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Part One

Isabella Marie

Chapter 1

Papaver Somniferum

I could smell my lust in his breath as he swirled his hips and pushed inside me in a rhythm that caused bright spots of light under my eyelids and gave a demanding tone to my eager pleadings.

"I can feel you´re close, Marie. What do you need?" he asked with a gruff and almost desperate voice.

I just thrashed my head from side to side and lifted my own hips faster. He added a pinch to my nipple, and I lost myself in a sea of pleasure.

"Anthony," I whispered.

I awoke with my wet, busy, unsatisfying fingers inside me.

Every night the dreams took longer to leave me, and if I was to be honest with myself, every night I fought harder to hold on to them. I couldn´t quite place the exact day they started, but in next to no time they had taken over my life.

At first, I told Jake about them. They were so vivid and detailed, and so all around extraordinary that I had to share them with him. Soon, though, as they became something I looked forward to, I began to keep them to myself.

Unfortunately, in time, my dreams started to mutate from pleasure to nightmares.

The ladies "down there" are also posting drabbles this November. Go add them to your author alerts (.::scoffs::. As if you don´t have them already) so you know it as soon as they post.

FB: Cherry Bellazza Callen FF name: addicted-to-romione-bedward

Title: Whatever It Takes

Summary: One wish can change your life forever. Time traveling is just another true myth of the Quileute's tribe. Can Bella change history by trying to save Edward? To keep him human?

FB name: Maria Depp Burton FF name: Little-Angry-Kitten

Title: TBA


FB name: Le Crepuscule FF name: Le Crepuscule

Title: Nerds Heart

Summary: Bookworm Edward feels lost without a purpose. Athletic Bella feels suffocated by her obligations. Can two people, seemingly so different, be just what the other one needs?

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