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The present and the past

The carriage was loaded with a chest as a young lady of sixteen climbed in and sat down. Today she was moving into the palace of the Western Lands to live with her brother in law's family. She was a nobleman's daughter but after her father's death, she did not want to stay in such a big house. She would miss the servants but they will be taking care of the estate now. So long. Tears fell down her cheek as sight of her childhood home disappeared before her eyes. It would take three days to reach the palace. She had her two trusted guards to accompany her. She pulled out her embroidery and continued to sew the sun setting on a palace on her fabric of orange.

"Kagome, stop pacing. Rin just left this morning. She will be here in three days tops." Inuyasha said to his fidgety wife. "She's a grown girl, she will be fine."

"She has never left the estate without me or father. She only has two guards. I am worried for her safety. She is the only family I have left." Kagome said staring out the window. She heard him huffed." Besides you, my love." she said hurrily, earning her a smile and a kiss.

She was worried for her younger sister. Rin had been quiet since she witnessed her mother's and brother's death 5 years ago. She was calm in company but if left alone, she was self-destructive. Kagome only found out two days before her wedding when they were bathing together and she confronted Rin about the scars on her body. "Promise you will never do that again. Please. Promise me!" Kagome said crying to her sister. "Yes, you have my word." Rin responded quietly. Kagome never wanted Rin alone. She feared what her sister might do. True her sister was kind to others, but there was a darkness consuming Rin Kagome could not heal. Kami please, Rin has done nothing wrong. Please send her someone who can save her.

Kagome and Inuyasha met during a victory ball three years back. She was the first woman who out right yelled at him and ignored him. She never backed down when it came to something she believed in. She was the perfect woman in his eyes. When she took an arrow on the shoulder to protect him, he surrendered his heart to her. Funny how a spilled drink made him the happiest man ever. They were married in four months.

Rin came to the wedding to congratulate her sister and Inuyasha for taming her. His parents instantly loved her and invited her over often. Rin was thirteen at the time but was beginning to blossom into a beautiful young woman. Her father knew she wanted to choose her suitor so he would attend these balls to let her have a glimpse of the available suitors. Rin grew tired of the hustling inside the ballroom so she left for a walk. Under the moonlight, the garden illuminated with the fireflies. Rin sat down on a bench and looked over the pond. Then she felt like a lightning had struck her body.

There stood the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Long soft locks of silver glistening in the moonlight. A fair complexion with stripes on both cheek and a crescent moon on his forehead. His kimono gracefully hung over his broad shoulders and the silk hugged his muscular arms. But the best attribute was his soft distant amber eyes seemingly glowing in the darkness. Her cheeks heated up. But what happen next made him look worst than a toad.

A woman came up behind in and hugged him around his waist. He instantly pulled her off and threw her on the ground. "Know your place, vile creäture." He said venomously.

"But I thought we were together. You said you wanted me," the beautiful woman started sobbing," I gave you my body."

"Let me clear up one detail. I never said I wanted you. I took what you freely threw at me. Nothing more. Besides, I was not the first, or doubtly the last." He said coldly.

"So you used me?!" Her voice rising a bit." You bastard!"

"If you choose to make a scene I will have no problem telling your fiancée of your extracurricular activities. You got what you want from me, now be gone from my sight before I make a fool out of you and your fiancée." He said turning his head and walking away.

'He's such a jerk' Rin thought to herself.' Why did I even think he was breath-taking? I knew it, I will never marry a spoiled brat like him. Where are all the good men my father wishes me to meet? I've seen nothing but arrogant fools.'

Rin left the scene in front of her to say goodnight to her sister and retire for the night. Before she could say anything. Inuyasha introduced his brother to her. "Rin this is my brother, Sesshomaru," Inuyasha said as he tapped on his shoulder.

"Please to meet you," Rin started before she realise it was the same man from the garden. Just then a look of disgust played over her face. Inuyasha could not help but start laughing. He has NEVER seen anyone disgusted at his brother before. He personally did not like his demeanor but he didn't think anyone in their family line looked bad.

"Rin, your face is priceless." Inuyasha chuckled pulling on Kagome and she smiled also.

Rin felt bad. She is usually not so judgmental and never would cause a scene. "I apologize, I must be tired. I wish to retire for the night. Till tomorrow. Congratulation sister. I wish you and Inuyasha years of happiness to come." She said hugging her sister, bowing from her company and leaving.

Sesshomaru's POV

How dare she? A little twit like that dared look at me with disgust? "Please to meet you too." I said trying to keep cool. Who was she anyways? Another commoner. No, she's the half breed's sister-in-law. No wonder she was so ignorant of me. Something about her eyes are fascinating. Big brown soft eyes burning with something when she speaks to her sister. Long black hair to the middle of her back. Still very young but the is an air around her. What am I thinking? She is a rude thing. This is lame. Guess I'll leave for the night.

Toga signed as his older son walked to his room. This ball was thrown for Inyasha and Kagome, but he was hoping Sesshomaru would find someone here to be his future bride. His son was known for many things he was proud of: strong, intelligent, calm and a brilliant fighter. But the other part he did not care for: heartless, cold, and a womanizer.

He was hoping that if he settled down or found someone to settle down with, his escapades would cease. He was tired of hearing of his son's conquest. The list of duchesses grew almost weekly as scrolls are sent to request a viewing with the lord and his elder son or to vent anger of the despicable way Sesshomaru would seduce then throw these women away.

Toga sighed. He blamed himself. If he was a better role model for Sesshomaru growing up, maybe his son would not be this way. Once he found Izayoi, everything changed. She filled a need in his soul that kept him straight and faithful. Just thinking of betraying her trust caused him pain. He knew from that moment, his amorous days were over. Inuyasha was born to a family with a loving father and mother. Although he would try to win the acknowledgment of his brother, he was not sure about deceiving women for personal gain was what a gentleman did.

"Father would never," Inuyasha was arguing with Sesshomaru one day.

"You know nothing of Father, Inuyasha. How would you? I am walking his footsteps before he met that whore. Remember, my mother was the queen and not yours. Half brother." Sesshomaru said anger seeth every word. Smack!

"She is your step mother Sesshomaru. She is the queen now. You will show her respect as being such. Do I make myself clear?" Toga said to his disrespectful son. Izayoi would be crushed if she heard how he despised her.

"Crystal. Father. Now if you would excuse me, I have some company to entertain." He said glaring at his father.

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