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Chapter 18. Let's Talk About Our Feelings Part 1

Well...this isn't awkward.

Being forced to sit on the couch with the very person who's fucking around with your emotions, was not how you planned for this to work out. Zoro looked confused, if not more so than yourself as he watched the black haired teen walk into another room, probably wondering what started this touchy feely shit.

The man glanced over, brow raised. "Care to explain to me what the fuck is going on?" Zoro paused, a slight flush spreading across his cheeks, his face slowly turning to one of disgust. "Are we really going to talk about our...feelings? That's pretty gay, even for me."

He snorted, his own face heating. "We better. Knowing Luffy, he'll come out here to kick our asses if we don't. And don't even start that 'I could take him' shit, cause Luffy could probably take us both."

Zoro groaned, running a hand through his hair. "Wasn't going to. I know that brat's tougher than he lets on. He can be down right scary when he wants to be. Just like his brother." The man paused for a moment, collecting his thoughts. "So...our feel-….we..."

He cursed. "Can I please smoke? If we're really going to do this, I'm going to fucking need one for this."

"Go for it, I'm getting a drink." He coulda kissed the man for bending his own rule for him. "Want something while I'm up?"

He shook his head, releasing a sigh of pleasure as smoke filled his lungs. "No thanks. This shit is all I need." Zoro shook his shoulders, turning to venture into the kitchen, leaving him to ponder on what he was going to say to the man while he had a little extra time.

Okay, as much as he hated to admit it, he liked Zoro. He could even date him if this worked out. He pretty much already knew the older man liked him back, so that takes care of that. The only problem was... could Zoro handle him being gone for those two years while he was at school?

Oh fuck, I just fully admitted to myself I'm gay. And for my shitty ass teacher at that. This fucking sucks...

Zoro came back, beer in hand as he reclaimed his seat next to him. "So...what're we talking about?"

Leaning his head back against the back of the couch, he watched the smoke make lazy circles above his head. "Apparently, our so-called feelings and our… relationship problems. I think that's what Luffy wants."

He nearly dropped his cigarette when he saw Zoro's face.

Is Zoro... pouting?

"We have a relationship? Last I checked, you were avoiding me like I was some kind of disease."

"That's not tru-" Wait, it kinda was.

Zoro sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Listen, there's nothing really to talk about. I'm guessing what happened during the festival was just an experiment for you and it didn't work out. It's fine, really."


"It's probably my fault anyway for making you feel uncomfortable."

He was starting to get pissed.


Zoro continued. "I'm not going to worry you about my feelings. It'll go away, so you don't have to be concerned. And as for staying here, I can help you find a decent place to live. A buddy of mine owes me a favor so-"

"Would you shut the fuck up for one goddamn minute and let me talk?!" He shouted, slamming his hand over the man's mouth before he continued on with his melodramatic bullshit. He jabbed his finger in Zoro's face, causing the other to go cross eyed. "Just be quiet, would you, you piece of shit? Just...shut up." Zoro smiled behind his hand. "Don't you fucking dare, shithead."

He screeched, taking his hand away when the green haired man had the nerve to lick his palm.

"You little brat, I'm just trying to make this easy for you. And you almost spilled my fucking beer doing that. I'd put it down but someone broke my table."

He knew his eye was probably twitching. "You disgusting bitch. All you're doing is pissing me off, you shitty marimo! Who the fuck said you get to make the all of the goddamn decisions for me?!"

His teacher, red in frustration, got right in his face. "You haven't done anything so far! If you wanted this-" Zoro gestured between them. "-to be anything, than you would've done something by now." The man groaned, leaning back into his spot. "I just don't understand what you want."

Running a hand through his hair, he grabbed another cigarette. This is going to be a long, shitty night. "I'm not opposed to this relationship." He shuddered, causing Zoro to half heartedly glare. "And yeah, I know I didn't handle this…thing too well in the beginning..."

