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Summary: It's not what you think. *One-shot*

Wolfram started down the castle hallway when he heard a groan coming from Conrart's room. His face flushed and he hurried past, but then noticed that the door was slightly ajar.

"How irresponsible," Wolfram thought to himself. What if one of the maids, or Shinou forbid, Greta were to walk past? He certainly didn't want his daughter's perfect innocence compromised. He stomped over and put his hand on the handle to close the door, but paused out of curiosity when he heard a familiar voice.

"You're so tight, Captain."

"Well, you don't have to be so rough," Conrart complained.

"Tch. You just need to relax."

"I am relaxed!"

Yozak laughed.

"Maybe we could try this again later."

"Oh but we're just getting started," Yozak said teasingly.

"Have you even done this before, Yozak?"

Yozak let out an audible gasp of offended dignity. "You doubt my expertise? Here let me show you a special technique I picked up in Caloria once."

"Does Gwendal know you spend your work hours-" Conrart let out a shout. "Oww, hey, that hurt!"

"It would have felt good if you weren't so tense!" Yozak scolded. "And for your information I was off-duty at the time."

"If you're so experienced, then why is it taking you so long?"

"Patience is a virtue," Yozak said, his tone teasing. "But what about you? Have you ever done this before?"

Conrart mumbled something.

"That time with the kiddo and your brother doesn't count. It's different when you're on the receiving end."

The heck? Wolfram turned an even brighter shade of red and barged into the room to demand an explanation.

Instead of the scandalous scene he expected, Conrart was sitting in a chair with Yozak's hands on his shoulders.

"Good evening, Wolfram."

Wolfram did a double take before asking, "Brother, what are you doing?"

"Yozak is practicing giving massages. But he's not very good at it yet."

"Says the person who won't relax," Yozak said with a punch to Conrart's shoulder.

"But… the things you said." Wolfram stammered.

"You should get your mind out of the gutter," Yozak said with a wink. "It's not what you think, at least yet…"

"GURRIER! You said all those perverted things on purpose!" Wolfram shouted.

"Hmm," Yozak said, noncommittally with his arms crossed. "But if I did then you admit to eavesdropping."

Wolfram decided his brother wouldn't appreciate a spontaneous fire in his room and instead stomped out of the room. Then he remembered something. "At least close the door next time!" he raged. Then he slammed the door for good measure.

"Yozak, it's not funny," Conrart said.

Yozak just kept laughing.