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A young man was, by the simplest of means, tangible to sensual desires and the brilliant Light was no exception. His first physical restraint from the basic human need of satisfaction was when he realized that there were cameras monitoring his every move and he wasn't going to give the stranger-detective a fancy "show of skin" since it could have been an old geezer for all he knew. At the time, Light did not how old L was, his preferences and so on, but he would not risk being caught on video by some stranger handling very private matters.

L was still behind a professional mask in his solid defense at the time, but when his true form came out in the open in all its glory for Light to see, matters…changed. Light was in his second "abstinence phase" from pleasure and it was only enhanced by the chains and cuffs dangling on him. He was a composed God though, and nothing was impossible for failure was ludicrously human-like or so he believed.

Before ending up on the opposite end of a non-sexual chain with the detective, Light ended up locked in a cage like a dangerous animal and watched twenty four seven by the curious detective. Those long days lacked zest and yet they ignited something within the two males that had been repressed and sunken in deep denial for so long. The events that transpired ended up being ultimately amusing.

Ryuk turned out the be an irksome nuisance when his lack of apples took hold and he went through odd convulsions and contortions while Light waited patiently. The poor apple addict was on a thin line of patience and held every morsel of hope for Light to cut the rope. Light was stubborn though, and his mastermind plan came before everything else, including his pride diminishing concupiscence and even his thick denial of certain feelings for L who could be heard occasionally over the intercom munching adorably on toothsome sweets.

"L." Light called out.

"Yes Light-kun?" L replied kindly with a queued swallowing sound following.

"What are you eating now?"

Ryuk, with eyes doubled in size, looked over pleadingly at Light and silently damned the iron gut in the boy for asking such a question. Light was already caught onto the correlation of L's eating schedule and knew exactly what L was eating.

"Apple pie." L said as he took another bite.

From his side vision, Light could see the ugly bug twitching in near despair which brought slight amusement to his sadistic streak. Without moving an inch, Light smirked and created a handsome and slightly incendiary sight, but L noticed it with suspicion.

"Does that amuse you?" L asked.

Light made barrier eye contact and spoke mellifluously, nearly purring. "And what if it does?"

Ryuk brought himself together after taking his mind away from apples and looked towards Light noticing the promising smile aiming for the camera. Unable to understand the meaning of the smile, Ryuk looked up at the camera and heard no response from the detective, who was surely struck with awe. The bewildered shinigami caught onto Light's implications and formed a contorted grin.

"Say Light, you don't have a thing for the detective, do you? As you humans would call it, uh, that word…" Ryuk stared off into the blue and came to remembrance. "Liking someone or fancying someone."

Light's face went cold and the smile vanished. The obscure shinigami had pestered him about that before, but Light could not retort cleverly this time and his specific silence spelled out a bold 'YES' in the air. From the very beginning back to their first meeting, Light felt an attraction towards L but he would not let it interfere with his plans. It was true that Light thought the man had a few loose bolts at first due to his voracious consumption of dolce delicacies, but it all molded into a fascination for that strange human being.

"Light." L's voice illuminated the foggy room after a gelid silence. "If you wish, I could have some desserts sent down to you. I know you're my prisoner but you can still enjoy the sweet things the outside has to offer."

The perfect opening came like a chorus of angels amongst the gleam of the clouds and Light responded immediately. "That's quite considerate, but it is slightly difficult to eat as it is with my hands behind my back. It would be helpful if maybe—maybe you could feed it to me?"

How will the genius detective reply to that, Light wondered.

"That has an eighty percent chance improbability."

"I hope for the other twenty percent then. It's still something to look forward to." Light had a vast desire to continue and he was urging L to open another door.

"I was just seeing if Light-kun would be less glum by my offer."


"As long as I can hear your voice L, I'm fine." Light said flirtatiously, but he would have to draw a line eventually.

L entered another pact of silence and it seemed he had no response to give the youth who was shooting obvious daggers of provocation.

"I think you make him uncomfortable." Ryuk blurted out.

His silence makes me uncomfortable, Light thought.

Patience brought forth a response from the detective which was, if anything, unexpected. "As long as Light-kun is in a positive mood, I am pleased. I was afraid you would break by being locked up like that."

Did he just flirt? "I thought all you needed to induce your own happiness was desserts."

