"That is unexpected." Light withdrew his hands from L and in a few ticking seconds, the lights were once again visible. The sudden change in lighting was pleasant and they scooted away from each other and began to avoid the curious stares. They saw that ahead of them the couples walking away from the boat were embracing tenderly by wrapping their arms around each other or locking hands together. It was a sight that would make a passionate single convulse and it made their situation all the more awkward when it was their turn to step off.

Luckily Misa was nowhere in sight for heaven forbid if that girl was to catch the sight that very few people got the honor to witness; the handsome Light and the peculiar L finishing their time on the lovey-dovey ride. They forgot they were at the park because of Misa in the first place and neither of them took note to the many missed calls vested in their phones. The pair had been clever enough to leave her contact on silent for the time being.

Light attempted to help L out of the boat, but he held on to his pride stubbornly and stumbled forward. After gathering himself up and returning to his comfort zone, he looked up at Light who was bearing a small but noticeable smile.

"What is it?" L asked.

"Nothing." He shook his head and after an unwanted thought stated. "I think we should find Misa now. It was not a good idea for detective L to let the suspect out of sight."

"I really doubt she could do anything."

"I never thought I would be hearing this from you. Are your suspicions of us decreasing rapidly or am I just imagining things?"

L was pallid now that he had returned to the mindset of an assiduous worker and he realized that he had left his job on hiatus. It was worthy to be deemed a nightmare.

"Let's get Misa so we can head back. There is still a lot of work to be done." He finally said after the thought crossed his head. "We can continue our own business later."

The three reached headquarters in silence. Watari drove calmly, looking at the mirror a few times to see each of the perplexing figures in their own world. Misa was picking at her nail polish with a haughty expression, L was in his usual position with a mask of indifference hiding a vast pool of thought and Light sat with crossed legs in the posture of a model. When they arrived at headquarters, Misa immediately blasted through the door and stormed up to her floor. She would be quick to absorb herself in the task of anonymous blogging over emotions and other feminine issues. She was infuriated for in her mind, Light had regarded her as a lowly being.

The chained pair walked soothingly into their room and upon arrival, L went straight to his laptop and started tapping in codes and passwords.

Light peered over curiously, "What are you doing?"

"Turning off the cameras in this room for the time being."

"Will Watari be okay with that?" Light was stunned and not at the thought of such a rash action, but of what they could do without any supervision. It was as if L was giving him permission to do naughty things. "I know you handle all the matters so you have the ultimate decision and power to do that, but it seems shady even for you."

"Watari is very considerate and accepting of my choices and your idea is misconstrued. He is the father I never had and the most faithful partner in investigations that I have come to have. He will be understanding."

"Still." Light extended his word with a continuance of consternation from L's action.

"I would expect the result of your feelings towards me to want this more than I do. I am eighty-nine percent sure that deep inside you are incredibly satisfied that I am doing this." L turned to look at him briefly with a stunning smile.

Light was simply inarticulate due to those impacting words and they buzzed madly through his mind.

L closed his laptop, stood up, and took it towards the desk near the window. Without haste, he closed the curtains and began prodding at a crease in the wall. A small camouflaged drawer came out which contained a small key which would be the link to unchaining them.

"Ryuzaki!" Light placed his hand on the detective's shoulder. "What are you insinuating? I know you do not plan to let me go out of your sights, but even when we changed clothes you would not unchain us. You had an entire wardrobe produced because of the chain."

"This is where the key is." L said. "Now you know. When you have completed your end of the bargain with me and broken off all romantic ties with Miss Amane, you are free to take it out and use it as you please."

"Do you actually trust me to restrain myself from taking it now that I know where it is? If I was Kira I would take it to get out of your sights and if Misa was the second Kira as your theory has claimed, this would be the key to your demise."

"That is a rational theory, but I know very well that you would not want to leave my side anytime soon." L ascertained.

"And what is the probability of that?"

"A hundred percent."

