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Five years later

Kohaku knocked on the door where Lord Haruki and Lord Sesshomaru were discussing battle plans for the south. "My apologies my Lords. Lady Rin, She's up on the tree again and won't come down. I believe it is best if you come get her."

Sesshomaru sighed. Ever since she had their son, she's been more childlike. It was okay before but she's four months pregnant now. Lord Haruki smiled at him," Rowdy as ever I see." They both smiled and went outside to the garden.

"Rin, come down. Must I remind you that you are with child?"

" But Aiko is up here and he won't come down. I caught him fair and square." Rin pouted.

" You haven't gotten me yet mother! We're playing tag, not hide and seek. You have yet to tag me."

"Aiko, how many times have I asked you not to incite your mother like this? " Sesshomaru said sternly and deep with warning.

"Father, I'm sorry. I'll come down." with that he slid down the other side of the tree and ran to Lord Haruki. " Uncle! I missed you!"

"Please be good for your mother. She's got a lot to deal with," he winked at Aiko and pointed at Sesshomaru. Aiko had his mouth in a big O and nodded.

"Aiko, there you are. You are going to give your mother and I a heart attack!" Mia scolded him, until she came face to face with Lord Haruki and her cheeks flushed instantly. Lord Haruki smiled at her, blushing as well. They stood looking at one another for a moment. "I hope you have been well." He said as she nodded.

"Autie Mia. I heard this new rhyme, you wanna hear it?" Aiko asked innocently. Mia paused for a minute. He's being polite and quiet, something's up.

"No thank you."

"Come on?"

"I said no"



"Too bad. Here it goes. Uncle Haruki and Aunt Mia sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. " Aiko started running back to the castle and continued to scream," First come love then comes marriage...ahh...father help me!"

Even though Aiko had a running start, after turning beet red, Mia ran after the boisterous four-year old and had him in a figure eight with a head lock. "You're mine little one. Let's see how many pretty flower kimonos we can put you into. whahahahaha."

Sesshomaru was about to sigh when he turned his attention to his wife. " Catch me! Love! Bonzai." Rin stood up and jumped off the branch twenty feet up. "No, wait..ah.." Sesshomaru sprinted forward to get under his wife and barely caught her. Even pregnant, she was fairly light for him, but that was not the point. He stood her up and checked her out to make sure she was all right. When he stood back up, she jumped up and landed a big, wet kiss on his lips. "Thanks love. Am I getting too heavy for you?" Sesshomaru looked up at the sky and mumbled. 'Kami strike me down for my sins..'

"You've got a problem, love?" Rin said with a glare and her arms across her chest and fingers tapping.

Sesshomaru shook his head. He traded a life of meaningless escapades for the warmth of this woman and all the craziness of having a family. He could not be any happier, sometimes though, it was overwhelming. Just a bit. He pulled his wife closer and put his forehead on hers. "Never. If this is my punishment, then I want more." he said whispered to her ear, caressing her belly, making her blush instantly. He just chuckled and watched his chaotic day wind down. He was looking forward to years of this madness and joy.

Toga and Izayoi watched from the tower. He was happy that his son had finally found happiness.