Author's Note: I now present the eighth episode in the tale of Doctor Whooves! Enjoy!

Doctor Whooves: Episode 8

Maiden Voyage


Viewing Hall 11, The Queen Philippine, Orbit of Denum, Space, Winter, 4376 C.E.

The cheers died down as the TARDIS came to it usual, bumpy stop. Silence fell amongst the nine travelers.

"Here we are! January 6, 4376!" the Doctor announced. Twilight, Derpy, and the others twitched with excitement as they made their way towards the doors of the TARDIS. The Doctor followed close behind them.

They emerged in the middle of a large hallway that was about as wide and as tall as a ballroom. It stretched for at least the length of two football fields. Its floor was covered in a red velvet-colored carpet and several different sculptures, paintings, chairs, recliners, sofas, and coffee tables were scattered throughout the hallway.

"Where are we?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"That particular detail I'm not so sure about," the Doctor replied.

"So we've just landed in some random place, thousands of years in the future?" asked Derpy.

"Pretty much."


Derpy hugged the Doctor tightly and he kindly pushed her off.

"I appreciate the hugs, Derpy, but my equine body can only take so much."

"Oh. Sorry, Doctor."

Twilight took time to examine the hallway closely.

"That's strange," she said.

"What's strange?" Spike asked.

"The walls. They're different from one another. The wall to our right looks like a regular wall with wallpaper on it while the other looks like it's made out of-"

"Glass!" finished Pinkie as she touched the wall. "This wall's made of glass!"

"But it looks like it's made out of metal," Applejack stated. The group examined the glass wall closely. It appeared to be made out of a shiny, metallic substance but it felt like it was made of glass.

"What if this isn't a wall?" Fluttershy suggested.

"Huh?" Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

"I'm with Fluttershy on this one. Maybe this isn't a wall at all," said Rarity.

"Then what is it?" Derpy asked.

"A window," said the Doctor. "I giant, covered window."

Suddenly, a loud, male voice began emitting from a speaker attached to the ceiling.

"Hello, passengers! This is your captain, John Kemp, here telling you that the Queen Philippine has now arrived in the orbit of Denum! Please make your way to the viewing halls for the two-hour Denum viewing/luncheon!" said the voice. Suddenly, the glass wall appeared to begin opening up before their eyes. It didn't take long for them to realize that the glass was the true wall and that the metal surface they were seeing was really located on the other side of the glass. The metal wall folded away to show a massive, red planet floating in outer space. The planet had purple-colored ice caps and plumes of fire shot out from gigantic holes in the planet every few seconds. Three miniature suns orbited the planet: one orange, one yellow, and one pink. One large, emerald moon floated next to the planet and it had two smaller moons orbiting it: one violet and one green. Off in the distance, a gigantic, yellow sun surrounded with massive, golden rings of fire could be seen. Everypony was rendered next to speechless except for the Doctor, who simply smiled and laughed.

"Brilliant!" he exclaimed.

"It's more than brilliant!" said Rarity with a look of awe. "It''s...I can't even find any words to describe it!"

Derpy looked at the red planet, its suns, its moons, and the huge star floating off in the distance and said, "We're definitely not in Equestria anymore!"