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Now without further ado: The introduction for my newest story Broken Bonds.


"Sir, he has arrived." The old Faun bowed low as he walked into the man's study. This man was Lord Frank of Narnia, soon to be king.

The young woman beside him smiled. "What an honor it is that he has decided to pay us a visit." She grimaced as a bout of sickness washed over her. Lady Helen was with child.

"Lady Helen, Lord Frank. It is wonderful to see you again." Frank looked up to see the Great Lion himself standing but a few feet away.

"Hello Aslan, I am sorry to be in such a state." Lady Helen blushed with a fury as Frank helped her to her feet.

"And what a wonderful state to be in." Frank said. "We are going to be parents."

"And your children meant for great and wonderful things." Aslan walked over placing a paw on Frank's shoulder.

"Children you say? But surely…." Helen shook her head.

"Four, each as wonderful and as magnificent as their sibling." Aslan mused. "King Frank and Queen Helen, you truly deserve. I look forward to meeting each and every one."

"Thank you." King Frank looked at Aslan then at his wife stunned as Aslan turned and retreated out the room.

Aslan's words proved true for eight months later, the first was born. Peter, he was called, and a kinder prince one did not meet in Narnia. Peter had the fair hair of his mother as well as her kind demeanor, but when pressed, stubbornness worthy of King Frank himself made itself known. The boy was showered with love which he happily reciprocated. For the year, Peter was the sole heir, and then Susan arrived. Susan was a beautiful girl on the outside as well as inside. Her dark hair cascaded down in waves, framing her kind face and the fine dresses she was put in added to her beauty. Gentleness unrivaled showed itself. As a baby, she rarely cried and was the pride of her parents.

Two years later came Edmund. Edmund had the brashness of Frank and a temper that simply scalded when it showed. He threw more temper tantrums than Peter and Susan combined, but in his calm moments, he was a cheerful boy.

Two more years of bliss and happiness followed before Helen once again found herself with child. Little Lucy arrived. She had an innocence and a charm that wrapped her immediately around Frank's little finger and Helen's heart. She had an unwavering imagination and a small child's constant curiosity. This was the Pevensie brood and the King and Queen couldn't be happier.

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