his eyes.

"I dropped my keys"

He felt a tap on his shoulder he turned around and was face to face with Jack.

Gulp this is it, this is the end he thought Jack extended his hand and…

"Here you dropped your keys," he said.

Keith hesitantly took them and then watched Jack leave.

The young rocket breathed a sigh of relief. He stood there for nearly five minutes basking in his survival

"Miya must not have told him, I've saved"

With a skip in his step, he unlocked his door and stepped in side. He closed the door and locked it, then bolted it. He went over picked up a chair and propped it in front of it.

After dusted off his hands and took a few steps back. Or he wound have if he hadn't bumped into someone.

He worried around to face a now very angry Jack. Who smiled and cracked his knuckles.

"Guess who I ran into after dropping off your keys"

Keith gulped, "Miyamoto?"

Jack nodded, "So you know why I'm here?"

It was Keith's turn to nod this time.

"Can I make one request?" he asked fearfully.

"Maybe" Jack replied

Keith raised his arms and yelled

"Not in the face!"

While Keith was bandaged and bed ridden in the infirmary Jack walked back into the reck room to find, Kiki and Tiffany consoling Miya along with a few other female agents.

"Hey Miya you feeling better?" Jack asked pulling up a chair.

Miyamoto turned to him and smiled.

"Yeah I'm ok now, did you beat him up good?"

Jack smiled, "Depends on your point of view, I'd say I did pretty good but Keith would say it was really bad"

Miyamoto flashed him another smile and gave him a brief hug.

Jack yawned and scratched the back of his head.

"You know I, really should have asked this but, what he say to make you so upset?"

"Oh they were talking about the movie Titanic, he laughed and said his favorite part of the movie was when Leonardo died" Kiki said.

Jack slapped his forehead.

"You mean, I caused Keith painful injury for that?"

"What's the problem?" Tiffany questioned.

"That is the best part of the movie!" Jack laughed.

The three women stood up. A burning rage filled the eyes of Kiki, Tiffany and Miyamoto soon Surrounded Jack. A few more women joined them.

Jack gulped and spoke in a frightened tone.

"Not in the face!"