1AN: I started to watch Full Moon wo Sagashite and found it really cute and sad. This is IF they showed the part after Mitsuki said 'Takuto.'

Mitsuki ran down the street, holding a little white stuff bunny with red eyes.

"Takuto...Takuto!" she said in a ghostly whispered.

"Now, good luck!" Meroko said as she flew up higher to the sky.

Mitsuki kept running and tripped, slightly scrapping her knee as the little bunny fell out of her hand. She looked up and saw a little white cat with a bell, tears slowly came to her eyes.

"TAKUTO!" she yelled and the man in the blue shirt stopped and Mitsuki stood up.

"Takuto," she said as tears came to her eyes.

Takuto looked at her odd, suddenly Mitsuki felt a kiss on a cheek and she turned to the sky.

"Meroko!" Mitsuki said. "Meroko!"

A pink angel winked and Mitsuki felt more tears come her eyes.

"THANK YOU!" She yelled. "MEROKO!"

"Meroko?" Takuto said looking at the feather which was pink and beautiful.

His eyes went wide and Mitsuki smiled.

"Takuto," she said smiling as Takuto blinked a couple times. "TAKUTO!"

Mitsuki ran up and hugged Takuto. "Takuto, Takuto, Takuto!"

Takuto smiled as he put his guitar case on the ground. "You stupid kid, let go of me," he said with sarcasm in his voice.

"You remember!" Mitsuki said excitedly. "Takuto! Takuto!"

Mitsuki felt tears sting her eyes as tears stained Takuto's shirt. Mitsuki held the fabric tightly.

"Mitsuki, what's wrong?" Takuto asked as Mitsuki shook her head.

"Nothing, I'm happy to be here with you," Mitsuki said as Takuto smiled.

The two stood on the street, up above, invisible to them was Meroko.

"The unrequited love of Meroko Yui," Meroko said with a giggle. "I guess I'll never find someone, dead or alive. Izumi-kun didn't open his heart to me and neither didn't Takuto. Before I go."

Meroko went to the ground and kissed Takuto's cheek, the brown haired boy smiled felt nothing and Meroko only smiled and flew off.

"Mitsuki, I won't leave you ever again," Takuto promised kissing Mitsuki. "As you said, let's start our new lives together."

Mitsuki nodded as Takuto smiled.

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