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Ch. 2

Daryl bent over, resting for a moment. He kept getting winded and it was pissing him off. He had started out stronger tracking a doe, but as the hours wore on he found he couldn't stay focused, he had actually completed lost the trail. Standing back up he wiped his brow with the back off his hand. He pushed his hair back, finding it drenched with sweat. He picked up his crossbow, shouldered it and tried to get his bearings. Everything was looking the same to him. He turned around slowly making a small circle, and then took off deeper into the woods.

T-Dog walked up behind Rick. Glen and come to him asking if he had seen Daryl. T-Dog had to stop and really think before realizing that he hadn't seen him since last night. Both he had Glenn searched all the cars and surrounding area before deciding to go to Rick. Hearing the approach behind him Rick turned to see a couple very concerned faces. He sucked in his breath and just said one word.


The woods were filled with dark shadows playing within the tree line. It could have been winter out and Daryl wouldn't even have noticed. Sweat steadily dripped down his neck and back, soaking his clothing. He felt like he was burning from the inside out. His eyes were glazed over from the intensity of his fever. He had long ago lost all sense of direction as his fever climbed higher. He just kept trudging forward, dragging his crossbow behind him. Everywhere he turned he thought he saw walkers slowly moving towards him. Every sound made him stop and fumble for his crossbow. He no longer had any comprehension of where he was or how long he had been wandering out in the woods. He came across a steep sloped hill, and started to make his way over it. His head was swimming and his vision started to blur. His crossbow felt like lead as he continued to climb upward. When he made it to the top he found he had dropped it at some point of his ascent. Daryl's vision spun as he stood up; looking back over the edge of the hill he just climbed. He saw his crossbow tangled in some large roots about half way down. As he considered how he was going to go back down for it, he felt an extreme rush of heat overtake his whole body. Staggering as the fever overtook him, he fell to the ground, hitting hard then blacking out.

A few hours later

Leaves rustle underneath Daryl as he slowly came too. He felt arms underneath pulling dragging him backwards. He wanted to get away and tried to struggle, but his body wouldn't respond and his head felt thick and heavy. As he was being dragged he wanted to reach out for anything he could use as a weapon, a rock or a stick, but his arms just hung limp at his sides. He tried to look up to see who was dragging him, the motion made his head spin.

"Rick", he whispered "Merle, where…why..." Daryl slipped back into unconsciousness before he could get another word out. Three sets of dead eyes watched as Daryl was pulled deeper into the woods.

Mean while

The three men scoured the woods in search of Daryl. As the sun started setting Rick called them all back together.

"We can't search out here, once it gets dark". T-Dog and Glenn both nodded, fully understanding. One man down for the group was bad enough, they can't all go missing. Or worse…

Rick continued," Alright, let's stay together and push searching til darkness is right on us. We got to find him. Who knows what kind of shape he is in right now?" With that they stepped back into the shadows. All men had the same thought on their mind. Sophia lost in the woods a few months back, Daryl searching endlessly for here. Never giving up, he just kept pushing til he almost got himself killed over it. But they all knew how that search had ended. They all kept their thoughts to themselves, but they were hoping that this search wouldn't end the same way.

Carol stood in camp, staring out into the woods, hoping she would see someone return. She stood, wringing her hands, trying to hold back tears. Another person she cared about was missing. Hershel walked up behind her softly. He felt for her, he knew her loss, her pain.

"Carol" he said placing his hands upon her shoulders, "I'm sure Daryl is fine, he is a very capable man. Sometimes it seems like he was made, built even, for this kind of world. He hasn't been gone all that long."

She sighed, turning to Hershel, "Yes, I know, I know. Daryl is strong, tough; nearly impossible to kill it seems at times. But Hershel, you should know above anyone else here. He is human, he has limits. And he pushes his and gets pushed harder than anyone else here. He is sick Hershel, I know he is. If he gets a high fever out there he can get dehydrated, disorientate. And if someone isn't able to help him..!" She was starting to get hysterical as uninhibited tears ran down her face. Hershel tried to calm her down as Lorie ran over hearing Carol's raised voice.

"Carol, Carol…you need to stop and just calm down. We are all worried about Daryl, but I'm sure he is fine. Rick and the others are out there right now searching for him. They should be back any minute." Lorie stood beside Carol and wrapped her arms around the crying woman. They all stopped thou, stood silent as a sound was heard coming from the woods. They held their breath waiting to see who, or what came out of the dark.

Maggie ran forward hugging Glenn as he, T-Dog, and Rick slowly walked into camp. He looked at her and slowly shook his head. Rick walked up to Hershel, Carol, and Lorie. Carol, not seeing Daryl with them, ran to the cars. Lorie followed behind her. Rick, looked him watched them go, turned back to Hershel, looked him hard in the eye and said softly

"We have a problem". Hershel looked down as Rick brought Daryl's crossbow out from behind his back.

"Rest up tonight" Hershel instructed, taking the crossbow from Rick, "We need to get back out there tomorrow, find Daryl, and bring him back."