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Strolling along the path, Hermione reached out to the hedgerows and started picking wild strawberries and blackberries.

"What're you doing? What are they?"

Fred's questions surprised her.

"These? You don't know what these are?"

"Evidently not! Are they for making potions?"

Hermione shook her head incredulously.

"They're wild fruits. These one's are wild strawberries, and-"

"They're not strawberries! They're way too small!"

Fred picked one and examined it closer.

"Yes, they're wild strawberries, they're smaller than the usual strawberry! These ones are blackberries, here, try some."

She handed him one of each. Popping the strawberry into his mouth Fred's face lit up and he exclaimed,

"They ARE real strawberries!" However with the second, he pulled a grotesque face and spat it out onto the verge.

"Urgh! They're so sour! I don't see why muggles obsess about them so much!"


"Well whenever I'm around muggles, they always seem to rave about blackberries! They're not that amazing!"

Hermione laughed, shaking her hear.

"No they don't mean…oh never mind. Just keep picking them, I promise I'll make them nice."

Muttering, Fred continued to pluck the inky purple berries, eyeing them with suspicion.

"Give us another strawberry?" he asked after about ten minutes. Picking the biggest one she could see, Hermione held it out for him, but his hands were full of blackberries. He opened his mouth, noticed her unsure expression and winked. Quickly she popped it into his mouth.

"Ta!" he spoke around the little strawberry.

After further fruit picking, Hermione decided they had enough so, cradling their precious cargo, they turned back.

On their return, Fred decided to take a shower whilst Hermione started on their dinner. She thought she'd make Spaghetti Bolognese, which was her favourite, and then she'd make blackberry crumble to prove to Fred that blackberries could be nice! And so, turning her CD player that she always brought to the Burrow on, Hermione started cooking several things at once using elaborate magic.

Fred sighed contentedly. The shower had been refreshing and he'd needed that. Of course all he'd been able to think about since they got back home was the fleeting kiss Hermione had given him. It was only a joke, his fault really. Don't read into it! He thought, shaking his head, water droplets flying everywhere. ~Music: Planets - Kate Rusby~ Soft music floated up the stairs from the kitchen, and Fred could smell the delicious scent of Bolognese sauce. His stomach growled automatically as he walked down the stairs, following his nose to the kitchen. Reaching the doorway he stopped abruptly. She was standing over the small cooker with some pots even floating in the air over hovering fires she'd conjured up. The music was coming from a muggle contraption on the counter, playing a slow but sweet sounding song. Because her back was turned to him, Hermione didn't notice Fred leaning lazily against the doorway, a soft smile playing on his lips as he watched her. She was singing along to the music and moving her feet in a mirror of their dance the night before,

"I can see,

The planets are aligning for me.

I dare not breathe,

For then the clouds will come

And then deny me.

Through the World I am wandering,


A soft breeze blowing I am wondering now

Through the wo-"

She was cut off as Fred's hands caught hers, spinning her round in a perfect circle. Letting out a little gasp she blushed, embarrassed at him hearing her sing. How long had he been there?

"Go on…" he breathed, a few strands of her hair moving.

"Er…sorry, I got carried away…food's nearly ready!" she wriggled out of his hold and stumbled back to the pans of food, waving her wand towards the music machine. It cut off abruptly. Fred frowned a little and walked towards the strange box. With a bit of fiddling Fred made the box continue the music, all by himself. Her eyes snapped to him as the music suddenly started up again. He grinned proudly at his job well done and Hermione smiled self-consciously before turning back to the cooking. She still felt his gaze on her as she put the food on the plates. Clearing her throat awkwardly, she sat down. Fred casually flopped in the chair opposite, picked up his fork and immediately started shovelling his food, true Weasley style. Slowly starting her own helping, Hermione couldn't help a satisfied sigh escape. She loved Spaghetti Bolognese. His eyes rose to her smiling face.

"You like Italian food, huh?" he spoke mid-shovel.

"Oh yes! It tastes so…well I dunno, it just tastes like real food should taste!"

She smiled and then went back to eating, delicately. Fred chuckled before turning back to his food.

After a few more minutes, Fred set his knife and fork down on his empty plate. He leaned back in his chair, watching Hermione finish the rest of her meal when he sniffed the air.

"Hey, what's that? Smells amazing!"

Hermione laughed.

"It's those blackberries! I've put them into a crumble,"

His nose wrinkled a little.

"Blackberries…" he muttered.

Clearing the dishes with a wave of her wand, Hermione went to Molly's large oven and pulled out a steaming crumble. Fred raised his eyebrows a fraction but didn't say anything further. He was pleasantly surprised however, when he put the purple pudding into his mouth.

"Merlin's beard!" he moaned, then started heaping more in. Smiling triumphantly, Hermione sat down to eat her own.

"I'm gonna have to keep you if you carry on cooking like this!" he declared, wiping his finger round the now empty bowl, catching the last of the sweet blackberry juice. Blushing again, Hermione bent her head to continue eating her portion. She secretly loved it when someone complimented her cooking, having Fred's strong approval seemed to please her even more.

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