Follow Your Fate

Summary: Audrey Parker had found out she'd had been many different people and lived many different lives. She had found answers to her questions and more questions than answers. But one question remained. Can you fight your fate?

Countdown: Thirteen Days Left

Claire put the car in park and they both stared at the man. He was tall and looked to be in great shape for his age, his brown hair was cropped short and his skin was tan from working outside. He wiped his hands with a rag and stuck the rag in his back pocket as he looked at them. Audrey couldn't take her eyes off of him. She didn't know who his father was, she didn't remember finding out she was pregnant, she didn't ever remember holding him, but looking at him now she knew he was her son.

She slowly reached for the door handle and opened the door. She got out of the car and closed her eyes and opened them again to make sure it was still real. When she found her voice she asked. "Do you know who I am?"

"Lucy told me she'd be back. She said you'd look exactly the same, but maybe with a different hair color" he told her. "I believed her; it's just, still strange to see you"

Audrey let out a little laugh. "I imagine it is" she smiled. This was her son. A part of her that had lived on when she went away. She had a family, she wasn't alone, she had found her son and her granddaughter. She breathed out and tried not to cry. "I'm Audrey Parker…or well that's what I'm called this time"

"Audrey Parker" he repeated. "Scott Brewster. That's what I'm called this time" he said with a smile.

"What's in a name" Audrey said with an awkward laugh. Names didn't mean much for them, they had gone by different names in their lives. She smiled thinking it could be considered a family tradition.

Claire watched the exchange from the car. She had turned the ignition off but left the keys dangling over her knee. She'd always imagined meeting her father, she had thought he was dead for most of her life and now here he was talking to her grandmother. She opened the door and closed it softly. They both turned to look at her.

Audrey smiled at her. "This is Claire" she told her son.

"Hello" he said to her.

"Cogan" she said hoarsely. "Claire…Cogan…that's my name" she said softly and shyly.

His eyes widened as he looked at her, then he looked at Audrey who smiled and nodded at him. "Claire" he said trying to remember to breathe. He was looking at his baby girl, who was not a baby anymore. Leaving her, leaving them both was the hardest thing he'd ever done. "I didn't think I'd ever see you" he said as the tears welled in his eyes.

James Cogan stared at his daughter. She was ten months old the last time he saw her. He remembered her waddling over to him with a huge smile on her face. They had taken her to the park for a picnic. She had picked up a flower and wanted to show it to him. That was two weeks before he found out about Lucy. And now his adult daughter was standing in front of him. He didn't know what he should do, he didn't know her or what was appropriate to do in this situation. He didn't want to go for a hug and scare her if she wasn't ready, so he stuck his hands in his pockets and they all stared at each other awkwardly.

Then he remembered his manners. "Do you want to come inside and have something to drink? I just made lemonade"

"Sure, yes that would be nice" Audrey replied as she looked at Claire was just standing there. James turned towards his house and she went over to her and put her hand on Claire's shoulder. "Are you okay?"Claire nodded. "I know, this is a lot to take in."

Claire let out a laugh and looked at her. "That's my line" she said and Audrey smiled at her as they followed him inside his house.

James walked them through the foyer to a spacious living room with stone fireplace. He told them to have a seat while he got the lemonade. Audrey walked over to the couch then noticed that Claire hadn't followed her but had walked over the fireplace where there were a bunch of framed photographs. Claire's eyes went to the wedding photo of a smiling James and a brunette woman.

James walked into the living room with a tray with three glasses and a pitcher of lemonade. He saw them staring at the pictures on the fireplace. He placed the tray on the coffee table quietly. "That's my wife, April. "She went to Wadena for a bird watching festival" he told them, he berated himself for not telling them sooner. "I'm sorry, I…"

Claire turned around to face him. "You don't need to apologize. I didn't expect you to be alone all these years"

He closed his eyes and took a breath. "Leaving Arla and you…it was the hardest thing I ever to do. But I had to keep both of you safe. They killed me and if they knew about you…"

"I know" Claire said interrupting him, she saw how hard this was on him and didn't want to bring up bad memories.

