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During AWE, begins a bit after the 'death' of Norrington


He was quite the handsome fellow, what a shame it was to watch his not-quite-corpse gently succumb into the depths of the ocean's deepest trenches. Surely this man was going to end up in Davy Jones' locker, there was no doubt about it.

Almost every ounce of life had been sucked dry from his body, but he wasn't quite dead yet. A limp physique effortlessly held him in a perpetual-like levitating pose under pressure that could crush a live man's chest. It was bone-chilling the way visible bits of his pallid skin casted a faint glow upon the darkening waters, almost like insight into his afterlife. Most knew he was definitely a goner, but Krete, she had a little more faith in those hanging on their last, thin thread.

The large marine creature slowly circled the submerging man, eight tentacles weaving through one another behind her. There was something intriguing about this poor soul and she instinctually decided that it was not his time to die. He deserved another chance at life.

Krete delicately wrapped her tentacles around the mystery man's figure, before swimming off towards the surface. Time was ticking and James' life was quickly coming to an end. Damn that Davy Jones, damn him straight to hell. But, this man wouldn't be her first rescue from the neglecting sea soul-ferryman.

The middle of the Caribbean blue was no good place for a dying man, but the ocean was Krete's home, and she knew it better than the back of her human hand. No trench or underwater cave remained undiscovered. She could predict its currents better than a psychic could predict the future. Safe paths through the most treacherous of waters were given to sailors with the best of intentions. Every island, even those undiscovered by human civilization, had a name, well, in her book that is.

All of this knowledge and years of exploring thousands upon thousands of miles of underwater scenery had no better use, until this very moment, and every second wasted thinking was a second lost. She had to get this man to land.

There it was, an island, a kingdom floating freely in the luscious aquamarine. The short distance of a mile began to tease Krete's senses with relief, but it'd be a mistake to let such an emotion wash over her this soon. She wasn't out of the woods just yet.

A couple of large sea turtles had tagged along beside Krete, matching her quick, steady pace. The closer she got to the island the more anxious she became, would she make it in time or would the sea claim this man's soul?

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