Victoria Jamieson 4.0 Sinapis Alba

I saw them holding hands, embracing, kissing and looking adoringly into each other´s eyes.

I hated their evident happiness.

How could she have gone from Jacob to Edward without a hitch? There was no transitory period of grieving over her failed marriage. I wanted her. I could have used a little of her heartbreak in my favor.

I had been dreaming about Bella since the first day I started working for her. They were violent, blood-filled dreams that for an unfathomable reason turned me on like nothing else did. I would fuck her until she passed out; I´d bite the lips on her face and her pussy until I tasted the blood in my mouth and drank it fervently, craving her screams and her sobs.

In the beginning, I would wake up from those dreams unbelievably freaked out, but soaking wet. Soon enough, I started to embrace this dark side of mine.

I heard her giggle and fought the urge to scream in frustration.

"Come on, baby," he whispered loud enough for anyone in the shop to hear him. "Let´s go home… or if you want-" he lowered his voice and spoke directly in her ear, so I was left to imagine what dirty thing he said.

Bella blushed, but smiled blissfully and led him to the back of the shop.

I let a few minutes pass then followed them.

He was fucking her against the farthest, darkest wall, holding her hands with one of his while the other supported her leg up. His mouth muffled most of her moans, but I could still hear her unbearable pleasure.

I swallowed bile, but I would bide my time.

She would be mine.



I borrowed the last-name Jamieson (it was truly perfect for my Victoria, though in no way related to the character that I borrowed it from) from a fantastic canon fic I´m reading: Harvest Moon by content1. I´m loving it. If you are into canon stories, give this a chance.

Thanks again to my beautiful friend, Breath-of-Twilight, for betaing this story. Love you, sweets. Like a lot.

Thanks to texasbella for hosting the Drabble Wars. I know she needs her time for her soon-to-be-published writing, and yet, she takes some of it and invests it on us. You are awesome, babe.

And most especially, thanks to you who enjoy reading my words.

I enjoy reading your words, too.