"I was trying to protect you" he continued and looked down at the ground. "And I failed with your mother. I'm sorry" When he heard about Arla's death he was devastated, he almost packed up his things to go to Claire. But his mother's warning rang in his head and the bullet shaped scar on his chest told him he couldn't, not if he wanted to keep his daughter alive.

"I don't blame for what happened" Claire told him walking closer to him. "This whole thing is…I don't even know how to explain it" she said and looked towards Audrey.

James nodded. "Please sit down" he told them and picked up the pitcher and filled the glasses. "So what do you two do for a living?" he asked after they settled in their seats and were sipping their drinks. He didn't know what else to talk about with them. So he figured that was a safe subject.

"I'm was a FBI Agent and now I work for the Haven PD" Audrey told him. "Or well that's why my memories tell me I am" she finished with an awkward laugh.

James nodded. "A cop"

"Claire's a doctor" She told him proudly. After saying that she felt like a grandmother bragging about her granddaughter. And she kind of liked that feeling.

"A doctor!" James repeated just as proudly.

"A psychiatrist" Claire corrected them. "Not a medical doctor"

"Psychiatrists are just as important" Her father said to her. "My daughter's a doctor" he said with a smile. The conversation lulled again after that. They all knew about Haven and the troubles so there wasn't much to talk about that. There was one question he needed to ask and wanted to since she arrived. He turned towards Audrey. "Do you remember anything…from being Lucy?" Lucy barely remembered anything about Sarah, his mother or at least the one that gave birth to him. All three of them were his mother. Even after all these years that was still strange to him.

"Not much" she told him. She did have a dream last night.

She saw herself kneeling over James' casket, staring at him lying so still inside of it. She turned her head to the bearded man next to her; he put a hand on her shoulder for comfort and told her James would wake up at sundown. She thanked him for doing this for her. He just looked at her and told her he understood, he had two girls at home and he would do anything to protect them. And he appreciated everything she'd done for this town and it was time they started helping her.

When she woke up she knew that she had met Noelle and Moira's father and he had brought back James for her.

James suddenly put his glass down on the table startling them. "I almost forgot I have something for you. Lucy told me to give it you when you showed up" He stood up and motioned for them to follow him. "It's outside, she told me not to keep it in the house"

Audrey and Claire looked at each other then followed him

Nathan was standing in an empty field. He spun around trying to figure out where he was. He was in a clearing somewhere, he saw the forest all around him in the distance. What worried him was that everything was really still, eerily still.

"Not a lot of people know about this place" Nathan turned around when he heard the voice behind him.

"Dave?" he asked confused.

"I wanted you to see this" Dave said walking over to him.

Nathan shook his head and rubbed his eyes. He didn't know what was going on or how he got here. He left work and went to straight to bed. He didn't remember leaving his house.

"You didn't leave your house" Dave said to him. "You're still there"

Nathan closed his eyes and opened them, the older man was still standing in front of him, but his clothes had changed. "I'm dreaming" Nathan asked more to himself. Then wondered why of all the people he was dreaming of Dave Teagues.

"You are dreaming, Nathan" Dave told him.

"Dreaming, okay" Nathan said rubbing his face with his hand. "If I'm at home, where are you?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"Close by, that how this works" Dave replied.

Nathan furrowed his brows as he looked at the older man, they his eyes widened in realization and shook his head slightly "This is your trouble?" Dave nodded, then sighed and looked over a burned spot on the empty field. "You can show up in people's dreams?" Nathan asked.

"It's called dreamwalking" Dave told him. His eyes were scanning their surroundings. "If Vince figures out what I'm doing he can show up and kill me. But this is too important, you need to know why Audrey can't remember"

Nathan didn't like this it all, but if Dave was going to give him answers he'd need to stay calm to get them. And at least he now knew what that the Teagues' were troubled and what their trouble was. Dreamwalking Nathan said to himself, that explained how they knew things they shouldn't. It also made him feel violated and wonder how many dreams of his they walked in on. He took a deep breath, he'd talk to Dave about that later. First he needed to find out what he knew about Audrey and how to keep her safe. "Okay, then tell me" he said to him.

"I'll do better than that; I'm going to show you"