The parking lot for the concert was finally clearing out. Random solo cups were crunched on the grass along with food wrappers and cigerette buds. As the last few groupies made their way out of the exit gate, the lot was silent. Well, almost silent. Behind the stage curtain, a rumble of arguing males could be heard.

"Quit?! You can't quit, bro! That's like…SUICIDE!,' exclaimed a very upset Muscle Man as he slammed his drum sticks down on the ground. "Yeah! If you leave, then….we can't be Mordecai and the Rigby's anymore! It'll just be…the Rigby's!." let out High Fives as he floated next to Muscle Man. "Hm-hm…I've made up my mind, guys…." Mordecai said as he was packing up his guitar and other belongings from the tour bus. "You're really gonna quit the band because of some girl, Mordo?" Rigby let out folding his arms giving his best friend a stern glare from atop his sunglasses. That comment seemed to strike a cord with Mordecai as he turned to face the other members of the band and glare at them. He took his shades from his beak and shoved them in his pocket. "Some girl?! Really Rigby? Some girl? You know what Rigby? You don't care about anyone but yourself! You're such a selfish little jerk that all you care about is being on top, being #1, nobody else is in your world but you. Living a life like that is gonna be lonely for you when you're an old fart and have nobody. That SOME GIRL that you are talking about happens to have been a bigger help than anyone, she showed me I was just acting like someone that wasn't me at all. To live the dream, but being someone else and not myself wasn't cool. That's over now, I'm leaving the band to be with a woman that showed me to be true to myself and live every day one day at a time. "

The other males were stunned. Their mouths agape as they stared at Mordecai. Rigby hung his head and everyone heard the sound they thought they wouldn't ever hear, he sniffled. "dude, are you crying?," Muscle Man let out. "No….*sniff* I'm not…*sniff* crying….I'm just…*sniffles* sweating through my eyes." "Hm-hm…you're still the worst liar, Rigby….." Mordecai scoffed out. "STOP TALKING!" Mordecai sighed and picked up his bag and guitar case. He walked over to Roseline's side who was standing by the stage stairs ready to leave. "Come on, Rosey…we'll get a taxi…" "Mordecai! WAIT!" the group exclaimed running after him. Rigby lept out and grabbed the blue jays right foot. "Please don't go, man! You're my best bud! We've been through everything together! Who's gonna play video games with me? Who's gonna beat my ass in punchies? Who's gonna be there to show that I'm always wrong about so many things? I know I screwed up in the past and I know I screwed up big time the other night. I should be in jail for the shit I've done…..I'm sorry Mordecai…please…please don't go….I'm sorry…." Rigby cried at the feet of Mordecai, gripping at his ankles tight for him not to leave. "Bro…it just wouldn't be the same without you, " Muscle Man said sadly as High 5 sniffled. "I'm sorry guys, I'm not going to stay if I can't have Roseline with me at all times…." With that Mordecai turned to walk down the stairs with his arm drapped over Roseline's shoulder.

"Well then, I guess there's no other way…..unless…." came the voice of Benson as he stood leaning against the tour bus, shades on his face and clip board in hand. "Unless what?!" exclaimed Rigby, Muscle Man, and High 5. The gumball machine walked towards the set of birds. "Unless…..Roseline would be up for having a full time job as our secretary…." The group gasped and let their attention go to Roseline. "You….you mean it Benson?" Mordecai exclaimed as he looked at the gumball machine. "So Rose, what do you say? Are you in or out?" Roseline's eyes widened and a smile formed upon her beak. She jumped at Benson and hugged him tight. "I'll do it! Thank you Benson …thank you…" Benson patted her back happily and smiled. "Thanks Benson….." Mordecai said happily and shook Benson's hand. "Now go off and do whatever all of you, I want you all up by 8am ready to hit the road again! Roseline I'll give you a knew folder and list of things to do tomorrow morning. Everyone get a good night sleep as well, anyone that's late is FIRED!"

The group started to split up for the night. Benson and Skips headed back to the hotel in the tour bus. Two cabs pulled up after a certain raccoon flagged them down. Muscle Man, High 5, and Rigby started to pile into one. " You guys go on and have a good night, I think I'm gonna talk and spend some time with Roseline…." Mordecai leaned in the door to tell the fellow band members. "OoOOOooOooOOOoOOoOH! Rosey and Mordo sittin in a tree! K-I-S-…OUCH!" was all Rigby could get out before Mordo punched him hard in the arm, but smiled. "Have a good night guys, see ya in the A.M." He shut the door and patted the trunk of the cab sending the boys off for a night of drinking and strip clubs.