"Not just desserts." His voice remained monotonous as one had been accustomed to. "Since I consider you as my friend it means I hold you dear to a certain extent which discomforts me a little bit since there is the strong possibility that you are Kira."

"I don't plan on conceding to your theory of me, but it pains me too since your conclusions are drawn out with strong evidence."

"Don't forget that this was your idea. Are you starting to regret it?" L's voiced pepped up with a tint of glory in Light's momentarily submissiveness.

"By no means. As I said; this is all perfectly fine by me if it aids the investigation and proves me innocent." He paused momentarily with a slightly luring expression. "And most importantly—it's a petty excuse for me to have you watching me non-stop." As if that has not been done before.

The conversation was cut off and it marked a success to Light's dominance.

Light's idea of a caged sojourn was nothing far from genius, but he made a final eye-widening confession before renouncing ownership of the death note. Despite his godly power and many brilliant assets, none of it meant that Light was exempt from a peculiar and very unnecessary problem such as his arising case of morning wood. It came all too soon and unexpectedly and L was cognizant like a hawk immediately reacting to the sight in full display on the screen. Light was still in a state of beautiful slumber and done with his classic night of mumbling words and nearly moaning form a fantastical dream which remained a true mystery to L.

Ryuk seemed to comprehend the possibilities traveling through the brunette's mind which could cause such a reaction so early in the morning. He began to cackle madly at the comical display before him. The laughter took Light away from the pinnacle of his fanciful dream. He woke up groggy and ill-tempered and he only took a few seconds to notice his current situation and grasp it with shameful acceptance. While Light struggled to keep composure, come up with an explanation and get his body to listen to him, Ryuk thought of funny remarks he could crack.

"Oh shi—." He breathed.

He halted his words as soon as he realized that he was giving the camera a lovely sight. Not only did the bulge reach obvious visibility under his jeans, but his tossing and turning in the Land of Nod led to a prominent flash of hazel skin about a foot in length spanning from the edge of his jeans to the tip of his crinkled shirt which had been pulled up in motion. His face tinted with a faint blush and before having the opportunity to compose himself, Light tumbled off the bed landing on his side and sensing a slight surge of pain.

The fall didn't get rid of the wood and L was yet to respond to the comical scene enacted by the egotistical Light. Ryuk was simply amused and made the decision to leave Light alone and restrain from pestering him further since L's voice was enough to fill that role. Light turned his body and lied down on his side facing away from the camera, cursing in his mind while waiting for L's response to humiliate him.

"Watching Miss Amane is quite fruitless, but you certainly amaze me Light-kun. Or I could say that you are amusing to watch, Light—."

"Don't." Light snapped. "I am a human just as much as anyone else. I know you have had these kinds of things happen to you at some point in your perfect life."

"Well actually—."

"And don't use that silly position you are always sitting in as an excuse as to why such a thing is preventable by all means."

"I don't find that completely true, but I am absorbed with this Kira case as if I was in a game of chess against a clone of myself so it keeps those kinds of things afar."

"Your eloquence sways me." Light said mockingly.

"Is that so?"

"Going back to what you said earlier." Light felt his face go florid again at the thought of it. "How am I amusing to watch?"

"I thought you already knew."

He was already fully aware but something inside of him urged to hear it coming from L's mouth. Not only did it ignite a conversation which could be deemed awkward in the direction that it was heading, but he was hearing a change of tone in L's voice. It excited something within him that he would not bring himself to admit, but he just damn right enjoyed it.

"Tell me." He demanded.

"Your temper is heading in a puerile direction." L said quickly.

Light sighed. "I already know that I talk in my sleep sometimes."

"Then why ask?"

"Because it could be pertinent to the undergoing case and I feel like I have the right to know since only you know what I say in my sleep."

"I'm honored." He paused to take a bite from a sugary dessert and continued with a half-full mouth. "But what you have said in your sleep is irrelevant to the case in every aspect. I already analyzed the context of your mumblings several times but I could not find any link between that and the killings so it is simply your own personal thoughts on other matters."

"I tend to dream while I sleep on a regular basis. I do not think you would understand it from a first person perspective since you are the king of insomniacs, but if my mumblings relate to what I dreamt then I would have preferred them to remain private." He chose a direct approach readying himself for a thorough surprise to the detective.

"I have had my own dreams too." L said as if trying to prove a point. "But I don't think I enjoyed them nearly as much as you do."