Light started walking closer towards the slouched man, and in an unexpected blur, he came in from behind and embraced him as if he feared letting go would mean complete severance. Light's warmth pressed against L's back felt satiating, fervent, despite L being stiff like an icicle. After a few seconds, L molded against him and allowed Light to hold him so tenderly.

"What are we going to do when I remove the chain?" Light asked, his breath swaying across L's neck.

"Do not get ahead of yourself. I am not like you Light."

"Oh? I would say we are very alike. At least I am positive we have the same feelings despite our massive differences."

They were certainly sharing emotions, although neither of them had made it clear yet and that was a clear catalyst for the classic relationship problem. The two geniuses knew better than that though and neither of them would fall directly down and allow an ounce of pride to be lost in a poetic confession, at least not yet. If it went on that way, the results would be one finally giving in and supplicating the other for some sweet blasé, but who would that be? At the rate it was going, there would be a challenge between the two before any true progress.

"I feel like I am procrastinating on the job." L said seriously.

"Why is that?"

"I have taken too much time out of the Kira case. This is like a vacation I should not be taking at such a crucial point in our world's status."

"But there is no time limit when it comes to Kira. Unless, he dies altogether."

L froze. Light realized the truth he had spoken was not pleasing in any way to the man dedicated to putting criminals behind bars on a daily basis. It was almost like saying that putting an end to humans dying by the hundreds had no need for an immediate stop. Almost. He released L and took a step back, looking down to the floor.

"The more time we waste, the more time this Kira has to take lives. A killer must not be allowed amnesty time in order to facilitate his claimed duty to cleanse the world. Kira can die after he is brought to justice."

"You know very well we are not getting very far in the case even if we work on your insomniac schedule. There is no pattern!"

"For a studious pupil you do not seem very motivated towards this challenge."


"You work like a robot perfecting tasks without really caring towards their purpose. Of course you would prefer taking a leisurely break off important matters or so it seems."

"You work like a robot more than I do. You are practically programmed to solve cases."

"I have motivation though."

"As do I. See? We have things in common." Light inched closer as his tone of voice changed. "You finally took a break today and you know you liked it."

L turned around and realized that he was face to face with Light and the resplendent boy bore the look of a hungry tiger. L was in the position of the prey and just a few seconds ago they had what seemed to be a regular disputing conversation, but it was as if alchemy had transformed bitterness to raw desire. Light could not hold himself back anymore and he brought his hand to L's wrist, massaging it before running it along his arm with slow, tantalizing touches. Light trailed L's collarbone with butterfly touches and the detective made no attempt to stop him. The aroused young man began to search under L's shirt, sated with a light feel of pleasure at the intimate act, but L's candle wick was not fully lit. He still had the ability of resistance infused within him.

"You seem to be forgetting our agreement." He said firmly, placing both his hands on Light's chest as if to push him away.

Light whispered in L's ear. "You know you want this just as much as I do."

L blinked and then he stepped away from the heated man, pulling him towards the door with the power of the chain.

"Keep your word." L said with a tint of bitterness. "I remember you were quite the popular pretty boy in high school when you were under surveillance. With no doubt you must be adept in the act of luring in a woman and even smoother in ending it."

Light sighed. He did not enjoy hearing those words, especially not from L. The willowy detective sounded out of place saying something like that, but he was definitely right. Light was the golden dream of many women with his solidified perfection and he could let them go away on a boat of hopes without the need of internal pain.

L broke the short silence. "Do you need time?"

"No, but I need this chain off to do that properly. It will not be very comfortable for Misa if you are there staring at us the whole time."

"The chain stays." L led him down the stairs and towards the main room. It was empty when they arrived, but not a minute was wasted upon entrance. L rushed directly to his beloved rolling chair and got straight to work. His fingers tapped at the keyboard madly while Light looked down at the working man with displeasure.

"You should sit down and help too. You did agree to help me with the investigation in the first place so keep your word."