Roseline stood on the curb by the second taxi cab and looked over to Mordecai. He walked to her with a smile on her face and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "So…I say you and I go grab something to eat and drink, and head back to the hotel and talk, You know…enjoy one another's company…." Roseline smiled happily and wrapped her arms around Mordecai's right arm. "I like that plan, Mordecai…" He leaned over and kissed her forehead before opening the door of the cab for her to hop in. Once both loaded in, they headed off to a drive thru and grabbed a few bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade from a little liquir store from across the street. Food and drinks in hand, the two headed back to the hotel and up to Roseline's room.

"Alright, junior bacon cheeseburger for me with a small fry, and a large double baconator for you with a medium fry," Roseline said as she sat on her bed with Mordecai handing out their food from Wendy's. Using the bags the food came in as plates, folded flat so the food would stay on them and not get crums on the bed. "I've never met a girl that can eat as much as me, and yet still look that gorgeous." Roseline giggled, "Well then I'm glad I'm not a fatty-mic-fat-fat! Haha!" Mordecai gulped down a huge bite of his burger and just shook his head. "you're not even close to being over weight, or husky, or anything. " Roseline just laughed and threw a fry at him. "Gee….thanks hahah!" Mordecai smiled and threw a fry at her. "Hey!" Roseline shoved her carton of fries at Mordecai and he shoved them back, both laughing and then tackled one another to the floor. Roseline had managed to pin Mordecai under her and straddled his hips. "Oooooooooh! That's right! I win!" the green bird exclaimed in a victory cheer atop the blue jay. Mordecai snickered and pulled her down by the hem of her shirt. "Oh!" Roseline, shocked, fell to meet lips with Mordecai's and fell into him, kissing him deeply. The two rolled to the side and broke the kiss, breathing softly and smiling at one another. A big goober smile on Mordecai's face as he looked the woman up and down infront of him. Roseline blushed feeling his eyes on her. Her expression soon changed when she remembered what she had to tell Mordecai.

"Hey….I need to tell you something….." "Well go ahead and tell me, hun. Not like we have anywhere to be or go." Roseline sighed and sat up, leaning her head against the foot of the bed. Mordecai followed suit and kept his attention on her. Letting out a deep sigh, Roseline looked down at her feet and opened her beak. "I was going to tell you earlier before the concert…..but…" "tell me what?" Mordecai's expression changed more to a scared look. "I….I'm not from Hawaii…I'm not even a real bird….." "You're confusing me big time dude….come on…seriously…what's up?" Roseline turned to face Mordecai, taking his hands in hers and took a deep breath. "Mordecai….I'm not ….from here….I'm from….another…oh what's the word?…..dimension. I was watching T.V. and where I'm from, you're on a cartoon tv show, you and Rigby have a show called "Regular Show". I was watching the episode of when you met your past self to teach them to lip sync. As I was watching it…..the tv started acting strange and I was pulled into it. The next thing I know I fall out of the sky in your world and I'm, a green female bird character…." Roseline looked down and then back up at Mordecai, seeing his shocked expression, still slightly confused. "I'm not an alien….and I'm sorry I lied….and kept it from you…I just didn't want you to hate me…or send me to the looney hospital…." Mordecai stared at her for a few seconds and then opened his beak. "That's…..SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!" Roseline's eyes widened and she shook her head in disbelief of what he just said. "I'm serious! It's sooooooo cool! You're different! You're from another world! I've told you I like different, not normal people that have to follow a crowd. How much more different can you be than being from an entirerly different world!?" Roseline just giggled and blushed softly. Mordecai wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close to his side. "OOOOOH I've got a girl friend from a different dimension! Hm, she fell from the sky and we had an instant connection! OOOOOOH she may act strange, but she's pretty hot! But I love this girl and that's a lot!" Roseline blushed deeper red and looked up at Mordecai. "You're such a weirdo….." "But I'm you're weirdo….and you LOOOOOOOOOVE it…" he snickered and kissed her neck softly. "Oh…Mordecai…" Roseline sighed happily.