Light immediately shifted so he was facing the camera, still revealing a slight sight of skin and embellishing his eyes with an exploring luster. Even L could not bring himself to deny that the sight was attractive and pleasing in some degree.

"This is beyond me but I know you are just as stubborn as I am so I will ask." He gulped. "Please give me some sort of explanation as to what I said and I will confess something very interesting to you."

Confess. It struck L's ears like thunder and he stepped on the grounds of agreement within the next second. "I don't negotiate with Kira, but I suppose I can make an exception." He said smoothly, perching on his chair and leaning in closer to the screen with searching eyes.

Light brought himself to a comfortable sitting position accustoming himself to a posture similar to L's. He looked up at the camera once more with hungered eyes awaiting the icebreaking response, but L remained silent.

"Well?" Light urged him forward.

L spoke fluently and flawlessly. "Light-kun takes a few hours shifting in sleep making sounds. Most of what happens at night is just little noises and it is almost easy to laugh while watching, but then you start saying short words." He ceased his explanation as if teasing the anxious boy.

"What words?"

"Lovey-dovey things you could use with Miss Amane and sometimes puzzling remarks questioning yourself."

"Can you elaborate?" Light asked calmly.

"That's about it. Nothing special to it."

Light's eyes drifted down towards the dull flooring and he began toying with his fingers. He tilted his neck to the side gently and gazed back at the camera ready to confess before L could even ask him to do so.

"I suppose I shall give my confession then."

"Go ahead."

Light smiled. "Since we were just going over the subject matter, I thought it would be suitable to take this chance to describe my dream to you. The dream I had last night. I'm sure I gave you an amusing display, but I don't think it is quite as enthralling as what my mind was capable of producing in my sleep. I never thought denial could be so thick, but it seems my dormant state allows me to open myself to certain things."

"You can prolong this with supposed suspense or get straight to the content." L said bitterly.

"Perfect. I guess I can describe the setting as that office of yours which is very dim with the flashing screens as lighting." I sound like an unprofessional narrator. This is absurd, but something about it feels nice. "I don't know why but we were both alone and you were acting differently. I was also sitting next to you and it was a little bit closer than expected. We were both working together and you were obviously eating one of your sweet desserts. I'm pretty sure it was a cake of some sort because the frosting took an interesting role. You were so satiated from that sweet tooth habit of yours and I shifted to get closer but you reacted and the cake fell on my lap." Light paused realizing that the brief silence meant that L was fully attentive. Having the older male inarticulate in his grip gave Light a smile and he continued to speak with a touch of provocation in his tone.

"After it fell, the things that make me mumble oddly in my sleep took place. I took it off, but since the dessert was so tasty you did not want to let the frosting go to waste. It would be a shame as you said and it probably tasted better on me." Light gulped. "There was a dab of it on my face so you licked it off and then ventured down and I guess you can piece together the events that followed."

He did not actually plan on going into intricate details since he mentioned enough to leave L speechless. He would have filled the glass to the last drop in his triumph if he could see L's face as the ultimate cherry on top. L was not going to remain silent and he was bound to say something using that polished mind of his. Retaliating with a quick and clever remark would be a piece of cake.

A piece of cake is what it was and the thought only brought back that dirty fantasy. L was not someone of a perverted mind and neither was Light, but how the hell was he supposed to look at his cake slices now?

No, this is anything but permanent trauma and I will not give Light-kun the honor of having the last word.

L looked at his half-eaten cake lying on the table and it seemed to jeer him on in some fashion. He blinked and took the fork in his hand turning to look back at the screen. Light was staring at the camera awaiting a response and L seemed lackluster since the silence went on and minutes passed by.

"L. Say something."

"I know Light-kun, but this time I do not know what to say to that kind of thing. What you told me just now is your own personal business which is irrelevant to the Kira case so I do not see why I must say something about it."

"Because it involves you."

"I expected a more interesting dream to come from you. I was also expecting a different kind of confession that could give inklings as to the identity of Kira. What you said was practically useless despite how interesting it was. The matter of hand right now is solving the Kira case. Whether or not I am involved in your dreams is not pertinent in the real world unless it relates to Kira in some way. That is it."

"You also get involved in mountains of sweets so there is more to it." Light replied conveniently.

"That too." L said quickly.

Light formed a comely grin and spoke lusciously. "It was chocolate cake by the way."