"How cruel." Light sat down in the chair next to him, scooted forward, and extended his fingers over his own keyboard. He began tapping as well, with a slower yet more graceful speed and their night was swept with a continuation of the Kira investigation.

"Tomorrow the rest of the members are coming in so I want to have something to report to them." L said after having an entire three hours of tedious work done.

"I'm sure you have something by now."

"Nothing. For some strange reason, no large number of criminals has been killed. There have only been twelve in three days time which is odd and half of them are women."

"Any correlation between the victims?" Light asked with sincere interest towards the case.

"Nothing. Each one is from a different country and it appears to be chosen randomly."

"Or better to say that each one committed the crime in a different country. This Kira is following a pattern."

"The countries they use are consistent, but this Kira is very selective. He only selects high offense crimes. Even the times are set apart consistently."

"He's not experimenting. There is nothing to find him on." Light said, stretching his arms in the air and turning to look at L.

L was still glaring at the large screen filled with dots and lines of complex statistics. He had formed every graph possible yet nothing had given him useful information.

Light took a quick look at his watch and yawned directly afterwards. Time had flown away on adrenaline pumped wings and as any normal human body, his needed some rest. He knew L would not accept the idea of going back to the room to sleep and let the work stand in still water.

"You have a suggestion to make don't you?" L turned and met Light's eyes.

"Thank you for noticing. It's not a suggestion you'll be fond of, but I say we go back to the room. I'm sleepy."

"I see." L turned back to his screen. "I suppose we should go to bed then."

Light stood up. "Thank you for understanding."

"Your exhausted mind will only be onerous to any progress here and I need your intellect to assist me. Have I ever taken away the privilege of sleep from you?"

"I don't think so but I would not be surprised if you did." Light said jokingly.

He walked drunkenly up the stairs from the long hours of consciousness while L observed the rare sight in amusement. It was entertaining to see Light with a weakness and it gave the detective the upper hand. He could use this to his advantage and he was pondering over the idea of it during their entire ascension.

Once they reached the room, Light threw himself over the bed without changing into more comfortable attire. The nearly weightless yank on the chain was enough to drag L down onto the softness of their mattress. He fell on top of Light, forming a ninety degree angle to be exact. L utilized his arms to hold himself up and he peered over slyly at Light's face. The somnolence took Light and his face was out cold in its beautiful state with a peaceful look upon it. It was almost uncanny to have such an aesthetic body within palpable reach and L's hand took wing on its own and made its way towards the sleeping boy. He slid his fingers through the soft hair, taking interest in the fact that it was combed and silky. He even crawled over to smell the heavenly fragrance it emitted. He sat back up and touched Light's face with his fingers lightly, taking caution not to wake him. His fingers travelled to the closed lips and brushed against them with the touch of a feather.

Something inside him could not hold himself back and curiosity pushed that urge forward. He kissed the sleeping beauty briefly, softly, and pulled back in complacence. Had Light been awake, it would have been one of the most embarrassing events to be caught in. He looked away and directed his attention towards his lonely laptop on the floor which could conveniently assist him in continuing the case while Light slept. He had not been in a dormant state for a few days and it was his niche to be awake, but all he needed was to actually face exhaustion. How was he supposed to get tired from some walking and an array of typing?

He slipped under the covers and noticed that Light was uncovered. It was a simple detail that drew his attention in that thick silence and he quickly looked around for a loose blanket. There was a soft fuzzy blanket at the edge of the bed and L was able to complete his picayune act of kindness by placing it over Light. He went back under the white sheets snuggling onto his side and stretching out his hand so he could play with Light's hair. He was consumed in that for a while until he was able to force himself asleep and his hand fell to the soft pillow above Light's head.

Light was the first to wake up and he caught L while he was fully trapped in the Land of Nod. Their roles were reversed, and now it was Light who watched over L like an owl and ran his hand across the ashen skin.

Once L awoke, the fun was over and he was awaiting the words to get them back on the road of work. L stretched out his limbs and he felt his partner's eyes upon him.

"We should go shower." Light suggested after recalling their usual routine.

