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Chapter Eleven

The fox darted through the wood breathing heavily. Whether from nerves or exhaustion it was impossible to tell. He finally stopped letting out a shuddering sigh as he hid himself behind the trunk of a great tree.

"Sir Rupert? Is that really you?" A lynx stretched as he sat in front of Rupert, a black tipped ear cocked in curiosity.

Rupert stood straighter as he looked on. He saw a she-lynx fussing with her litter as he looked back to the male lynx in front of him with a laugh. "How long has it been old friend?"

"Much too long I'm afraid. The cubs are already five months." The lynx looked behind him with a quick shake of the head.

"Fer, you must bring the children to meet King Frank and Queen Helen. They will be angered it was not sooner." Rupert walked over so he was looking at the children. "Lovely as always Lady Vivian. Motherhood only adds to your charm."

"Watch yourself Rupie." Vivian scowled as she licked the cub squirming between her paws. "I can still scratch."

"Relax… it was a compliment." Rupert walked over examining the cub. "And who is this?"

"Say hi to Sir Rupert Isai." Vivian nudged the cub gently with her nose.

The cub looked up between his paws. "Hullo Mister Rupert."

"Hello… Isai is it?"

Isai nodded. "Uh-huh."

Rupert bowed low. "It is a pleasure young one." He recoiled as a small paw batted him on the snout.

The child giggled as Vivian scowled. "Isai. Apologize."

Isai bowed his head scuffing his paw in the snow. "Sorry Mister Rupert."

Rupert shook his head. "You are quite a feisty one. It's alright. Your mother simply takes things too seriously."

"Isai! Come play with us." Sari, the next youngest of the cubs ran over bending down playfully.

Isai looked at his mother with a grin before running towards his sister.

Rupert laughed. "They seem like wonderful children Vivian. You and Fer are extremely blessed."

Fer looked over as he saw one of the cubs reach out to scratch little Isai. "That is the interpretation of some. Hey! What are you doing?"

"Isai can't play with us. He wrecks everything. Tell him he can't play with us Dad." One of the older cubs snarled as Isai shrunk back.

"Wasn't doin' anything wrong." His voice came out soft as Sari rubbed against him reassuringly.

"Karin's just a bugger Isai. You're ok. I'll beat him for you!" Sari growled as she began to pounce on Karin.

Fer shook his head reaching a paw out to pull Sari back. "You will do no such thing Sari; and Karin, you will let your brother play." Fer glared sharply as one by one the cubs nodded.

"Come on Isai, Sari and I'll teach you how to fight." The quieter of the cubs, Jisan, spoke as Fer walked away.

Vivian looked to Rupert before looking back to her mate. "We have to get food. Rupert, would you mind watching the cubs while we hunt?"

Rupert stretched. "It would be my pleasure."


The swords clashed as beads of perspiration appeared on Edan's forehead. He struggled pushing his blade lower against the rival sword point as he held a second blade at the ready. Ginarrbrik grunted as he threw the hilt of his small sword back, easily ridding it of the pressure presented by the child's blade thrusting suddenly towards the soft flesh of Edan's shoulder.

The corners of Edan's mouth teased upward as he flipped the dwarf's blade away spinning and hitting the small of his back with the sword point. "Stay your blade. This battle's lost Sir."

Edan felt Ginarrbrik shift, saw the slight movement in his wrist and ducked as the blade swept past the crown of his head. Foolish. A grin played at his lips as he opened his mouth ready to torment.

"Augh!" The wind was knocked out of him as Ginarrbrik's blade suddenly pushed hard against his shoulder forcing him against the cold, icy wall.

Edan racked his brain. How? He was suddenly overwhelmed as a scene swam before his eyes.

"Remember this Ed." It was Peter. He was against something which appeared to be a wall, eyes on Edmund. He kicked out with his foot as he swung his blade clipping a tall centaur and causing him to skitter backwards freeing him from the confines of the wall. The fight continued as before, the centaur slightly besting Edmund's older brother as only the general could.

Edan blinked. The 'memories' had been coming less and less frequently. This was the first since he was six. Luckily, it was a helpful one this time.

"Make your move little prince." Ginarrbrik sneered as the severe snap of the steel blade against his shoulder brought Edan back to the present.

Edan bit his lip, wetting it with saliva as he surveyed. Ginarrbrik's left side was open just enough that he would be able to edge his sword point in. He's too close. Edan shook his head sighing.

"Aww, the little prince is out of ideas hmm?" Ginarrbrik laughed.

"Not quite friend." Edan smirked, kicking his right foot out and planting his left sword point between the dwarf's open shoulder, causing him to collapse as his right knee bowed. Edan held the right sword point at Ginarrbrik's neck while keeping his left point evenly at the shoulder.

"Well done! Bravo Edan." Jadis strode forward with a smile on her face. "You have improved."

Edan removed his points glaring deliberately at Ginarrbrik as he turned to face Jadis. "Thank you Mother." He took a knee, unclasping his belt as he sheathed his swords. "So, what is the occasion? Why are you watching my practice?"

"Do you mean to say," Jadis frowned. "That I can't watch my son duel?"

Edan stood shaking his head. "That is not anything close to what I mean Mother, but is swordplay not Ginarrbrik's forte? My lesson with you is not until later, so I'm asking, what is the occasion?"

"Oh, you are clever." Jadis laughed before turning serious. "I need your help with some things. We must secure our borders. There is unrest, talk of a rebellion. If it comes to a fight, we need to be ready."

"A rebellion?" The story from years before came to Edan's mind: the curse, the war, Aslan, the falsehoods planted in his head. His hand flew to his sheath as his knuckles whitened.

A small, hidden smile appeared on Jadis' face. "Yes, but this time we will be ready."

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