"You are really starting to piss me off. I guess it must be hard for you to accept that you're attracted to a man...after all-" Zoro smirked, looking downright smug. "-you were doing so well with the ladies."

"The ladies love me."

Zoro took off his glasses and held them up, inspecting for nonexistent dust, the smirk still on his face. "Not from what I heard when I caught you with that girl here."

"She fucking enjoyed herself just fine, you shitty bastard." His face felt hot at the reminder of being caught, the guilt he felt..."What the hell does that got to do with anything?"

"I just remembered hearing her asking you if everything's 'alright'...after you two finished copulating. That's never a good thing, blondie."


He wanted to laugh so badly at seeing this brat's face that it physically hurt his gut holding his mirth back. Sanji was just so easy to tease that he couldn't help himself. But at least the blond had enough backbone to make a comeback, whether or not if it was any good.

Red faced, Sanji crossed his arms and tilted his head back, staring down his nose. "At least I can say I've had more success than you, old man. When was the last time you had sex? Or when was the last time you even had a, boyfriend. Shit, does that sound weird, even to you?"

He shrugged, reaching for his beer. "Not much sounds weird when you're a literature teacher...and living with Ace and hanging around Luffy didn't really help. They say some of the most fucked up crap, especially Ace. Luffy was just too confusing to understand when he was younger." He chuckled, can to his lips. "It was cute, I guess."

Sanji smiled. "Are kids just attracted to you? I still can't believe your chibi doctor adores you so much." The teen leaned back, crossing one leg over the other. "To me, you look like you would scare children away with that angry mug of yours."

"The hell if I know." He sighed, leaning his head against the back of the couch. "So...our feelings. How're we going to do this? Because as far as I'm concerned, I've made my intentions known, and the only thing holding us back is your weird thing against being attracted to men."

He barely had time to catch Sanji's ankle before the heel connected with his face. "I am not fucking attracted to men!" He was about to throw something insulting back about being a liar when his eyes widened at the blonds face. The teen wasn't looking at him, red-faced and almost looking like he was about to start crying. "It's...just you."

That certainly got his attention.

"I mean, it makes no fucking sense why I would! You're lazy, inconsiderate, boorish-" With each name, Sanji was putting more force in his leg, trying to knock him back.

He was getting pissed off now. What the hell is wrong with this guy? Can't he just get over his damn self? He pushed back against the other. "Oh?! Well, you're a bitchy, horny ass brat who can't fucking think straight when a set of tits walk by."

"Shitty swordsman!"

"Crap cook!"

"Directionally challenged, bastard!"

"Swirly browed, prick!"


This infuriating asshole! Why the hell did it have to be him of all fucking people?! Whyyyy?! It's not far. What the hell did I do to deserve this shit? Did I do something horrendously devious in a past life?

Foreheads pressed against each other as their arguing continued, he and Zoro trying to one up the other with name calling. Zoro's face had darkened from the irritation he must be feeling, his functioning eye almost glowing.

Fuck and if he wasn't getting turned on by the furiosity and the closeness, then he'd be a liar. Oh...shit.

Zoro's sudden grin was only making the situation worse. "What's wrong? Run outta names?"

"You're such a shitty asshole, you know that? Everything about you just fucking pisses me off an-"


He didn't know if name calling back and forth was really a 'feelings' discussing or not, and honesty he didn't care. He just seriously wanted the blond to shut the hell up and fucking do something. Anything, for fucks sake besides all this whining and yelling over something as pointless as his own sexuality.

At least to stop blaming him for his indecisiveness.

So, deciding to take matters into his own hands like the mature adult he was, he did the only thing that would guarantee a few moments of silence. And hopefully move this shit along.

He closed the distance between them and kissed that angry look off Sanji's face.

He meant for it to be almost innocent.

He was expecting to be shoved away or get kicked off. He didn't expect however, for the teen's hand to suddenly grab the back of his head and shove his own tongue in his mouth. He made a strangled noise as he was pushed back, the blond eagerly climbing over his legs.


