Follow Your Fate

Summary: Audrey Parker had found out she'd had been many different people and lived many different lives. She had found answers to some of her questions and more questions than answers. But one question remained. Can you fight your fate?

Ch 1. The End

They were on the floor; his back was against the couch, she was nestled between his legs as her head rested on his shoulder and his arms were wrapped around her tightly. They sat in silence watching the flames as they licked and crackled around the logs. They didn't know what to say or what was left to say.

Outside her window one of nature's most spectacular cosmic light shows was happening, but all she could imagine was a big fireball burning through the atmosphere coming to swallow her up or streaks of light reaching down to grab her like skeletal fingers. The Hunter's sights was aimed towards her.

She wasn't dying, her body would live to be inhabited by someone else as it had many times before. All her memories of this life would be gone. Audrey Parker would cease to exist.

She was shaking has Nathan pulled her closer into him. She didn't want to go. Did the others know their time was up? Did they have a chance to prepare, to say goodbye or did they just vanish? "I'm sorry" she said in a sobbed whisper. She wished she had more time and she wished she hadn't wasted her time on pushing him away instead of being with him. She told herself she was doing it so it wouldn't hurt him as much when she left. But she'd hurt him either way. And what she learned wouldn't matter because she'd forget it all anyway. She had an expiration date and now it was too late, they didn't have any more time.

"It's not your fault" Nathan croaked out hoarsely. "You're here now" he told her as his breath caught in his throat. "That's what matters" He couldn't feel the tears on his face, the dampness of her hair told him he was crying. He held on to her tightly hoping that would be enough to keep her here. They didn't know when it would happen or how it would happen. They were just trying to spend whatever time she had left in each other's arms.

Both of them were never much for talking and maybe they didn't need to. They said what they needed to say. There was nothing left to do but wait.