L stretched upwards, hopped out of the bed and started walking towards the bathroom. Light took his time to stretch and lazily followed behind L, only approaching in order to hug him from behind. L was startled but morning behavior was proven to be different and he kept walking although Light was nearly dragging behind him.

"You're out of it." L commented.

"I slept amazingly." Light said with a breeze in his voice.
"Nice dreams I suppose."


"Any chocolate cake?" L almost smiled, but instead he pulled Light by the wrist into the bathroom.

Light stumbled as he heard the door shut. "Ryuzaki, I didn't know you had a sense of humor." He paused. "Say, last night, did you-"

L pressed his finger against Light's lip instantly gesticulating him to 'shush'. "The cameras in the room were back on. I think Watari thought it was too long to keep them off so he programmed them back to their usual schedule."

He pulled the curtains of the shower and turned the knob to start the sprinkling water. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down to start undressing. Light stared quizzically for a few moments as L casually took off his shirt. It dangled on the length of the chain by the sleeve until L found the hidden zipper on the end of the sleeve and let it drop to the floor. It was the usual process of removing shirts with that oppressive chain yet Light was paying far more attention to the undressing man than he had ever done.

L stopped his movements when he was down to his lollipop boxers. After pausing his hands at the rim of the undergarment, he looked up at Light and pointed at the running water.

"Undress. Don't you want to shower?"

Light snapped out of his trance and realized the attention he had glued on the half naked man. Normally they would be a little more self conscience or simply respective of each other and face in the opposite direction while they undressed. Showering was done in turns, not the buddy system. The chain just made things difficult and it was at times like these when it's presence shimmered like a long distance headlight.

By the time L turned around and removed the last traces of clothing leaving his pale buttocks in sight, Light had started undressing. He tried to avoid the sight and kept his gaze on L's back and the curtains in front of him. L stepped into the shower, pulled on the curtains and began his business. Light waited for a few seconds and he felt the touch of the steam emitted from the sizzling water. L hummed to some Misa Amane song while Light leaned against the icy wall. The silence lurking behind the catchy tune was killing him.

He sighed deeply and desperately threw off the last garments of clothes he had on his golden body and stepped towards the inviting shower. L felt the frantic movement on the chain and he was immediately startled when Light slipped through the crease of the curtains to joined him. Light was displeased by the temperature of the water L used; it was to peel chickens for crying out loud, but he focused his attention on the matter at hand and bore with the searing splashes on his skin. Light was feeling especially determined and very dominant.

He stepped towards L and relished the delectable look of the detective's expression. He licked his upper lip and pinned L to the heated tile wall. His right hand encircled L's luscious neck and he flashed his teeth in a lustfully victorious smile.

"Light, what's with you? Your behavior is peculiar and eccentric this morning. I don't think it has ever been so drastic."

"Is that so? I was just really curious about something and my patience is running short. Last night, you kissed me didn't you?"

No, I was just,"

Light cut off his words by leaning in closer so their rosy lips were only inches apart. Light's hand cupped L's cheek as if it were a peach, ripe and ready for the succulent taste to be explored. He drew in closer without touching lips but their breaths mingled and he teased L in hopes to see if the man would complete the act by leaning in. Unintentionally, their members rubbed together, arousing them further and letting loose the softest of moans. Light finally took L's mouth with his own in a desirous kiss, igniting the fires and letting loose a storm of hot and heavy waves. He had wanted this for far too long and the delicious body was finally in front of him bare with droplets of water glistening and adding to the photographic image.

Light bit L's lower lip gently and released him altogether, taking his time to look into those obsidian eyes. They were not as wide as they used to be now that they were sated with undeniable longing. Light smiled deviously when the older man leaned forward to continue their osculation and it was then that curious hands began to travel. It was at that very moment that they played a prelude to their sessions of concupiscence.

"Tell me L." Light whispered after drawing a curved line across L's outstretched neck. "Tell me what to do with you now. I'll do anything."