Why's it suddenly quiet?

Sitting on Chopper's bed, playing Mario kart on his N64, he didn't know if he should be concerned or not. He knew that they weren't going to kill each other, but the silence made him worried that maybe Sanji smothered Zoro with a pillow or something.

Maaaybe...I should go check on them. He set down the controller, not even bothering to pause the game as Bowser knocked Yoshi into the lava again. They've better worked out their problems. I won't have my friends fighting over something so stupid.

He paused when he stared out into the living room, frowning.

"Guys, I told you to work out your problems, not eat each other. That's not nice." He tilted his head. "Sanji, I think Zoro's broken." He glared over at his blond friend, ignoring the look on the teens face. "What'd you do?"


He didn't need to be caught by his friend with a hand up his teachers shirt and his tongue shoved down the mans throat. He was having a fucking awesome time just listening to the other moaning under him, clearly enjoying himself to only be accused of breaking the other.

Though he probably did when he bit Zoro's lip hard enough until it bled from the scare.

Zoro's hand almost hit him as he covered his mouth, glaring up at him and groaning in pain. "Damn it, what the fuck?!"

"Luffy! What the hell?!"

The strawhatted teen snorted, crossing his arms. "I was just checking up on you guys. Seeing if you were trying to kill each other. You should be happy! I stopped you from eating Zoro. I don't want to explain to Ace and Shanks that you ate him, that's your job if that happens."

"Who the fuck is eating anybody, you moronic shithead?" He shouted, scrambling off the green haired man's lap so he could strangle the teen. "Do you have the ability to sense when I'm about to get laid or something? Because you've appeared way too many times for this to be a coincidence."

Luffy looked confused. "That would be totally awesome if I had psychic powers like that, but I was already here and was worried that you two killed each other. Well...more Sanji killing Zoro, but whatever."

Zoro snorted. "Who said you were getting laid tonight anyway?"

He smirked, staring at the blushing man as he rose up. "I didn't see any objections from you while I was pretty much fucking your mouth with you moaning like a whore, you slut." Zoro's fist connected with face before he could defend himself. Cursing as he teacher stood up and made his exit, his leg thrashed out and kicked over the table, knocking over Zoro's beer and his ashtray. "What the fuck?!"

Luffy watched the man stomp down until a door slammed. The teen looked back over at him. "I guess bein' good with girls doesn't make you good with boys. But I'm pretty sure most girls don't like being called those why would Zoro?" Luffy snorted. "Stupiiiid. Now, I'm not sure what you had going on in the kitchen before you two started talking, but..."



"I think it's burning." Luffy glanced over his shoulder. "Oh, nope. It's completely black now." The teen looked back over at him. "What were you making? Are you going to make something else now? I'm starving."

He stood up slowly and made his way into the kitchen, seeing the remains of the meat he was preparing before all this nonsense started. He stared down, in complete shock that something actually made him forget his cooking process. "I haven't failed making something since I was ten years old..."

"Really? Wow, sorry 'bout that."

"It's completely ruined..."


"...cause you wanted me and Zoro to talk."

"Well...that was actually important."


Sanji's kinda scary right now.

Watching with interest as his friend pick up a knife, the light reflecting off the blade, Sanji slowly turned towards him. "And you know what?"


Sanji threw the knife, narrowly missing his face and plunging into the wall by his cheek. "We didn't talk about one goddamn thing!"

He frowned, poking at the blade, lips pouted. "Maybe if you weren't trying to eat him then there wouldn't be a problem."

"GraaaaaAhHHhhhHH! Damn it, Luffy! Get back here so I can kick your sorry ass!"


He fell fast first into his pillow. What the fuck have I gotten myself into with these stupid teenagers? God, that makes me sound old. He could still feel that Sanji's lips...

...and now he could hear the blond screaming and the sound of pounding footsteps through his hallways.

Haaaaaaah, what happened to my peaceful life?

Something shattered, and he heard more cursing.

It's not worth getting up to find out what it was.