I seal my ears with my hands wanting to just burst out crying as i hear my parents fighting and screaming at each. I sit here on the stair case when i watch my daddy raise his hand and hit my mom on the cheek, i scream and she recoils carresing her cheek and tears streaming from her eyes. I could see her eyes fill with fear and sorrow, daddy tried to reach out to her, "No, Angela please I'm sorry come back." but she shrugged him off and ran pasted me upstairs as her tears or sadness rained upon me. When Mom disappeared around the corner upstairs i looked at daddy and he froze in his tracks, like we were have a staring contest. I ran at him with hate and anger and started throwing my fists at him screaming and pounding, "Daddy, why did you do that? Why did you hurt mommy?" I fell to me knees and cry until there was nothing left to cry. My dad picked me up and sat down on the stairs and places me next to him. "Well Amber, sometimes stuff like this happens. I just got so angry with your mother that i couldn't control my strength and reflexes," He pauses rubbing my back, "I'm so sorry you had to see that honey. I'm going to go apologies to mother now." he said smiling at me and walking up the stairs.

Moments later i hear a terrible earth shattering cry. I run up the steps as fast as i could and see my mom bent over yelling and screaming. I look at dad who was bent over her and ran to them." Amber, hurry lift up your mother's head." I did so on command, but once i lifted her head i dropped it on the ground frozen in fear. Dad scolded me but i stopped him and pointed at my mommy's face. He fell backwards and crawled a few feet away from what isn't my mother anymore. Her face was cold, as pale as a sheet and the most noticeable thing was that hers eyes, were missing. I couldn't stop staring. I wanted to scream but when i opened my mouth nothing came out. I was for sure that my mother was dead, but she started moving. First, her head turned towards me and opened its mouth, unhinging it. Dark shadows started to drip from her mouth has well as blood. Then, her whole body got on all fours and crawled closer and closer to me. I couldn't move. I was then face to face to the creature that had taken over my mothers body. I was finally able to scream when it lunged at me and i closed my eyes. I hear a loud squishing noise and then open my eyes and see my once to be mothers head smashed in by a meter long sledgehammer, with dad's hands at the end; his chest rising and falling breathing heavily.

That was 15 years ago i'm 19 now, not long after the incident my father committed suicide mourning over his spouses death. I was instantly entered into an orphanage and put under therapy. Until that very day i have been having the same nightmare about it over and over.

A crimson red sky always moving with black clouds and then a noose on a tree. It just so happens that i am wearing that noose in this dream. But just before i kick the bucket i see a black butterfly flying up-side-down past me.

Always thought it was a sign..maybe it is.