There are all these stories with Zim being Irken and Dib being human. I however want to be DIFFERENT! My story has BOTH, Zim and Dib, human! This shall be fun.

Oh and Sadly, I own nothing.

I'm Zim Irken. I'm 17 years old with black that has a blue tint to it and it also covers one of my eyes, which are (oddly enough) purple-ish blue. I have a crazy sister named Tak and a shy brother named Skoodge, but we mostly call him Skew. We're the children to most famous paranormal investigator in town. My father is rivals with this guy called Professor Membrane. I guess they went to school or something together and since my father likes the paranormal while the professor likes 'REAL SCIENCE' they just never got along.

A few days ago, my father told Tak, Skew and I that he and the professor have come to an agreement; the professor and him have decided to end this ongoing war of the sciences with an arranged marriage. My siblings and I have met the professor and his family maybe 3 times and I know that he has a son who is my age and a daughter who is maybe 15 (2 years younger than me, 1 years younger than Tak and 3 years younger than Skew). When my siblings and I asked who's being married, we didn't get an answer; he just walked off to his study.

Today's Agenda: Tak, Skew, father and I are going over to the membrane household. All of us: Tak, Skew and I, were ordered to wear our best outfits. That order went ignored by everyone (well…all but father), of course. Father's not too pleased with us as of right now. Oh! Right now…well we're all in the…ahem…'car' which is really just a limo. So far, father has told us that the professor has offered his son, um…plib, I think? So that means, Skew isn't the one getting married. It's either Tak or me. It's not Skew because he's straight, Tak might be it because she's a girl and straight, as for me…I have no doubt in my mind that I will not walk out of the membrane house without a promise to be wedded.

Not that I'm full of myself, or think I'm just that good looking, but because I'm gay, father has hinted that…what's his face is into guys, and father has always had something against me. I think it's my eyes…Tak has light blue eyes and Skew has a chocolate brown coloring but me…well you know my eye color. Then again it could be my hair…Tak, Skew and father all has light blond hair while I have…my color. I swear people think I'm adopted or that my mother cheated on father but nope, I'm full flesh and blood from father…Trust me. He's done countless blood test before.

Oh and in case you didn't happen to know, I was writing in my…more or less diary. I'm just so nervous about going and seeing someone who could be my future husband. Well, just pulled up in front of the house, man this place looks huge!