A typical Sunday night, not looking forward to a long week of work and college classes. Roseline, a 22 year old college art major, lay in her bed scrolling through her recorded episodes of Regular Show using her DVR. As she found the episode she wanted to watch, she clicked the OK button on her remote to start the episode. The episode was titled "Mordecai and the Rigby's". As the episode started out with the blue jay and the raccoon friend at the Coffee Shop, talking about a fake band and how Rigby had ordered t-shirts. "This show always puts my mind at easeā€¦.." it was 1:00am for Roseline, and she had class early the next day, but for some reason she just had a hard time falling asleep.

As she continued to watch the episode, her eyes started to droop and she felt groggy. The sand man had finally started to sprinkle her with his sleeping dust. As she was just about to fall into a deep slumber, the volume on the television became instantly louder than normal and she sprang up in her bed. Mordecai was playing on his guitar and singing at the open mic night. As he was strumming on his guitar, it all started to change how she remembered the episode going. Mordecai didn't even notice the cords being unplugged, he just kept jamming and slowly turned into his 33year old self from the future. The stage turned into a real rock concert stage, and what happened next was hard to tell it was real.

The music started turning into musical notes and sheet music that formed an arm to reach out of the tv and started to engulf Roseline in the rocking sound. She tried to squirm free, and even biting at the music but it wrapped around her mouth and started pulling her into the television, towards the 2D character playing so rockingly loud on the guitar. Her eyes widened as everything she saw flashed into a bright eye blinding light and then she was gone, sucked into the television. No trace of her left in the bedroom except her bedroom belongings.